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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » EARTH CHANGES » A Mag 7.1 - Southeast Indian Ridge is the first major quake of December

A Mag 7.1 - Southeast Indian Ridge is the first major quake of December

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A Mag 7.1 - Southeast Indian Ridge is the first major quake of December

A Mag 7.1 - Southeast Indian Ridge is the first major quake of December and as I posted yesterday, is not a great surprise.
A tsunami warning has not been issued and there is a low likelihood of casualties and damage, there are likely to be no affected structures in this region.
Last nights quake was the first major quake of this month and the 137th of 2015.

[size=30] 16 major quakes in November an average month: Large quakes not increasing since 2005[/size]

November 2015 was an average month for major quakes with a total of 16 quakes measuring magnitude 6. or above, see graph above.
Two massive magnitude 7.6ers rocked the Peru and Brazil border on Wednesday the 25th of November, both quakes within an hour of each other, luckily causalities were light.
The total number of major quakes for this year is 136 with a month to go, slightly below average I would say.

People keep mailing me to ask if major quakes are increasing, well the simple answer is no they are not, they have remained remarkably stable since 2005, check out the graphs below.....
NB 2015 is missing December


However major quakes since 1900 have jumped by an incredible 450% See below

[size=30] Mag 6.0-6.9 earthquakes have risen by over 450% since 1900 But anything bigger has remained stable?

"Earthquakes in diverse places." The truly amazing earthquake paradox of the last 114 years.


Written and drawn by Gary Walton



16 major quakes in November an average month: Large quakes not increasing since 2005

A Mag 6.2 - Strikes 66km NNW of Taltal, Chile

Another huge quake strikes Peru Brazil border: A Mag 6.7 - 127km SSW of Tarauaca, Brazil

Signs and wonders? Another double strike the third this month: Two massive magnitude 7.6ers rock Peru and Brazil......

A mag 6.1 - 174km WNW of Saumlaki, Indonesia is the 13th major quake of a busy November and the 129th of 2015.

A mag 6.5 - 14km WNW of Nidri, Greece is the 11th major quake of November

A double hit again: After two mag 6.9's strike Chile on the 11th of the 11th- A mag 7.0 and a mag 6.5 hit Japan in minutes!

On the 11th of the 11th, two identical major quakes strike Chile in almost the same location in less than an hour.......

It's the third major quake of the day: A mag 6.2 - 93km ESE of Atka, Alaska

The second major quake of the day: A mag 6.4 - 123km NNW of Sabang, Indonesia

A magnitude 6.1 - 81km SSW of Padangsidempuan, Indonesia is the third major quake this week

A magnitude 6.8 earthquake strikes Chile earlier this morning with several large aftershocks

A mag 6.3 - 77km WNW of Dili, East Timor is the first major quake of November[/size]

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