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How to Make Cannabutter

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1 How to Make Cannabutter on Mon Dec 14, 2015 2:59 pm


How to Make Cannabutter

One of the most common ways to cook with marijuana is to use cannabis infused butter or cannabutter. The great thing about cannabutter is that it can be made relatively quickly and be substituted in just about every recipe that calls for butter.
Our recipe is a quick and easy way to make cannabutter that is great for master chefs and first timers alike.
The butter is only as good as the weed you make it with and the more potent your cannabis is the more potent your butter will be.  Just like with any edible, when you go to use your product, start slow. You can always consume more.
Total Preparation Time:
75 mins

  • 1 stick (1/4lb) salted butter (One stick of butter can usually absorb about a 1/4 oz of cannabis so you can easily scale this recipe up if you want to make more. )
  • 1/4 oz of your favorite weed (Check out our legal dispensary lists if you’re not sure where to shop.

What You’ll Need:

  • Small or Medium Saucepan
  • Wooden or Large Cooking Spoon
  • Grinder (if you’re making a lot of butter, it may be easier to use a coffee grinder. Just make sure it is really clean!)
  • Fine Metal Strainer
  • Container With Lid For Your Finished Product. I recommend a glass container as your butter will be very hot.

Step 1:
Grind up your cannabis. I typically start with shake, but if you have some buds, you can break them up and then grind them.

Step 2:
Melt the butter on low heat in a medium saucepan.

Step 3:
Add the ground buds to the melted butter a little bit at a time, stirring in between.

Step 4:
In order for the THC in your cannabis  to decarboxylate properly, you need to take your time making it so be patient. Simmer your butter on low heat for 45-5o minutes, stirring frequently. You should see small bubbles slowly forming on the surface.

Step 5:
Pour the butter through a metal strainer to filter out the cannabis as you pour it into your container.

Step 6: 
Press the wooden spoon against the remaining marijuana in the metal strainer. This will help yo get all the remaining cannabutter out of it.  Once you’ve done this, you can discard or compost the remaining plant matter.

Step 7: 
Your butter is ready! Use your cannabutter immediately, refrigerate it, or freeze until it is time to use. Simply substitute this butter in any recipe (like our delicious brownies!) to make your own edibles. Just like with any edible, go slow when you begin eating them. You can always have more!
Your butter will last a few weeks in the fridge or a few months in the freezer.
While you’re here don’t forget to look for Smokin’ Deals at dispensaries near you!

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