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Do We Dare Question a Believer?

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1 Do We Dare Question a Believer? on Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:22 pm


Do We Dare Question a Believer?

December 5, 2015 Ines Radman

This subject has been on my mind lately because a few people have in a gentle way, what I consider to be a gentle attack on me for asking questions about certain people that don’t want to show their faces to the public.
I am subscribed to over 50 blogs on WordPress, of course I don’t have time to read them let alone respond to them all, but I do have a few favorite blogs like you where I really enjoy the information and the blogger’s personality so I do share here and there.
What I have noticed lately though is that the cult like groups really protect their cult leaders to the point where they will attack you or insult you. How dare we question their leader!
What do you call a person who claims to have certain connections to Arcturians for example? What do you call a person who claims to “hear” voices from Eve and One? What do we call people that are simply evolving like you and I in this reality yet have somehow managed to get attention through their charisma and now charge money for you to listen to their interviews online?
What do you call people that channel certain entities and through that information produce CD’s and DVD’s and make a lot of money off them?
I am trying to come up with a group name, in other words, the following people I have known about for many years and have watched their story lines changes from year to year. I have also enjoyed watching/listening to their journey as well, only a few will admit that they are simply sharing their journey and don’t feel any special or different than us, but I question their fortune because they are not any more evolved than you and I, they simply have a good marketing strategy, suffer from the need to be known, perhaps have a strong ego, but also, charging a lot of fucking money has got to be the motive in doing what they do.
They don’t all start out charging money, in fact, they preach about humanity, helping each other, probably why they get noticed  for giving their time to humans, but over a certain period of time when their names have been recognized, they start charging money, some such high amounts I would be ashamed to call myself a being of light let alone an asset to humanity.
It reminds me of the guy here who charges 1500 kn to adjust your Atlas. 2000 kn is the average monthly salary, of course he’s American and feels 15 minutes will save your life and therefore he can justify it, but come on, only the rich visit him, and this is what our next group of people do. They talk about being human, about helping one another, sharing, loving, giving and then once they have made their marketing goals, they start using the “well, you know I have to live as well, I have expenses, new equipment costs money”. Look dude, nobody asked that you purchase new equipment so that your Skype or youtube videos look more professional, so please don’t use that crap on me. Why don’t you just admit that at first you didn’t feel you were any different than me, but you had something that attracted attention and now you can make a lot of  money from it right?
The ones that I dismiss right at the start and that doesn’t mean I don’t listen to them. I listen to them to learn what they are spewing out of their mouths so that I can discern if there is any truth or reality in what they are sharing. These are the ones that hide their identity.
Tolec (real name: Christopher T. Maynard) has been around for a long time, at least since 2008 that I know of. He’s a go between him and the Andromeda Council but to this day, nothing has manifested, even when he changed his tactics by saying he’s not going to predict it in days, rather years, so last year 2014 was supposed to be THE year for ascension. I don’t buy his reason for hiding his identity either. I believe he said he does that for professional reasons. In other words, he doesn’t want his bosses or co-workers to know he’s out of this world. Look, if you believe in something, if you truly want to help humanity, if you live what you talk about, then non excuse will change my mind. You ought to be proud of what you do, and if your employer or co-workers can’t accept that, then you should not be working for people like that. Tolec is nothing but a mouthpiece of disinformation, he’s got some sweet flavoured koolaid and I must admit, I did like what he had to say.
In September, of this year he did an interview with an individual called Nuraani, a supposedly highly evolved light being that is directly connected to source. I don’t post links to any of these people because you need to do your own research. Anyway, I don’t have much respect for a highly evolved entity that is using “uummm…huuum, aaaaa, hmmmmm before any sentence that she starts. I don’t know how other cultures interpret this, but we here in Europe read it as a sign of bullshit because this person has to really think/stall in order to figure out what or how to say it. Someone that is sure of himself and is sure about the information they are offering don’t stumble and stutter. I think if anything, this has discredit Tolec a lot more in my eyes. This guy claims he’s some high tech finance guy but he’s using basic grade 10 English so not sure  about his background either.
Cobra (real name: Ishtar Antares) also hides his identity, he goes as far as using voice modulation and whenever I listen to him, I can feel a sense of nervousness and fear as if he is afraid that someone might find out who he is. He’s got a Slavic accent, some say he is from Slovenia, possibly, but it is definitely a Slavic dialect he is speaking English in. This guy is a troll, disinformation agent, he’s been wrong so many times it’s probably the reason why he goes to great lengths to hide his identity especially since he also gets people to travel all over the world to do mass meditation, or portal openings and I have NEVER seen any photos of those events, NEVER seen any pictures of the people that supposedly went to these locations, so I don’t see ONE reason to believe this guy. His event has been “almost here”, for over 3 years now and he’s got some diehard followers that are ready to rip your shirt apart if you even say something negative about their warrior. In fact, I have tried several times to post questions on his blog and those comments NEVER show up. Go figure.
Bashar (channeled by Daryl Anka). At first as you listen to this guy, it sounds great, but over time you will see that he is just repeating the same shit using different words. I don’t see that this higher dimensional entity has any more brains than we do here on Earth, in fact, anyone doing some research online can come up with that information and even if I am wrong, I have another question: Why does he charge so much?  And how to you apply those suggestions/recommendations in our daily lives? So, I don’t question his channeling ability, but like all these folks that channel these beings, I don’t think they really know who these beings are and what their true intentions are. You see, once they build up a following, this entity or entities they channel can harvest that energy as well, whatever enters Daryl’s energy field while he is speaking will get harvested upwards.
I have written about this subject of non-interference many times. Whether we do have free will or not, is another subject that has no relevance to what I am about to write again, but if our free will is not respected, if the rules of non-engagement are not respected then these beings are not of the light, or are not serving our benefit. End of story. You see, even if the message is loving, positive, whatever, the moment that entity enters your energy body, they have violated your space, and they have changed your future because just by listening to Bashar, it has interfered with your free will.
I am sure that Daryl, Esther Hicks who channels Abraham, Kathryn E. May, John Smallman, Channeler Thelma Terrell, who goes by her spiritual name, “Tuella, Earlyne Chaney channels an ET who calls himself “Kuthumi, Christa channels Ashtar (as do many others), Sheldon Nidle channels the Sirians, Yellow Rose From Texas ( nobody knows her real name) who claims to “hear”voices of Mother and father god; the list goes on; are good people with good intentions, but none of them can prove the beings that they channel are who they say they are. They simply take their word for it because the message is positive and loving. Well, aren’t they all positive and loving? Of course they are, otherwise we would not open ourselves to them, it’s the only way they can approach us and if you ask me, I would say the Archons have made a really successful business out of this channeling stuff. They have perfected their mind control/mind invasion methods so well, they are all reading off scripts because if you really read the messages these people are getting about new cage clap trap, they are all the same and year to year they keep saying the same thing: “You are doing so well, it’s almost over, soon you will be celebrating, and I would like these channelers to clarify what “soon” might mean to these entities, because in some cases,  SOON has been over 20 years.
I don’t claim to know everything, I don’t claim to be right, I’m simply putting forth my views based on the knowledge that I have gained over the years. For over 50 years we have been receiving these “messages to humanity” and yet there is no Peace in sight, there is no improvement in humans due to this information. What exactly have humans gained from these messages?
We didn’t enlighten because of their information. Those of us that are awake, we did the work, spent the time, gave up a lot to learn and it didn’t come from these entities, it came from learning our history and an understanding of who we are. We travelled from person to person, collecting and using what information we thought would be helpful to our personal evolution.
The only ones standing to benefit are those so called gurus I mentioned above for I cannot find a suitable common name for them, they are raking in the bucks at our expense.
Imagine charging $1500 for a 2 hour soul reading? Ok, so now I know what my real self is and  how many existences it has experienced, but does it give me instructions on how to move forward and make this place a better one? Of course not. Isn’t that what we should be about? Isn’t peace, co-existence, helping each other with our evolvement be the priority? Does it really matter how many lives you lived before you incarnated here? It’s nice to know, but like any past event, it serves no benefit for the NOW that I am existing in. Are any of these entities actually teaching us HOW to transform into higher evolving beings? I think my next subject is going to be about meditation, for today thanks for listening!

Thanks to Ines at:


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