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A Primer in Removing Limited Thoughts

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1 A Primer in Removing Limited Thoughts on Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:59 pm


A Primer in Removing Limited Thoughts

November 17, 2015 Ines Radman

Comment: As you know I have started an exercise a few weeks ago in filtering my thoughts or paying attention to every limited thought. It has made a huge difference and I can already see the results. I have been happy with the reality I created, but there was something more that wasn’t happening so I wanted to explore how to improve on that as I have been using my own methods for years.  The actual exercises will be posted eventually. I hope you will find some useful information here. Enjoy. 
You are in physical existence to learn and understand that your energy, translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions causes all experience. There are no exceptions.
Any idea you accept as truth is a belief that you hold so  you need to say “Even though I  believe it doesn’t mean it’s true”. You need to disregard all beliefs that imply any type of limitations. Here is a sample list of limiting beliefs that you can use to start working on.

  1. Life is an experience of pain and suffering
  2. The body will do what it wants, I’m a victim of genes
  3. I feel helpless because my personality and character were formed in infancy so I am a reflection of that
  4. I’m a victim of past lives or other incarnations
  5. People are bad and want to hurt others
  6. I have the truth and people will not listen to me
  7. I will get old, sick and die eventually
  8. I am sick and always have been therefore genes determine my lifetime quality
  9. I can never do what I want
  10. My body doesn’t listen to me
  11. My destiny was predetermined before I incarnated

These are common beliefs of people that think they are a physical body, so I’m going to try and delete some of these limiting ones through explaining how they arrive into our minds
Firstly, nobody can change your beliefs nor can anyone force them upon you. You can change them yourself but need to understand how.
Look around you, your entire physical environment is a manifestation of your beliefs. If you believe (not think) that a certain situation should make you unhappy, it will and then that unhappiness will only enforce that belief. The reality that I am writing about is your reality as YOU and your near environment. I will write about the Humanity reality in further posts, but for now we are focusing on us, as individuals.
Your conscious beliefs control body functions, it’s not the other way around. Your higher self adopts the physically conscious mind as a means of allowing it to manipulate in your world. Your conscious mind is specially designed to direct external activity, to deal with waking experiences and oversee physical work.
Many people are afraid of their own thoughts so they don’t examine them. They accept the beliefs of others, and this distorts the information from outside and within.
There is no war between your intuitive self and your conscious mind, it happens when you refuse to face ALL the information that is available in your conscious mind. As you read this, you are now consciously reading and if you don’t believe in this information and refuse to explore these possibilities, then you have created the conflict, not because it’s true but because you have not allowed the two-way process to happen.
Sometimes it’s just easier to discard information we don’t like rather than examine it. But if you examine it, then you can choose to accept it or reject it, because while you examine it, your conscious mind and higher self work together to create that “good feeling”, or “resonance” or reject it. Collecting second hand beliefs without examining them first will allow your ego to flourish, but your body will respond to information that it doesn’t fit into it’s reality or your current reality.
At the same time, your higher self will transmit to your conscious mind insights and intuitions meant to clear out doubts you may have, if you allow the process, but if you believe that your higher self is dangerous and not to be trusted, if you fear dreams or any psychic experiences, then you deny the help and turn away from it.
If you believe that you have to accept your difficulties, then this belief alone will prevent you from solving them. If you believe that the reasons for your problems are buried somewhere in the past or past life then you won’t be able to resolve anything until you change that belief. This is about normal everyday issues and not about congenital or birth defects.
To realize that you create your own reality should be joyous and liberating. I know it was for me. When I was very ill and blaming everything and everyone outside of me for it, I felt helpless while at the same time I was looking for help externally.
When I realized that I “may” have created that illness, I immediately set to learn how and why it happened. You notice I didn’t say “why” I did this to myself. Because, consciously I didn’t want to get sick, but obviously the cells in my body were being given instructions to bring me cancer.
Your spirit/energy joined itself into a physical body to experience a world of incredible richness, to create a dimension of reality of colors and shapes. You use the body to enrich an incredible area of self-awareness, to feel energy made into physical sensations. You are here to use, enjoy and express yourself through the body. You are here to help in the expansion of consciousness. You are not here to cry about the human condition, but to change that you find it’s not to your liking through joy, strength and vitality, that is within you.
I’m sure you must have stopped to drop off a few coins to a homeless person or someone ‘begging’ for donations. That person may have looked miserable, unhappy, totally unaware of their environment or just staring into the ground. I can assure you if you you just drop a few coins and go on your way; you might get a thank you, but I can guarantee that if you had stopped to say hello or tell them something positive or caring, they will smile/cry with joy because someone treated them well.
That day, you may have created a lifechanging event for someone, maybe even given that person  encouragement to do something about their situation because they too created their own reality not knowing it. That person maybe spread that love to other homeless people, but you started a change by a simple warm and loving gesture.
Psychology teaches that not all people are open to suggestion, in other words not everyone responds to it. You are taught that you are constantly at the mercy of suggestion. Not true at all.
Your own conscious beliefs are the most important suggestions that you receive. All other ideas are rejected or accepted according to whether or not you believe them to be true together with the constant chatter that goes on in your mind all day–the suggestions you give to yourself.
You will only accept an external suggestion if it fits with your own ideas about the nature of reality in general and your beliefs about yourself.
Here is a perfect example: When we get weather forecasts on radio or TV, towards the end of the forecast that person will say “And for your meteopaths, with the southern wind strengthening tonight, you may feel weaknesses and suffer from headaches”.
When I first arrived to Croatia and heard this, I flipped out calling it  not only strongly suggestive but preposterous. Many people truly do feel physical discomforts and not only that but you will often hear: “The Jugo (it’s a southern warm and damp wind) is coming tonight so I won’t be able to go with you tomorrow because I will have a headache”.  My people ‘believe’ that if you sit on a cold or damp stone or any surface that you will get a bladder infection. Those that believe this actually do and I know it’s based on suggestion because living in Vancouver most of my life, with rain being the norm in winter, we are wet all the time. My girlfriend who is the owner of the local pharmacy confirms that when it rains, people come in with prescriptions for  antibiotics for bladder infections so it’s not me making up any of this.
If you use your conscious mind correctly, then, you will examine the beliefs that come to you, you will also be aware of the intuitive ideas that come to you. Many of you have made decisions or did something only to chide yourself later for not following your ‘first’ thoughts.
Why does this happen? Well, first of all we don’t trust intuition or we choose when we want to trust it. Often the message intuition gives us doesn’t sound logical at that moment so we reject it as a crazy thought. Also, there are many social and cultural, religious reasons for it that I care not to go into at this time.
You have accepted many false beliefs because you have not examined them. You gave your higher self a faulty picture of reality. As this becomes an automatic or unconscious response, your conscious mind no longer alerts you to false information coming in, why bother when you indiscriminately just adopt these beliefs?
You must be aware of the contents of your own reasoning mind. Find the ambiguities. Regardless of the nature of your beliefs, they are made into flesh and material. Your thoughts blossom into events. If you think the world is evil, you will meet with events that seem evil.
What we have done over time is automatically accept information coming from the outside and set up barriers against inner knowledge.
Thought and feeling then feel separate. Creativity and intellect now become strangers instead of working together; the conscious mind loses its fine edge, it cuts out from its experience the vast body of inner knowledge available to it.
This is nothing new. The gnostics wrote about this, they taught this in their mystery schools, they called it “nous”, inner knowing.
To change your experience you must change your ideas, and if you have been following your own reality, the results will come naturally.
Many beliefs would fall to the wayside if you were spontaneous, instead you often harbor them. When you are spontaneous, you accept the free nature of your mind and its spontaneously makes decisions as to the validity of information it receives. When you refuse to allow it this function, it becomes cluttered.
You are not a victim of your circumstances. You were involved in the development of your childhood environment. You chose the circumstances. This doesn’t mean that you’re at the mercy of those circumstances. It means that you set challenges to overcome, set goals to be reached, set up frameworks through which you could understand and fulfill certain abilities.
I struggled with the issues of my childhood. I grew up in a very dysfunctional and abusive home filled with fear of my father. The first 20 years of my life I believed that god was punishing me. The following 10 years I believed I had bad karma to clear up from past lives. Since then, the only other possibility was either destiny/fate or that I somehow created that reality. It took me a long time to accept that I created it until I finally understood that our reality here is an illusion so that we can experience physicality, that suffering did not exist, it was only part of our experience to know what it feels like if we chose it. As crazy as this may sound to you, it’s the only one that makes any sense, that I created it for the purpose of learning something.
The false beliefs have to be weeded out so that your conscious mind can become aware of its source once again, and open to inner channels of splendor and power.
The ego is just an offshoot of the conscious mind, so to speak. The conscious mind acts like a huge camera while the ego directs the view and focus. The ego is your idea of your physical image in relation to the world, so that means that your self-image is not unconscious then. You are very aware of it, even though you often reject certain thoughts in favor of others. Your false beliefs can result in an uncompromising ego that insists upon using the conscious mind in one direction only, further distorting your perceptions.
Listen to your own train of thought as you go about your day. What suggestions are you giving yourself? What ideas are you giving yourself? Understand that they will manifest into your reality. Start an experiment and start keeping notes on your thoughts if you can and go back in time and read them once in awhile because I am sure that those thoughts or suggestions manifested themselves eventually.
I hope this will give a start in you trying this exercise. I can’t give you explicit instructions because we are all different and you will find your own method. All I know is that becoming conscious of my thoughts has already made a huge difference in my reality. You will find limiting thoughts that don’t serve you and you really have nothing to lose other than those thoughts that limit you from creating what you want.
May your day be filled with love and joy.
Inspired through:  Jane Roberts – The Nature of Personality

Thanks to Ines at:


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