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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Big Pharma busted! Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of criminal fraud

Big Pharma busted! Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of criminal fraud

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Big Pharma busted! Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of criminal fraud

NaturalNews Insider Alert ( ) email newsletter
Dear NaturalNews readers,

As you probably already know, NaturalNews is on the forefront of exposing the fraud and criminality of the pharma industry, and today we bring you a groundbreaking new interview from one of the key GlaxoSmithKline whistleblowers who provided evidence to the U.S. government that led to the stunning $3 billion criminal fraud settlement.
His name is Blair Hamrick, and his recent interview on the Health Ranger Report reveals some truly shocking details of bribing doctors, marketing fraud, off-label prescribing and more.
Read some of the highlights of the interview (and see a related court document) here:
Watch the full interview on YouTube at:
Or click here to see it on
I'm also scheduled to interview whistleblower Blair Hamrick on the Alex Jones Show today, Tuesday, beginning at 12 noon Eastern / 9 am Pacific. Listen in at
In other huge news about the criminal mafia medical system in America, the FDA has been caught spying on its own employees using illegal surveillance tactics:
The "no BPA" claims on plastic bottles may turn out to be total deception. Instead of BPA, we're not getting BPS, a chemical that appears to be far worse than BPA!
Here's how to protect yourself from radiation:
... and here's how to stop migraine headaches using natural remedies:
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P.S. We have a powerful line-up of additional news for you today. See more stories below:

Exclusive: Glaxo whistleblower goes public with shocking details of bribery, marketing fraud and other pharma crimes
(NaturalNews) GlaxoSmithKline employee and whistleblower Blair Hamrick has helped make medical history. Together with his colleague Gregory Thorpe, Blair blew the whistle on criminal practices taking place inside GlaxoSmithKline which have now led to...

FDA caught spying on e-mails of its own scientists in huge surveillance operation
(NaturalNews) If you need any measure of just how statist and paranoid our Leviathan government has become, look no further than recent revelations that one of its own agencies has been caught spying on some of its own employees, just because they had...

Worse than BPA? Toxic BPS chemical found hiding in receipts, recycled paper
(NaturalNews) Growing awareness about the prolific presence of the hormone disruptor bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics, receipt paper, money, and various other consumer products and materials has led to the widespread removal of this highly toxic chemical...

AstraZeneca tries to block generic drug approvals, gets slapped by court
(NaturalNews) Regular readers of know that we always advocate first for a natural solution or alternative to Big Pharma. Beyond that; however, when there is no other choice, you will find us regularly siding with you, the hapless...

IRS has no legal basis to collect Affordable Care Act tax - It's all an act!
(NaturalNews) Many Americans right now are reeling in disgust over the Supreme Court's recent decision to uphold the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. But according to a recent report by My Way News, the Internal Revenue Service...

Apple drops 'Green' badge, then relists with EPEAT
(NaturalNews) Recently, Apple removed its products from the EPEAT rating system (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool), a move which baffled consumers and 'tech industry' insiders alike. A total of 39 products were removed from the listing...

Six natural remedies to help relieve migraines
(NaturalNews) For everyone who has had a migraine, you know how extremely painful they are. You know what the first symptoms are, such as vision loss or pins and needle feeling, and you dread what is to come. There are many that depend on over-the...

Radiation - How to protect yourself from its effects safely and naturally
(NaturalNews) Whether concern stems from the possible exposure to drifting radiation from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan or from every day sources of non-ionizing radiation (i.e., cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, smart meters...

Starving for vitamin D
(NaturalNews) A study published in the journal Pediatrics found that 70 percent of U.S. children have low levels of vitamin D. "We expected the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency would be high, but the magnitude of the problem nationwide was shocking...

Science proves that cranberries stop urinary tract infections, but it's still illegal to say so
(NaturalNews) A fresh review of previously compiled literature on the healing power of cranberries once again affirms that drinking cranberry juice or taking cranberry supplements is a great way to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Published in...

Why you can't trust politicians (opinion)
(NaturalNews) Truth in advertising doesn't hold true for political ads. Democracy takes effort and with it brings easy questions but hard answers. Question: Say I want to run a political television commercial; do I have to tell the truth? Let's...

Health Ranger's intelligence analysis of military drones: payloads, countermeasures and more
(NaturalNews) Today across America, we're witnessing an explosion in the planned deployment of spy drones, military drones and surveillance drones, both for law enforcement use and military use. The FAA has granted permission for tens of thousands of...


haha LOVE this!!!

I have a renter that is a Merck rep. I talked to her a very long time ago about things that might happen to her industry in the future. Now that this is being put out she says she gets it. EUREKA MOMENT!!!!! lol



It is nice to see people a waking up to all of this...thanks YM for posting

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