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Michael Savage: Mass medication has ‘numbed a generation’ of Americans into mindless sheeple

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Michael Savage: Mass medication has ‘numbed a generation’ of Americans into mindless sheeple

Posted by Lou on November 11, 2015

Michael Savage: Mass medication has ‘numbed a generation’ of Americans into mindless sheeple

Source: Michael Savage: Mass medication has ‘numbed a generation’ of Americans into mindless sheeple –

, November 11, 2015 by: J. D. Heyes
Talk radio icon and multiple New York Times bestselling author Michael Savage recently discussed a number of topics with Breitbart News Saturday, including his newest book, Government Zero: No Borders, No Language, No Culture, which predicts dangerous demographic challenges coming to the U.S.
During the interview, Savage, who holds a Ph.D. in nutrition from the University of California at Berkeley, pointedly discussed why he believes a large segment of the U.S. population has been so thoroughly co-opted by authoritarians and political charlatans in the nation’s capital.
“I understand what the brainwashing is. Now couple that with your generation being raised on medication… raised on ritalin, adderall. This is all the gigantic distraction of the critical mind,” he told Breitbart News Saturday.

The land of psychotropics, fluoride, vaccines, metals and GMOs

He further contends that such mind- and mood-altering meds have numbed much of the current generation and left them without much ability to think critically or stay in touch with their own feelings.
“Once you can numb a population and convert them into hedonists, where if it feels good, do it – the ethos of the 60s – you can mold them over into any shape that they want. And believe me, they are winning,” Savage said.
He is, of course, correct. As Natural News has reported time and again, psychotropic medications such as those mentioned by Savage and many others are having a profoundly negative effect on mostly younger people. In fact, we noted almost a decade ago – and we were virtually alone in doing so at the time – that adolescent use of these dangerous drugs was rising dramatically.
Of course, other substances that are commonly used in today’s society are also altering the way we think and behave. As this report from points out, the fluoride added to nearly all drinking water in the U.S. has greatly affected our minds.
Bad dietary advice and eating habits have also taken a toll, as have statin medications, heavy metals in our foods to include even substances that are supposed to be good for us, and, of course, vaccines.
As for Savage, he sees much trouble ahead for America, which is increasingly being filled with a nation of compliant, non-critically thinking citizens who don’t question enough because they don’t know what to ask and because their elected leaders don’t care anyway.
“We’re down to the wire – Government Zero: No Borders. No Language. No Culture. What do we do about a rogue government? What does the title mean? More government, zero representation. It is a government unto itself. It doesn’t represent the people. We all know that,” he told Breitbart.

Time is running out

What can Americans do about their situation?
“First we have to come up with a plan,” Savage said, pointing to the last chapter in his latest book, which contains a 40-point plan for moving the country back towards its constitutional moorings and to rid itself of destructive Left-wing utopianism.
For starters, he says, everyone who can still manage a coherent thought and is aware of what is going on culturally, demographically, politically, and economically should make a friend or relative aware of “the tsunami that has hit America.”
He continued: “Many don’t even know they are swimming in it. They don’t know they are in the eye of the storm. They have no idea about the Muslim invasion. They have no idea about the rogue government. They have no idea about Barry in the White House.”
He warns that time is running out. We might only have “one last chance to awaken America,” a reference to the 2016 presidential election.
While he argued that there are tens of millions of people who crave political change today, Savage noted that “we don’t have any representation. That’s the problem.”
You can read the full interview here.
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