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Soul Expression

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1 Soul Expression on Tue Nov 17, 2015 11:26 am


Soul Expression

November 16, 2015 Ines Radman

You always know what you are doing, even if you don’t realize it. Your eyes know they see, but they can’t see themselves unless you look into a mirror or a surface that reflects an image. The world is a reflection of what we are, but not into a mirror rather a 3D reality.
One of my readers made a comment that I was really deep into Seth. I don’t see how posting a few articles would do that. I think that “being” really deep into “any subject” would be a long held belief or obsession. Seth is not. Honestly, I perused through the material over the years but never a read a complete book. I am aware of this information, I like it and I now look for information that will show me or teach me how to improve myself. I got stuck in his “you create your own reality”, but never could find how to do that.
So, a few weeks ago, not by chance I must say, Seth material showed up in my YouTube recommendations list and I started to listen to the various audio books. In one interview with a person that was also doing some research in that area of what Seth teaches, he mentioned that he does show and explain in detail how to create your own reality.
I already do that and have done it for years, I learned to just focus on what I want and visualize myself in that situation if I can, so I basically have achieved everything I have wanted in this lifetime, not 100% and this is the part that I wanted to know about. Money doesn’t just drop from the sky, some things we can’t just wish for, I’m not talking about that or material things. I’m talking about how you want your reality to be and if that includes finances, so be it, but you need to know exactly how you are going to go about getting that.
For instance, when we built our home in 2009, I set up my clinic and knew that I had get clients yet I live on a small island and therefore, can’t depend on locals, so I visualized people calling me and knocking on my door, I went out into the community and city and started handing out business cards and information on Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a few weeks I was booking 1 to 2 clients per day. Awesome.
I wouldn’t call this manifesting, but honestly, god isn’t a bank nor is the Universe, it’s not going to drop into your lap. We have to create physical conditions for it but if your thoughts are “I’m broke, I have no money, this business might not succeed”, I can assure you it won’t no matter what physical effort you put into it.
I share my journey because I believe that real experience gives more credence to learning than do my views or theories or thoughts, although I do try to be an example of what I share.
Why do I give Seth some credibility? I say some and not all because Jane channeled and her husband trascribed so there is a probability of compromise or misundestanding or even some entity interfering with the information. I give it some crediblity because I personally have experienced many things that Seth talks about, but while we are evolving we are not able to sometimes understand that event or process until we have matured enough. It took me 10 years to understand the NDE experience.
Last night upon showering, drying myself, I started to prepare for drying my hair and caught myself looking deeply into the mirror reflection.
My eyes were very dark, almost black, deep, I could not see the iris…and my thoughts were: “Oh, it’s you, your eyes, where are they, oh my, I get it now….you are here in front of me..the soul is reflecting in my eyes”. Isn’t there a phrase “The eyes reflect the soul?”.
Something changed in me, I no longer noticed the aging skin but rather a youthful and vibrant woman looking at me. Was I creating the image of that aging face or was I creating that image of the youthful, vibrant woman? Which one was I deceiving myself with?
I wasn’t sure, so when I woke up the next morning, I rushed to brush my teeth and looked at myself in the mirror and there I saw this youthful and vibrant woman. How do I explain that? I don’t know yet but I will find out.
After that conversation with eyes/soul, I crawled into bed like a child on Xmas Eve rushing to fall asleep fast so it can be the first one to wake up in the morning to open presents first.
I then started to say out loud how grateful I was for the experience and that I am ready to find out who I am and other characters I played. instantly, even before completing that thought, literally hundreds of images began to fade in and fade out, some were human, some I could not define at all and they didn’t appear long enough for me to recognize specific traits, but I knew they were all the characters I occupied or still AM.
I told higher self that I was ready for this with the utmost confidence that I could deal with it. Soul projected the images so fast, I realized it was done on purpose otherwise I could have freaked out, it’s just too much and too fast.
It is just before noon as I write this post by hand in my sunny and warm solarium. Imagine, 25C in November, deeply pondering that experience last night. You have read small portions of that experience, the rest are mine for now, I am not sure how to write them to you and not ready to share yet either.
I know that we create our own reality, I always have, but not at this level. It has taken me years and years of clearing the garbage I accumulated over this lifetime as I have always believed that love cannot share space with anger, resentment, fear, hatred and other negative emotions; that our entity soul must be unencumbered from all the negative crap we collect such as thoughts, people and emotions. I’m pondering on existence itself today, perhaps a bit sad that it took me so long to get here and already counting how much “time” I have left in this reality to make up for lost time, but if we create our own reality, then I should be able to postpone death indefinitely?
You are a living photograph of yourself . You project what you think you are outward into a phsyical body. Your feelings, your conscious and unconscious thoughts all change or form your physical image. I think you understand so far, but what may not be easy to understand or even accept is to realize that your feelings and thoughts shape your outer experience in the same manner or that the events that appear to happen to you are initiated by you within your mental or psychic environment.
Your body doesn’t just form on it’s own predetermined by your genetic map, these characteristics such as being fat, tall, thin or short are mental and thrust outward by you upon your image.
You were not born yesterday old soul, your soul was not born yesterday, but in the eons of time as we perceive our reality here, you have always existed and always will.
You participate in many realities than you know because your soul expresses itself through you. Over time, I received more and more pictures of the different characters I play and those participating with me. I have written about these often. Though, I never remembered the actors in my realities because I was focused on remembering me in them and more recently I have been aware of 2 people that are in my current other realities and these people are very close to me in this reality, in fact, we are very bonded and share many things in common, I now have proof that we DO work in soul groups.
It didn’t take long to get this process started, as I wrote last week how I was being very careful of my thoughts and paying attention to them to ensure that I am not sabotaging, that practice paid off and where it goes from here, I have no idea, but I will keep you posted.
Hey, thanks for listening.

Thanks to Ines at:


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