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Winners or Losers Neither Take it All

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1 Winners or Losers Neither Take it All on Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:06 am


Winners or Losers Neither Take it All

December 1, 2015 Ines Radman

Here is a good one for  you today. Competition.
Competition is another mind control program with a specific agenda. We have been taught to believe that competition is good. We are taught that companies have to be competitive in order to keep profits up and to remain in business.
This is bullshit. Not one company will be on the top unless it’s using slave labor to cut everyone else out of the market. No two companies are the same, even if they all sell the same product and at the same price. They will always differ based on many different factors such as location, weather, local customs, types of employees etc.
We are taught to believe that without competition we would all become fat, lazy and mediocre. There is no such thing as healthy competition. In a competitive culture we are told that it isn’t enough to be good. We must triumph over others. The more we compete, the more we need to compete to feel good about ourselves.
Winning doesn’t help or create any long lasting effects in our lives, the exhilaration of winning only lasts a short while and we are already thinking about our next competition in whatever it is we are competing in.
Competition leads us to envy winners and/or to dismiss losers.
We compete with our siblings, only to end up in an argument or fight because in every competition there must be a loser.
Competition doesn’t encourage creativity, we are naturally creative and we are not naturally competitive, it’s a taught mentality. We are taught to be competitive, we push our children into competitions because we want to feel pride, not because we think it’s for their own good.
You see, this subject came up today as I was chatting with a friend. Her son was injured in a soccer match today and she was telling me how she never wanted him to play but that his father pushed him into joining a soccer team because he once played soccer, so he got hurt because he was probably not good at it or was playing half heartedly.
It then brought up memories of my adolescence and I said to my friend: “You know, I used to play hockey, tennis, I was a great gymnast until I fractured my ankle in 3 places, I was very competitive”. No sooner did I say this, I realized that it wasn’t my competitive nature, I was driven to prove to my parents that I would amount to something, I wanted so much for them to be proud of me.
Why do we really compete amongst each other? Excluding sports because most professional sports now is about business and money, sponsors and marketing strategies for sportswear.
Imagine earning millions to win a Gold tournament? Sure, one can say that millions are worth competing for, but I’m now speaking about inter-personal competition.
It is not healthy and it’s not good for a society where we want to reward the effort yet insist on competing and being the best.
I admit, I was very competitive at one time but I was also obsessed with doing something perfect because I identified myself based on what I accomplished and not who I was as a person.
We need to be the best in everything and if we can’t win, we beat ourselves up for not succeeding. Competition creates division amongst us, it promotes extreme duality; you’re either a winner or loser but you could have had a bad moment in that moment, perhaps if you did it over again in  a few hours or days, you might have won.
It’s like being called the fastest runner in the world. Wait a minute! In order to be the top runner in the world, you have to compete with everyone in the world, not just those that chose to be runners in the competition. You may be the fastest runner out of 30 competitors but that doesn’t make you the best in the world. Hell, there are probably thousands of people a lot faster than you without even having to train, they just didn’t want to make a career out of it. So we mislabel “being the best in the world”.
Take a look at the Miss Universe competition. The winner is titled Miss Universe, but hold on folks, the competition chooses one person from each country and the winner is the most beautiful girl in the world? Sure, they tell you it’s not about beauty anymore, but please, watch the documentary and you will see the hair pulling fights and pricking the silicone breasts just so that someone will fall out of the competition. It’s sickening to see. Sorry, but I have seen more natural beauty in my village than in that competition of vaseline and skin tightening creams. It’s all fake and dirty business to win that title and we call this competition?
I just don’t see any benefit in competing for anything. Our condition can change within seconds of starting a competition. A raindrop can affect the results of a high-jumper, hearing a cellphone in the audience can alter a voice in a singing contest, yet we give people awards and titles, pay them money because they just got lucky in that second of crossing the finish line.
Competition may serve large corporation, after all, how many corporations such as Wal-Mart exist? Competition may serve in competitive sporting events because the organizers make big profits on ticket sales, but competition among human daily lives does not benefit a society, it only fragments it into winners, losers and wanna be’s.
Cooperation is what we needed to believe in and excercise, but the controllers knew that by selling us competition would further segment, fragment and separate societies/countries.
Competition creates feelings of shame, guilt, embarassment, dissolution and low self worth because we expect to be the best at something.
We are.
We are best at loving each other, respecting individuality and uniqueness. It’s our uniqueness that makes us all special because we’re all good at something, even if that could be convincing others that you’re not good at anything.
There is no such thing as being the best. This is why drug studies never achieve it’s desired goals of testing it for side effects because it’s impossible to find 2 people alike.
If anything, we should compete in showing our uniqueness because at any given second, your potential to be the best can be lost and that means that if you do win, it was sheer luck.
I might enter a bowling competition. My odds for winning are high, I have been on a continuous winning streak and have been practicing diligently for months but the moment I swing the ball, a fly hits me in the face and I lose my timing, miss the pins and don’t make first place, all because of a fly and not because I was not good.
Competition is an illusion we chose and the only winner is really the Ego because by the time you get home with your reward, they have already forgotten about you. They enjoyed the adrenaline rush, your ego needed to be best and it was really just a shining moment because you know deep down that out of 7 or more billion people on this planet, there is no way you are the best, you are simply lucky.
We don’t gain from competing with each other, that’s the illusion they sold us and we bought it hook line and sinker, and when I see little 3 year old girls being tortured with make up and heavy tiaras on their little soft still forming heads; it makes me want to grab their mother in my hands and slap her really hard.
This little girl didn’t just wake up one day and said”Mommy, I want to be a child queen”please, please, please. It was the mother’s low self esteem that wanted to live through her daughter because she miserably failed at something or everything and couldn’t get over it or forgive herself.
Parents like this should have their kids taken away from them and be sterilized so that they never hurt another child again. This is what competition does to us, it feeds our hungry ego because we can’t seem to accept the fact that we are unique and good at many things.
Not one of us are the best at anything, it’s impossible. Just be yourself and respect all those that try hard to be good at it, but never compete for anything, if you have that need, then you need to look deep inside and figure out what is missing, but it’s not a trophy I can assure you that much.
Hey, thanks for listening to the ranting.

Thanks to Ines at:


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