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1 THE GREATEST PRODUCTION OF ALL TIMES on Tue Nov 10, 2015 12:24 pm



November 10, 2015 Ines Radman

Do you believe we created this reality? I’m talking about the one we are in right now. This planet, the history of it’s origins, our current situation? Do you believe that we created all of this before we even came/incarnated here? I do, and I believe we’re not conscious of this fact and the fact that we partook in the creation of the planet itself. We are having a difficult time accepting that we created good and evil.
Are all plays and movies positive or have a generally boring monotone story? Probably not. In fact, most of these performances are about defending/fighting/protecting from evil or bad people, so in order to wake us up, we couldn’t create a Julie Andrews type production, there would be no reason or incentive to change anything. If we planned out the entire game going back from the creation of Earth, then we also planned the ending.
This is now what most of us are seeking answers to and searching for what is to come, how or when does this end. I think we can all agree that this play has to end sooner or later, it’s a matter of when and how.
Are you going to fast forward a movie only to see the end?  If you do that, you don’t know the whole story and why it ended the way it did. Do screen writers and playwrights write out the play/movie without an end?
Can we even understand or know how this reality will end if we don’t know the roles, props and scenery involved? Sorry folks, we can’t just wait for the end nor can we try to guess what and when that will be.
How can we know the answers to this when we are still in infancy stages? Do you think that the end happens without our participation and expect that some higher being or savior will come to our rescue?
And finally, will we behave like some U.S. Senators signing a bill without reading it in detail first?
No, to most question. Whether we forgot we wrote the play or our memories were erased doesn’t change the fact that we don’t remember.
So why are we so focused on this debate how our memories were erased or why we don’t remember anything? Why are we focused/obsessed on catching the bad guys when they too are actors in this play? Why are we obsessed with our history and creationary myths when they play absolutely no role in the outcome of this current reality we created? Why are we debating whether reincarnation is due to karmic debts or it’s simply a process to learn and experience all that is?
I think we got on stage and forgot our lines and instead of just winging it, we turned to each other and started the blame game as to who’s fault it was we forgot them. The night before, instead of studying; some went out to party. Instead of reading diligently, some waited to the last minute to study their lines or perhaps there were last minute changes by the screen writers and we simply didn’t have enough time to remember.
We can look at this production another way. The scenario included all the actors, a brief storyline and an ending but the rest we were told to just impromptu the essence of the story, providing we followed the script for the ending. In other words, it didn’t matter how we got there, so long as we did it well. We got so involved in this play, it went so well that nobody in the audience could even suspect that we were making it up as we went along. We got so involved/embroiled in our success of creating our own script that we forgot there was a scripted ending we had to adhere to.

What happened next? The audience gave us a standing ovation and despite the fact we had a specific script for the ending, we felt confident that we could impress our audience or did we just get lost in our roles and forgot about it?
This is where we are at. As individuals we created the role for us to play, as a group we created the story, as Creator gods we made sure that it would deliver us many valuable lessons and that in order to be successful in such a huge production, we had to work together.
Somewhere along the way, some actors got carried away with their egos or they actually started to believe their roles were real. In other words, we forgot over time that we created the play and now don’t remember what the ending will be.
This play has lasted millions of years, we seem to be looping and recycling over and over again because we forgot the script, we totally forgot why we came here and we don’t even know how we are supposed to end this. We have gotten lost into this reality that we actually believe we are part of humanity passing through linear time and that we are enslaved on this planet. We actually believe (not me) that we are victims of circumstance and that life has given us a shitty hand to play. Some even believe that the Aliens coming to this planet enslaved us eventually.
They did, but not as you think. They are part of the play as well. Every living entity or SOUL that is now in a physical form is participating in this huge production we call Earth. Because we created this planet as our play station, we come here to have our physical 3D experiences.
There are different perspectives or versions as to why we actually incarnate here, but it’s too long an explanation and I’m sure most of you already have an idea or belief system.
Dolores Cannon spoke of souls incarnating here because the call went out from Gaia and she needed help millions of years ago, so the souls incarnating here are old souls and not everyone that wanted to come could. Some say this whole system is an illusion or matrix or prison planet and that we are here to raise the vibration of the planet and ourselves. If we created the play, then would this part also be written into the script? I would think so.

Does it matter why we are here? That is an individual perspective based on your quality of life and belief systems. It matters to me, I am having a difficult time seeing and feeling the suffering around me and I think that I am done with this experience, I’m bored actually.
No, I’m not tired of Earth, I love my mother and my life. The last 12 years have been incredible for me in terms of actually living life the way I want to and that I can do whatever it is that will make me happy. This time has given me opportunity to evolve and grow as it requires an investment of time to do so.
So, the play is created by us whom we identify as humanity. Then comes another layer on top of this reality we created and that is who we truly are. While acting in this reality we call Earth, we are simultaneously playing out multiple roles in multiple different realities. A better term for that is that we can, according to our Soul maturity choose to experience more than one reality.
Visions while sleeping that we call dreams are actually fragments of our Soul experiencing different realities. How can we be sure? Well, if you are having recurring dreams that would be one aspect or confirmation.
There is a lot of chatter going on in the truth seeking community and rightly so. Each one of us is here for different experiences, you can’t have 2 actors playing the same role. On top of that some of us are more aware than others so our perceptions and belief systems vary. So, we all share the same goals in that we want to know what is going on, who’s doing it and seemingly lately we are trying to figure out when this play will end and how it will end.
If Seth, the entity that communicated with Jane Roberts is right about time being a prop only or a tool we use in this reality and that we are experiencing in the now and that 1936 was not 80 years ago but is only a screen play we can be in right now, then time as we know it is only serving us in this current reality because of commitments we made to each other.  Also, since we do not have telepathy as the main source of communication, how else can we join and come together without setting time out for that?
My point is that it’s probably highly unlikely that we will all come to the same conclusion about our existence here because we are multi-dimensional beings, at different levels of maturity and each unique soul is having a unique experience while at the same time acting in the play with everyone else.
My second point is that we are wasting ‘time’ on debates about our history, about the current enslavement and uncovering the bad guys. It’s not contributing to our growth and doesn’t really serve any purpose other than causing separation and fragmentation amongst us.
Those that are enslaving us are also actors  and their role is to enslave us so that we will finally start waking up and trying to remember who we are and why we are here. The play is called “They create a problem so that WE can find a solution. If we all came here to experience love and bliss, we would have no reason to evolve further, so new actors were inserted to control us, enslave us, whatever it took to shake us up out of this coma we fell into. We continued incarnating here with little progress thus the negative guys had to stir us up in order for us to wake up.
The enslavers/controllers are part of the production, written into the script because we got so involved in our roles here that we forgot who we are. This is why I continue to write that we are doing what we are supposed to be doing and that everything is as it should be.
Without problems, we would not be seeking solutions but we’re not there yet. We’re still debating as victims and arguing over who they are and what their agenda is. Their agenda is to piss us off, drive us to madness until we say enough is enough, until we finally start doing something about it.
There is no such thing as good or bad humans. There are only good guy and bad guy actors, acting the roles we came to perform in. The agenda is our imagination, our excuses and our choices to be victims because it’s easier to blame, and because we forgot we created this production, we actually believe that we are here stuck, helpless and in trouble. If you follow this blog, you will know that my storyline is consistent in saying that we need to get off our asses and start creating solutions to end this slavery. It was inserted into the screenplay to motivate us to move forward.
You see, had we not gotten so involved in our roles and started believing the production as a true reality, we probably would have ended this game long ago. Until we finally accept the fact that we incarnate here to experience whatever it is we chose. We are actors playing a role in this game, the controllers are trying to help us wake up and until we do they will continue with all the might they have because we forgot why we are here and if we don’t wake up we will destroy this planet.
There are old souls here that are teaching and guiding others, we have to set the alarms on a daily basis to wake you up to your true self.
Debating and arguing is a waste of time, knowledge is important but each to his own level of understanding, as we all came from different parts of the cosmos with unique personalities so we shape our belief systems accordingly, not to just a past life as a human being.
The Soul’s purpose is to grow and return to Source where it then becomes a god who can then create new universes and galaxies. We are but a speck of dust in the Cosmos, yet we are also parts of Source who yearns for us to return. Our sole purpose as a Soul is to grow and evolve using different realities to experience ALL that is.
When you know this to be true then you won’t need to know who done it and why. You will then know that they are actors in this production as well who are actually helping us to wake up and remember. The sooner we wake up, the sooner we can graduate from this 3D reality and become one step closer to Source.
Do you honestly believe that Source/Creator would allow his children to suffer? There is no such thing as suffering when seeing yourself as an eternal spark of LOVE having a human experience. We created the suffering as part of our learning process, without suffering we can’t develop compassion. The very duality of this existence is to teach us that one doesn’t understand a concept without an opposite, that’s it.
We’re not victims, we’re not slaves, we are ACTORS in a play, a grand production of Earth Ascension and we are completing our last performance and about to graduate into higher density reality. How and when? I don’t know, I don’t remember but I’m working hard on this. The controllers are working very hard at waking us up to our true selves. There is no need to leave, there is no option to leave, you signed up for this play and without you, there will be no standing ovation.
Doesn’t that motivate you to do something? You may ask what  you should be doing and as always, I will say that you are doing what you should be doing. I can’t answer to your reality but once you accept your true self, you will know because while you are in the knowing, your self-awareness will expand.
So long as you feel that life has handed you a shitty hand, you will remain that way. So long as you feel that you are enslaved and feel powerless, it will remain that way. Just change your thoughts, think like a god, act like a god and you will expand your consciousness. The choice is always yours, if you die before you figure it out, you simply come back and try again.
Wake up old soul, it’s time to take the costume off and take your bows in front of the audience.

Thanks to Ines at:


2 Re: THE GREATEST PRODUCTION OF ALL TIMES on Tue Nov 10, 2015 1:34 pm


I consider this a MUST-READ!  It is written with great clarity and insight.  It will elevate your consciousness a notch.  I totally loved this.

"Unconditional happiness is the highest technique there is."
Michael A. Singer
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