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11:11 Gateway

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11:11 - Doorway to Heaven

Beloved Lightgrid Family and Gridwork Team,
We have reached the 11:11 Portal and Doorway and are ready for crossing over into a new mode of BEING which is based on the laws of co-creation between humanity and the elemental, angelic and devic kingdoms. Today's newmoon marks the entrance and there is a call I am asked to share with all of you: to all who have come to know their Divine Power of Creative Potential recently or long ago, please:
ANCHOR your Threefold Flame
in the HEART of Mother Earth
where Gaia's Threefold Flame burns,
nourishing ALL THAT LIVES on, with and within Her - 
11 November - 22 November 2015
or any time you happen to come across this post and calling!
This is the beginning of humanity's loving cooperation with higher dimensional beings, our return to the remembrance of times whence the earth was a place of purity and LIGHT, where all was connected to each other and fully conscious about it. Anchoring our Threefold Flame in Mother Earth's Threefold Flame helps Gaia to take humanity into account during the coming times of the SHIFT which will surely bring about some changes on Mother Earth's surface, too. How these changes are going to affect humanity will depend mostly upon all human beings who are awakened enough to realize their Divine Potential to MAKE a DIFFERENCE through conscious connexion to the PLANET. It is US who need to call forth the help of our relatives, the elemental, devic and angelic beings, as the call for help must come from the plane where help is needed. So let us re-connect FULLY to the HEART's LOVE of Mother Earth, Gaia Terra Shan!

May the Cosmic FIRE Christ LOVE
PERMEATE my Being,
and UNITE me with Mother Earth and ALL of the Cosmos
conscious of my Divine Potential
with ALL LIFE on Earth
and ALL that IS in the Universe!
stepping into my full Creative Power NOW,
the Threefold Flame of POWER, LOVE and WISDOM,
to Mother Earth's HEART FLAME,
the Threefold Flame of Protection, Compassion and Vision!
So BE it - and so it IS!
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM

And thus I offer my SERVICE to the world,
to humanity,
to the Ascended Masters,
to the Angelic Kingdom,
to the Elemental Beings of LOVE and LIGHT,
to the Devic Realms of Existence,
to the ALL that IS source
LOVE eternal,
Sonja Myriel


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11:11 – Is it Happening to You?

By El&Even on November 11, 2015 Awareness

Our Spirit Guides or higher selves like to speak to us through various methods, such as playing a recurring song on the radio that may have special significance, answering a prayer, flipping to a certain page in a book we’re reading, or even directing our attention to repeating numbers on a clock or sign, such as 11:11. At first, this occurrence might seem like a silly coincidence, but by looking further into it, you will find that it has a powerful spiritual message hidden within.
More and more people seem to notice these repeating numbers on the clock, on roadside billboards, signs, and other places lately, which only provides further truth that a massive shift in consciousness and awareness is taking place. This phenomenon basically occurs to remind us of the profound synchronicities and cosmic shifts occurring during this beautiful time on the planet, and also brings our attention to our present thoughts and feelings. The underlying intention of our angels bringing our awareness to 11:11 is to make us more conscious of ourselves, and remind us that we always have guidance and a greater wisdom to rely on anytime we feel stuck, scared, or frustrated.

According to Doreen Virtue, a well-known angel therapist and psychic medium between the spirit world and human world, seeing repeating numbers, especially 11:11, means you should focus on keeping your thoughts positive, because your desires will manifest instantly into form. Put all your attention on what you desire instead of what you fear, and your angels will continue to reward you.
The more 1’s you see on a clock, sign, or anything else with numbers, the stronger the connection between yourself and your spirit guides or angels. Millions of people all over the world can attest to seeing these numbers more often, which only suggests that more of us have begun our journeys to becoming Lightworkers, or healers for the planet. Since the Earth is in such a state of disarray outwardly, so many humans have been called upon in order to bring back peace and harmony to the planet, making our Earth a true Garden of Eden on which we can all thrive and enjoy the human experience.
Related: What the Numbers Mean
According to the Mayan Calendar, the turning of ages began on December 21, 2012 at 11:11, marking a New Age on our planet – a literal shift in consciousness from the Dark Age to the Golden Age. Another interesting thing about 11:11 is that the numbers add up to four, which is the number for transformation and the dissolving of the ego. Many healers and spiritual leaders on Earth interpret 11:11 to mean that the ascended masters have come back to the planet to aid us in this grand healing and help bring Earth back into alignment once again.
Any time you see numbers repeating themselves, specifically 11:11, your angels want you to know that you are on the right path, and that they will protect you no matter what adversities you face. During this time, we must become masters of ourselves, instead of succumbing to the negativity and chaos around us. We have literally created this world due to a lack of self-control, so now our masters have reminded us that we must reclaim our internal power and once again learn to govern ourselves, learning to coexist with all beings on the planet.

This is a very exciting time here on Earth, despite what you may see going on around you. As the grand healing and transformation continues to unfold, small changes will soon amount to much more significant changes as the veil is lifted and more people are awakened to our Oneness. It might seem difficult right now, but continue to trust in the angels, and know that they have your best intentions at heart.
We are all one family, and we are in this together. Don’t look outside yourself for any answers; it will only lead to more confusion and feelings of disempowerment. Trust in the power of the universe to help you heal, and anytime you notice 11:11, monitor your thoughts and make sure that your vibration matches what you want to see in your physical reality.

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