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On Your Mark, Get Ready, Go!

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1 On Your Mark, Get Ready, Go! on Wed Dec 02, 2015 1:54 pm


On Your Mark, Get Ready, Go!

December 2, 2015 Ines Radman

This is how I am feeling today. I feel that I have my foot in the starter apparatus and waiting for the whistle to blow and someone say: GO!
How do I know that something is about to happen? I can’t explain this to you, but I just know. It’s intuition, my lucid dreams, events that have been happening the last couple of days and my laughter watching the controllers play out their finale.
If you understand and believe that you are a Soul Entity experiencing this physical reality, then you have nothing to fear. I know that I have come to that stage because I no longer react or respond to the external events happening right now.
As I have mentioned a few times, I exist in several realities, therefore, the soul can fragment into several entities/realities. What some call our Twin Flame as our double or twin is wrong. The twin flame is the dominant fragment of our soul that remains behind the veil, on the other side to ensure that we don’t forget who we are and when we complete each existence or in this specific case leave our physical bodies, that soul fragment returns back and rejoins the “flame”. This is the symbol of that flame, it’s eternally lit, and has nothing to do with our double nor does it make any sense to have a double when we are not physical beings. We are souls having a physical experience.
The flame is literally a flame burning, our primal and original self parked in the higher realms holding it’s existence so that can if we choose have more experiences simultaneously.
I am told that the more experienced the soul is, the greater the possibility it will want to have multiple experiences especially if it’s doing that for the first time. Keep in mind, there are souls that have never had a physical body experience, it simply is not something they want to do.
Because I had a Near Death Experience, which I don’t consider to be “near”, but literal death being clinically dead for over 10 minutes; because of this experience I know who I am. Furthermore, I now consistently see my other fragments of self in deep sleep or lucid dreams so  I know we can have more than one existence.
Although I can’t prove this, I believe that most of humanity alive are old souls, this is why I refer to you as “old soul”. Nothing else would make sense other than we create this reality to have a human experience because regardless of who is controlling this planet, the humans doing bad things are not innately bad, they too were created in love and are experiencing/playing roles of the bad guys in order to create the reality we want.
We tend to fragment humans, reptilians, archons all in different groups but the reality is that whatever source created is a soul that then chooses a body or experience. I think that the Arcons are the only entities that do not have a soul, they were a celestial error therefore, they are not included in this game or play, they just came uninvited and are making our jobs a bit harder, that’s it.
As I have written many times, while we live in peace or good times, we have no motivation or incentive to improve our existence. Naturally we as humans seek the very things we need to survive and that is air, water and food. If we have this without great effort, we really don’t need to improve things, it’s just the way we were designed. As souls, we require nothing to sustain life, but as humans, over millennia and the DNA changes, we are now totally dependent on food, water and air to survive. Originally we didn’t need anything, only sunshine to fill our battery. This is why you will see certain aliens with small mouths, no asshole because they don’t need to assimilate the food they eat and are not dependent on it for survival.
We had to create this scenario in order to wake up because Mother Earth Gaia is ready to ascend into higher frequencies as she nears the galactic center. In order to do this together we had to create this madness that is really speeding up now in order to fast forward the awakening process.
There are trillions of souls on, around and way outwards from our planet all playing their part in order for us to graduate, so don’t despair over what is happening right now. No matter where we live, we are all feeling the tensions and fears going around, nobody is any safer than anyone else. Not everyone will make it or graduate but that was the experience they chose, these actors simply came as stand-ins or extras to help out and then they will leave when their job is done.
Millions of souls will be leaving their bodies in the next year and when this starts happening, we will know the end is near. I won’t or can’t predict what will cause this, but it can be only two things: Either manmade or natural disasters.
I realized this morning just how far I have evolved, usually when I see chemtrails, I go bonkers and start swearing at the planes especially on sunny days that are almost rare in my region now, but now I just shrug it off and know it’s part of the game. Where we used to get 300 sunny days per years, we now get less than 200 days.
Although I never write about current events or politics because I don’t care about that aspect of life, it’s silly, immature and watching politicians pretend to care about their constituents or citizens is a farce and I have known this since the 80’s, so I don’t read nor am I interested in that subject. I am interested in current events though, but I want to say that the game being played out with Putin, Obama, NATO, Turkey, EU etc., is the final curtain so to speak. It must happen, we wrote this scenario into the play otherwise we would not wake up because even after all the shit we have endured, not counting 2 world wars and then each country going through it’s own violence and wars, nothing worked to wake us up.
I don’t pay attention to prophecies or predictions because the person predicting has a unique belief system that reflects their predictions and as humanity, we determine the next step based on our belief systems, because most people are in a state of fear, we are creating this shit going on right now. It’s about how aware, how mature and how evolved we are that determines the next event.
We will get what we believe, if a majority believes that a war will ensure, it will. If a majority sees peace is our next event, we will get peace, but some event or events will come to pass and clear a few million souls from this end game scenario.
Remember, all that is created by source is part of this play/production. Like in any play or movie, there are good guys and bad guys, without bad guys, we would not have any incentive to grow and evolve.
If you can’t accept this reality then you may not be ready for the final endgame, you may not be evolved enough and most likely those that feel this reality is out of their control or that they didn’t create it, they are the ones that will most likely leave earlier. If you believe that you have enemies that want to harm you, then you do. What you believe now will determine how and when you will leave your body.
How do I know this? I know this because despite what goes on around me, I live a very happy and abundant life. I am not affected by the external events as they are not part of my reality. I have grown enough now to be the observer and understand that I alone cannot change the world, it takes a majority of souls to create that energy. I know this because the fake lightworkers play the poor jesus scenario, like all light workers must live in poverty and sacrifice. This is bullshit. If you want abundance you will have it so long as you believe in that, it will come to you. You don’t need to sacrifice anything. I give so much into the community and I often wonder how it never empties out. My pantry is always full despite the fact I give out so much because it all comes back, you give with love and receive with love, that’s how the natural order or universal law of attraction works, so this is how I know that we don’t have to suffer, we choose to suffer be it consciously or unconsciously.
Right now, this moment in this timeline is the time to start your preparations if you have not yet started. Prepare for the worse, and hope for the best. Regardless of what I believe in, write here or think, it’s never  a waste of time or money to have food, water, medical items and whatever it is that you cannot do without. For example: If you take a certain medication, ensure you have extra on hand, I doubt that any doctor will reject your reasoning for it. If you’re a diabetic and need insulin, get a small refrigerator powered by a solar panel or something to ensure it is kept cool.
If Putin gets cornered or is pissed off enough he has EMP weapons and can direct them at his opponents. Putin is not the savior, he’s just another branch of the cabal and has his own agenda. The Romanov family is back and they will take their power back, this is all a power play game and don’t be fooled by Putin. He’s an ex-kgb agent, the man is intelligent, brilliant and knows every step of where he is going, just know that the game will play itself out. An EMP attack can disable all electrical devices and grids, therefore, it could be years before the power can be returned. An EMP attack can be local, regional, continental, worldwide, depends on how pissed off the guy is pushing the button I guess.
Food is good but seeds and solar panels or solar powered generators are better. I believe you can now get one solar panel and battery for under 500 dollars and that willpower either one appliance or several smaller ones. If you live in apartments and don’t have a space for growing food, then get some containers and put them on your patio or a place where there is good sunlight. I doubt that you can sustain yourselves with container foods, but this is important that you get some nutrition at least especially if you can’t afford the prepared nutritional food buckets.
I’m sure glad we enclosed the balcony in glass. Right now, there are tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, celery and parsley growing. It’s an experiment because I wasn’t sure if anything would grow as it does tend to cool down at night, but it’s great so I know next winter to fill the solarium with containers and grow all my needs.
If you don’t have a lot of money, then stock up on rice, flour, yeast, dried beans and sugar because this food will fill your tummy and give you some energy, carbs are important in disasters as we are more physical and work hard at surviving.
I currently have over 500 L of water in different bottles and jugs. Each time we empty a bottle or jug, I rinse it out and fill it with water and store in our attic. I figure, with rationing and using it for cooking that we could get by for about 5 or 6 months. If we are able to collect rain water, then it will go further. I haven’t stopped, I simply keep adding to the bunch and once a year is passed, I take it down to the garden and water the planets and refill them.
Now is the time to use the money you would normally spend on Xmas gifts to purchase your supplies or give out gift certificates to those you love that can use them in stores where they sell emergency supplies. It doesn’t matter where you live on this planet, there is no safe place because we don’t know where it will hit if it hits, it can be natural or man made.
And finally, do not give your energy to the events going on unless like me, you have detached from this world, you cannot be in a state of fear, fear will not bring you good things. You will attract whatever it is you fear and I think you know this.
How do we not fear? By knowing that you are a multidimensional old soul, you and I created this reality for reasons of changing this timeline, experiencing what you are currently here for and “knowing” it’s just part of the game.
It is vital that you do not fear, fear is your enemy, do whatever you need to do to remove that from your physical body. The soul doesn’t have fear, it knows no fear, the Ego fears for its very existence. The geneticists that tampered with our DNA programmed into the brain the ability to fear and it’s our greatest enemy along with the Ego. Do not fear that you don’t attract what you don’t want; rather embrace your divinity and eternal self in knowing that we are all participating in the greatest event of all.
Your graduation when higher self, intuition, twin flame and soul reunite/reintegrate, just the way we were originally created, as higher dimensional children of god. We are gods, we are creators, we are eternal and we are soon ending this play.
Stay tuned and thanks for listening.

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