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Who’s Your Scarecrow?

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1 Who’s Your Scarecrow? on Sun Nov 08, 2015 11:43 am


Who’s Your Scarecrow?

by Zen Gardner - Nov 7, 2015

by Zen Gardner
What scares you off? What do you resign yourself to as some fundamental reality regarding the powers that appear to be and what you can or cannot do about yours or humanity’s situation? More subtly, what makes you stand back in an intimidated state of awe-stricken wonder, whether consciously or subconsciously?
Scarecrow’s are straw dummies, crude approximations of humans hanging on a stick to scare away crows and other predators from feeding on farmers’ crops. Sound familiar?
We can see it today in society, and it’s worked for millennia. This cowered sense of frozen resignation to self appointed higher powers ruling mankind is rampant in the human psyche. This is all due to their perceived superior capabilities, supposed heritage, and assumed occult and perhaps inter-dimensional powers, all baked in massive amounts of oppressive hubris.
This isn’t to ignore the in your face very real temporal and clearly effective permeating positions of control and influence they do wield, but the crux of the matter is that it’s only with our permission and participation.
So how did they get that?

Henry Kissinger in his dreamscape

How the Elite Love to Boast and Bloviate

Kissofdeathinger and his ilk love to brag about their “inside” elite status. They drop typically arrogant hints all the time, whether regarding economics and often forecasting their manipulations, blatant geopolitical strategies, or stuffy, condescending platitudes on social problems that reek of their eugenicist mind set.
Kissinger’s loaded but never talked about comment that Israel will no longer exist in 10 years has gotten tremendous mileage in some circles causing much speculation, as with Zbigdevil Brzezinski’s outright published and well documented imperialist plans for global conquest coincidentally being followed today to the T. They all speak as if these types of scenarios are done deals and everyone down the genuflecting power structure then toes the line, while the masses lap up the watered down drippings filtered through the corrupt complicit media as if it were nectar.
Another type of roof-breaking snow job is the Netanyahu and Zionist horde strategy of belligerently riding herd over the world conscience, bullying and screaming their way to cowered acceptance.
Then there’s the commonplace pathological liar like the Clintons, Blairs and Bushes and so many others. These types say whatever is convenient at the time with nary a qualm about conscience, molding public opinion any which way, the truth be damned, just to posture themselves as authorities on whatever they choose. And amazingly people fall for it and worship at their self-styled pedestals.
All of these behaviors and conscienceless pronouncements are psychopathic. It is so far out of the realm of a well rounded feeling human being that people assume it comes from a place of deserved authority since they can’t seem to comprehend or “attain” to such wisdom and knowledge, much like a pompous fancy word spewing professor or scientist is assumed to be intelligent when he’s just not making any sense that relates to anything in the real world.
“After all, these people are in positions of authority and extremely wealthy, surely they did something right and are better than the rest of us.” Thanks to Charles Darwin and his whole generation of social engineers, we’re now programmed with “survival of the fittest” so therefore they are at the top of the food chain for a good reason.

Giving Credence to Cryptocracy

There’s so much talk about who’s a true Jew, who’s a Palestinian, who’s from the Merovingian bloodline, who’s related to whom, Sumerian roots permeating society – or any of the genetic or esoteric vibrational qualities passed down through generations of careful guardianship.  Perhaps we’re giving too much credence and hence deference to this blood and heritage game. Maybe it has an almost negligible influence on any real scale regarding the reality of our situation here and what we’re to do about it.
It’s just insider trading of power, and these fear based excuses in the mind’s eye of the subjugated are their currency, real or imaginary.
Clearly there is something to the commonalities of these strange parasites, but in reality what translates on to the human landscape is their infectious ideology and the subsequent garnering of “insider” recruits that gives these demonic psychopathic retards any power and authority, who in turn enact the plan on a much wider and seemingly more credible scale. And on it goes.
That’s the cornerstone for how the virus is passed on, whatever it is.
This is henceforth spilled onto the masses as presupposed hierarchy, ideology and social and economic assumptions. They clearly know all of this is transpiring, while viewed from their protected, privileged and undisturbed vantage point, which gives them this erudite smug sense of superiority which then further affirms their diatribe in the minds of the uninformed sleep walkers.
This is the key to understand this type of mass Stockholm syndrome. It’s a self reinforcing cyclical paradigm.

The Naked Occult Emperors – Without Alibi or Concealment

People need to realize it is way more practical to drop this convoluted fascination for these bastards and just call it for what it is in the most fundamental way. The tendency of newly awakening individuals is to attribute way more overt, covert and occult power to these aberrant creatures than they actually have which can have such onlookers “spellbound”, the exact intention of these manipulative, self serving aphids.
This is why they love to hide in the mystique of secret societies and work behind the scenes. First of all, it’s extremely practical. They can creep about freely. But a very big aspect of their game of smoke and mirrors and continual illusions is creating this bugaboo image of deserved and inconquerable authoritarian control of every aspect of human existence. Complete hooey when it comes right down to it and can be blown away like a feather when we wake up to it.
Royalty is the perfect example. Look how many stand in awe and adoration of this obscene pageantry of oppression, actually identifying with it as some sort of wondrous expression of their own personal glory for being subjects to such demeaning high arrogance. This is the definition of insanity if you ask me. Raped inmates adoring their captors, plunderers and abusers.
The emperor has no clothes to those who can see. That’s when the empowerment kicks in.

The Awe, Respect, Fear and Honor Game

Awe and fear are akin to each other. As are unnaturally induced respect and honor. Giving so-called “due deference” to someone is so arbitrary. It’s reminiscent of the adage that history is written by the victors. The truth isn’t the issue, it’s exalting authority and figures of authority to keep their unquestionable oppression meme alive.
Just look at the monuments around the world and who and what they glorify. The statues alone tell a sordid tale. Horrific butchers of humanity, despots and wealth hoarders, closet paedophiles and banking gofers, all disguised as noble, honorable figures to literally look up to at the local square, as they’re immortalized in stone and bronze.
What a trick. Architecture does the same, reflecting the massive pride of humanity in itself and its accomplishments. Monuments to this and that – according to whom? Who says what’s so important that it has to be shoved in our faces in massive hunks of carved rock or ornate buildings from whatever era of human history, making public areas places of worship and adoration?

Laugh At Them

When you fully grasp the nature of this complete scam it is extremely liberating and empowering. It’s very important to explore every aspect of this conditioning and how it’s kept in place. It’s much like a movie set where all the props and storefronts are perfectly staged to give a certain impression. It appears real to the unwary who get caught up in the script and drama of the enactment while it’s nothing but a fabrication.
As Shakespeare said, with a little poetic license;
“Life (as portrayed in the matrix)… is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”
So laugh at these fools. Their illusion is coming down around their ears. Our understanding of the true, baseless nature of their pointless parasitic game is the key to liberation.
We can revel in that knowledge now. That’s when we bring them down – with a world theater filled with awakened onlookers laughing uproariously at their foolish, futile and increasingly desperate antics.
Enjoy the ride!
We’ve already won. Now stick it to them bold and unafraid.
Much love, Zen

Thanks to Zen at:


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