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1 NOTHING APPEARS TO BE THE WAY YOU SEE IT on Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:13 am



November 14, 2015 Ines Radman

What is the difference between terrorism or a false flag event? Don’t both create the same results, such as fear, terror and trauma on a large scale event? Are not the ones manifesting a false flag event actually committing an act of terrorism? What’s the difference, can anyone tell me?
Why are we giving the same act two different names?
Why do people become terrorists? Well, I see the alternative media and media outlets not bought and paid for mentioning/using the words “root cause”, and that’s a good start. Why do people commit such atrocities? Can we justify their desperate acts of retribution? No. But we can understand why they do this. We invade their countries, we choose our own version of democracy and force them through a feeding tube to people that have existed for centuries before the modern world was ever discovered.
Who is to say that their way of life is wrong and our is right? Why do we criticize men having more than one wife when the origins of family stemming from the bible clearly show that men took more than one wife, providing the other wife agreed to it. What is wrong with this? Is it not more important that a family is taken care of. A man could not take more wives than he could afford, in other words, he  had to be sure he could provide for that wife and children born to that wife. A wife didn’t need a marriage certificate, the man just needed to say “I take you for my wife”.
During the Ottoman Empire, men repeated 3 times: “I take you for my wife”. If they wanted to end the marriage, both partners could say “I am divorcing you”, 3 times. That is it!
We want to shove  democracy down the throat of people that have existed longer than we have in the Western world. Democracy is a failed “ideology” that does not exist in any country in this world. The term “demos” implies, the people choose their destiny. It’s not just about voting. It’s about demanding that a leader or politician step down because we said so as a majority. So, this failed democracy is the reason why we want to remove a Middle East leader because they feel he is a dictator. No, that’s the story sold to us.
They are destroying history, destroying a powerful region because they are AFRAID of it’s power and origin. Democracy is but a word that is worth a pile of shit, nothing else.
We invade, occupy, destroy, bomb and displace millions of people, more than the actual so called dictator killed himself and then we are surprised that we created terrorists? These people are not terrorists, they are mad men who saw their entire region and people fall in a drop of a bomb. What are they supposed to do? Kneel, pray to Allah and thank him for the destruction? I don’t condone their acts, far from it, but like naturopathic medicine, we have to find the root cause of why they do this.
Their actions have nothing to do with hatred or religion, it’s simply a culture of male dominance and they are brought up in that world where the man takes care of the family. When the head of the household is not able to feed his family, he will go to drastic and extreme actions. Men in India commit suicide upon failures in their business, Japanese men do as well, therefore, it’s not so much about hatred, it’s about a culture that is based upon the male taking care  of the family and once that resource or source of income is taken from them, what are they supposed to do, thank Allah for the destruction?
It is from this that extremism comes from. Their loss of faith or trust in their god, so they become extremely, disillusioned but use their religion as a means to create the chaos that they do. I know this may not be part of your belief system, but I live in this region. Half of Eastern Europe is based on migration from the Middle East. My ancestry on father’s side comes from Persia, my mother ancestors came from Turkey. We are mix of Middle East genetics, we carry with us the memories of our ancient cultures and therefore, have a better understanding of this culture and way of life.
We create terrorism by taking away what is valuable to them. Our values are not the same. What is wrong with the Male dominating? Because we feel that way? Because we feel that there should be equality? Says who? Even in ancient times, the woman was not abused, she was revered in the Middle East. No, she had no say so in the taking care of family, but it was because the Male was responsible for that. She was tended for, her needs were met, it’s bullshit that all women in the Eastern parts of the world have been denigrated. Perhaps in some cultures, but not in general as a whole.
Slavery has existed from the beginning of time. Each civilization based on a democracy, used slavery as a mean to get ahead or to show their status in society or as a work force. It is nothing different today.
We feel as a more newer culture or modern society that we should be upgrading or modernizing civilizations that have existed together for millennia. Even in my times of Yugoslavia, Serbs, Croats, Muslims lived side by side, our cultures and religions were respected. The West came in, installing puppets to promote disturbance and create polarity between the cultures and voila, NATO bombed, Yugoslavia broke up, a war of independence for Croatia and the so called installed democracy has created huge rifts between the rich and poor just like in other modern societies.
Being modern isn’t better. Who are we to shove our way of life into societies that have existed long before we have in the modern world? How dare we arrogantly display our righteousness to countries that are actually far more advanced that Western civilization. The cradle of civilization is now destroyed, pillaged, bombed and all artifacts stolen and sold. Their entire history is being wiped off the map and we wonder why they become terrorists?
It is the reality that we create, yes,  I know, here she goes again, but it’s true. We are not learning the lessons, we keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Yes, the Cabal/Matrix is out to destroy us, but they too are part of the play, they too have a role to play. Without evil, one does not strive for goodness. Without imprisonment, one will not desire freedom. This is the duality we created, to understand love we must experience fear, etc.
It doesn’t matter who killed who, the end result is the same. If you take five or six different medications or methods of therapy, you probably won’t know which one did the job, but it shouldn’t concern you, the result is what counts. When my friends or co-workers asked me how I survived cancer, I created a statement for everyone. I used many different therapies but have no idea which one worked or how many. It doesn’t matter anyways, what matters is that I gave it my best, and I am here today to talk about it. It could have been a simple mind game or psychological barrier, it could have been removing the rage from my body, whatever it was, it worked.
We can’t have peace until we understand why we create wars. Wars are created to instill a sense of suffering so that we can long for joy and peace. If we lived in a peaceful world, we would have no reason to change or desire something better. It took a long time to come to this conclusion because up to that point, nothing made sense to me.
We have created a polarity world where one cannot exist without the other. How can we long for love if we never experienced it? Or, how can we be the change if we live in a perfect world? It is the whole reason we are here, to physically experience all that is, all that Source gave us to experience as we are divine sparks of source.
May your day be filled with joy and happiness.

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