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Light, Sound, Symbols (Thought Encryption)

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1 Light, Sound, Symbols (Thought Encryption) on Sun Nov 29, 2015 1:41 am


Light, Sound, Symbols (Thought Encryption)

Creation is made of Light and Sound. Many who will read this message will already be aware of this fact. It is desired to offer more understanding of the interaction of light and sound from an experiential aspect.
When you are experiencing within a system (planet, physical body form, etc.) that holds distortions which block off flow of Source energy, the system can only translate light and sound waves that are able to be filtered through that systems distortions. There are other light and sound waves available for access but the distortions block the ability for awareness of them.
The creation mechanics that allow manifestation and the illusion of individuated separation to occur automatically shut off awareness of light and sound waves that are not intended to be perceived within the illusion of the system. When you experience energetic body damage, light and sound waves of the system become blocked from your perception which should not be blocked that are a natural part of the system. This is the reason no two people on Earth will currently perceive light and sound waves in the exact same way. This means that all people on Earth currently perceive light and sound “unique” to them as a result of what the individual filtering process will allow them to become aware of.
The race morphogenetic field allows people of Earth to perceive “similar” and is why all will call something like a color red, as an example. But no two people currently perceive the color red in the exact same way. The same filtering process also occurs with sound for all of the people on Earth. No two people of Earth currently hear sound in the exact same note, key or vibration.
When you are experiencing through a healed energetic body, within a healed energetic system, all consciousness within that system perceives ALL light and sound waves available to perceive within that system. When such is possible then perceiving something like the color red takes on a whole new meaning. If it was desired to express the exact same expression point of a shade of color (sub-frequency band) then it would be expressed as the specific “encryption point” at which that shade of red expresses. You could think of it as the exact location on the gradient dial which that shade of red occurs and the exact same process occurs in the desire to share with another a specific sound tone.
In healed reality systems, it is not required for life forms to be technical and state the exact location point on the dial because in healed reality systems life forms express via telepathy and direct cognition. This ability allows healed life forms to instantly tune their inner receivers to the exact location point on the dial. These attributes are simply part of the way that Source creates individuated expressions of ItSelf to perceive and interact with light and sound. Life forms within healed reality systems perceive as a “conscious collective” but can still choose to perceive (look at) anything different than what another may be focusing on in the moment. There is still individuation awareness within a conscious collective but all are aware of the whole at all times and therefore know what the whole is thinking at all times.
All life forms in a healed reality field can access all flows of the energy of Source that are available to access within the reality field. The individual activation level will always determine what the individual energetic system can translate / filter through the individual system to become aware of.
Reality fields that express as conscious collectives hold many different levels of conscious collectives within them and the life forms play their role in co-creating the sub-frequency and frequency bands of the systems. Such systems are part of the natural creation structure and play their role in stepping down the energy of Source to allow for systems in which densification of matter occurs, such as the time matrix system you are currently experiencing within.
The desire for this sharing is because there have been “false thoughts” shared with many that state it is necessary for color (light) and sound to be exactly as someone reports it should be to facilitate personal healing. Understanding that no one on planet Earth is currently able to filter through their system the exact same frequency point should express to you that no one will translate through their system exactly what another does. It does not mean that anyone is right or wrong, it simply means that every individual life from carries their “specific piece” to allow for creation of the full tapestry of the reality field. It also means that it is correct for all to call the color red even though everyone is translating that specific frequency in their unique way.
People who are considered color blind or completely eyesight blind and people who are dealing with physical hearing loss or complete deafness are still translating their specific pieces of light and sound to shine forth and allow co-creation of the Earth reality field.
The physical body vehicle is a vehicle which allows for translation of energy and interaction with other life forms of the reality field but translation of energy is not dependent upon a physical body vehicle. Your energetic system translates and interacts with energy eternally even if you do not put part of your consciousness into the particles that compose a physical body form. It does not require eyes, ears or other matter manifest organs to translate energy and be aware of the energy of Source. This truth should be obvious to you if you are aware of something such as the effect sound, light and thoughts have on plant life forms.


You have been told in your desire to heal and return to balance with Source that “intention” is 99% of the process. What does that mean and what is intention?
Intention is Thought! First you have the will/ability to create, next you have the desire to create and then you have the thought to create. As soon as you become aware of a thought you have set the “encryption” into that spark of radiation that instantly sparks forth from your energetic system. When you become aware of the thought many energetic things have already occurred within you and through the process of reaching a point of having the thought, you automatically set the mathematical program into that spark of energy. The mathematical program holds the “intention” for that spark of energy to co-create. This is why intention is 99% of the process of healing and co-creation.
The only reason you currently do not instantly experience that thought as manifest before your physical eyes is because of distortions in the energetic system that currently keep you from instantly becoming higher in energy or hotter than the energy of the thought and because of planetary distortions that are altering the encryption you placed within the thought.

Healing Through Light & Sound

Everything in creation occurs through the interaction of light and sound. Because each person on Earth currently filters through their energetic system light and sound waves that they are uniquely coded to filter and become aware of, every person will also require “specific” light and sound waves to assist in healing. The good news is that simply because like energy attracts like energy, each person draws to themselves the light and sound waves they require but because of the distortions in the planetary grids and the distorted program that keeps those distortions in place, it is a constant battle of healing in taking steps forward and being pulled backward by the distorted program but the new higher shield the planet now holds will assist in healing much faster.
This is why the information for the Loving Joy Songs was offered. Not because any song is more special than another but because of the specific interaction that occurs in the personal template when you hear sounds that are coded specifically to you.
As healing continues for planet Earth and its life forms, there will continue to be those who shine into the hologram pieces they carry concerning working with light and sound for healing. As with all things, people will continue to resonate with things that pertain to their needs for their chosen path of return. Some may experience wonderful things and report them to others but that does not mean others will experience the same things or that they will be wonderful.
You have received basic technologies to assist your efforts into healing but they are “tools” to assist you to remember things you need to know about yourself and at the same time to remember your personal connection with Source. No one else can tell you what your personal relationship with Source is or what it should feel like. Others can share their experiences and feelings of their relationship but the relationship is personal because each face of Source is unique. This is why it is impossible to give to another the Joyful and Loving feelings that come through ones personal relationship with Source. Each face of Source must remember and rediscover that for their self.
Tools outside of yourself can assist you to remember as you will continue to draw to yourself what you need in the moment but anything outside of yourself should always be considered a tool of assistance as the only real changes can occur from within.
The “Arts” very much exist in healed reality fields. Things like music, painting and drawing are all aspects of weaving light and sound patterns that hold specific thought encryptions.


Everything that you perceive as manifest is a symbol code. A symbol that is expressing through “light” the encryption it holds within. Your physical 3D body is a light symbol.
The energy of your thoughts are a type of higher radiation than the energy of what you perceive as light manifest and because you set the desired encryption via your thoughts, you can and do set a thought encryption into light, into manifest symbols.
As an example; imagine the image of a broom. A broom is a symbol that you currently see the light aspect as solid, manifest. A broom can hold a thought encryption to be a tool for sweeping high and low to move other manifest particles around.
It can also hold a thought encryption to be used as a tool for scrubbing, a prop for a scarecrow, a weapon, a decoration, a scary vehicle for a wicked witch to fly around on and a sacred or cherished artifact used in a wedding ceremony.
One could say a broom is simply a broom but when the “encryption” placed within the broom changes, a broom can become anything desired.
This simple example is to assist you to understand that any symbol can become a sacred healing tool depending on the thought encryption placed within it.
Simply because manifestation and individuated reality systems require “polarization of energy” to exist, a symbol can become anything that is desired based on the thought encryption stored within it. Because of your current limitations and the way that you perceive solid manifest objects, it can be challenging for you to understand the power your energetic thoughts have upon the creation process. Since most people cannot yet see or experience the currently invisible light and sound waves that they create and influence, it can seem as though nothing is occurring but something is always occurring via your thoughts.
You could use something as simple as a shoe or a boot and encrypt that symbol with the highest thoughts of Source you are currently aware of and that object will then carry the energy you placed within it to be used as a “tool” for desired healing facilitation. If you painted the object with colors that you are strongly attracted to and then inserted sound tones on a player to sing from within the object, you have then created a tool or device that is uniquely coded to you.
The same can be said for symbols used in something like black magic, voodoo or witchcraft. It is the thought encryption and strength of energy placed within the symbol that seems to allow it to have magical powers. When you can begin to remember how powerful you really are and some of the basics of how creation occurs, it will become much easier for you to realize how to heal and co-create the changes you desire to experience in your life. When you encounter technologies that present to you symbols that are reported to be sacred for healing, it would be wise for you to understand fully the thought encryption placed within the symbol. You can accomplish the same process of healing and at a much deeper level by co-creating your own, unique symbols that hold your unique thought encryption. That does not mean such things will resonate with anyone but you and that is fine as they are unique unto you.
People of Earth hold many manifest objects as sacred unto an individual. Many people collect objects that might be rare and hard to find and simply because they are hard to find and there are many people who resonate with the energy encryption held within the object, they become sought after items. Their rarity can allow them to carry seemingly great value if there are a lot of people who hold coding for the encryption held within the object and is why people may be willing to expend a large amount of their own energy, which usually translates into money of some sort, to own the object. It is not that the object itself is any more special than any other object in the Earth reality field but that the thought encryption held within it holds special meaning for some and they desire to have that object around them to remind them of the encryption held within it.
These types of feelings come from your Emotional body and just like your Emotional body likes soft cuddly things, it also likes to have things around it that hold memories or thought encryptions that allow it to feel soothing feelings. If there were no people on planet Earth all such manifest objects would no longer hold a value to own. The memory of the thought of them would remain with all who had a relationship with such objects and it is the memory of experience that holds the sought after emotion.
There are many images, many artifacts and many objects that have come and gone through the Earth reality field that are remembered by many or forgotten by all. You may notice such things in your social networking programs when people share images of objects in use in times gone by. It is not the object itself that holds the importance but the memory of the life experience during the time of interacting with the object.
When you see such images, they instantly take your consciousness back in time to the point in your life experience when you interacted with those light and sound fields. The feelings you hold within your cellular memory are brought up to your current moment awareness to remember, relive within yourself.
Remembering is important and objects that hold memories for you can allow you to experience great healing in the moment that you remember them because for YOU they will hold thought encryptions that may hold distortion within them to then remember so you can begin healing such or they may hold happy and joyful thought memories to allow you to open more of Source love unto your current moment.
Manifest objects are made of energy. All of creation is made of energy, Source energy. And manifest objects store energy within their coding just like all of creation does. That is why many people can hold a manifest object and pick up thoughts and memories stored within the object and if it is an object that was worn on the physical body of someone, the stored encryption will be much stronger.


The same uniqueness applies to co-creating with sound for healing and is why the information for the Loving Joy Song was presented. When you hear “higher sound”, you are currently hearing through your unique filtering process and you may try to find a means to reproduce those higher sounds into the Earth reality field. You may find tools that allow you to come “close” but because of the current distortions of the Earth reality field they cannot be reproduced exactly the same as they exist. The same thing pertains to light or colors you may become aware of when you expand your conscious awareness into higher energy levels.
You may be able to reproduce a “similarity” to the higher light and sound expressions but it will not be possible for them to be exact and everyone would translate them differently than you do even though they may be similar.
What is always of the highest importance is the energy encryption and it is through the Emotional / Physical body that the encryption becomes aware to you. Through feeling, sensing, paying attention to how you feel and finding different thought analogies to express those feelings to others.
Two people can sing the exact same song and try to sound exactly like each other but their unique coding will allow the song to carry their unique sound regardless how much they sound alike. There is no wrong way to sing or tone anything. It is exactly as it should be for your unique expression of Source.
As you continue forward on a collective mission of healing with the desire of healing for the Whole, it is wise to retain awareness of the uniqueness of every life form and realize that every life from perceives unique unto their self.
You can certainly share your love and understanding of Source in a desire for healing facilitation but be aware that process is simply to “assist sparking” because all life forms are unique, individuated sparks of Source and all life forms hold a personal relationship with Source that is unique unto them. In your desire to share, it will assist you to remember this and don’t expect others to see, feel, hear or translate their personal relationship with Source exactly as you do.
Many may “think” they hold no talents. They may think they cannot draw, paint, sing or play an instrument and society may tell them they hold no special talents that anyone desires to know about. All energy of Source is very talented and simply because you can “think” you can co-create anything you desire. You are the painter, composer and conductor of your life and it does not matter if others resonate with your desires to co-create so put your talents to good use and co-create the life you desire to experience.

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