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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY ~ QUESTION EVERYTHING » David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Company » Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 12: SSP Sciences - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 12: SSP Sciences - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

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Cosmic Disclosure Season 2 - Episode 12: SSP Sciences - Summary and Analysis | Corey Goode and David Wilcock

For decades governments around the world have classified enormous amounts of science and technology for undisclosed purposes. In many cases, society is actively using technology that has not advanced beyond the 19th-century industrial world. But in secret, a vast amount of advancement has occurred, which many of the unaware masses would easily confuse with science fiction or magic. 

Age regression technology is one aspect of these hidden technologies, wherein participants in a time jump program agree to do a tour of duty known as the "Twenty and Back" program. Goode was one such participant, who completed a 21-year tour and was then age-regressed to the state just before he left 21 years earlier. Apparently this process was done in the Lunar Operations Command (LOC) base, a Secret Space Program (SSP) facility on the far side of the Moon. 

In the past, the SSP encountered time jumping effects when using advanced propulsion technologies equipped with a certain type of faster than light drive. They quickly learned that time travel was easily accomplished, but personnel sent to the future or past would experience age adjustment or synchronization to the new timeline. In other words, if one were to travel twenty years into the future as a young man, they would rapidly age to a point as if they had lived out those 20 years. Apparently every living being has a Zero Time Reference point established at the moment of conception, which must be adjusted artificially via SSP technologies, else a time traveler would experience the age adjustment effect. 

Goode has long been inaccurately called a super soldier yet he clarifies herein that he has never been a super soldier. But, he did encounter several super soldier programs during his time in the SSP, wherein they could use a type of psychic attack to disable or kill an enemy target. These super soldiers were also trained in highly advanced combat techniques as well as advanced psi training enabling them to catch bullets using a type of precognitive intuition. 

The Looking Glass Project is apparently a time-lensing technology which is modeled after the human pineal gland. It works by artificially focusing an operators consciousness and projecting the images received onto a screen at incredible rates of speed. This is a technological version of what Remote Viewers are able to do after years of training and mental discipline. Like a Remote Viewer, the operator is able to view any point in space or time, enabling the program to gain glimpses into the deep past or future. However, depending on the personal bias of the operator, the version of events recorded on the screen would vary. In each case the images appeared genuine, but the events shown were different, suggesting that time and consciousness are fundamentally connected in some way; more on this later. 

Goode also takes the time to clarify what type of people are populating the Secret Space Program and the SSP Alliance. He says that almost all of the individuals within the Secret Space Programs at large are very damaged, forced to do unspeakable acts in a common criminality technique of maintaining secrecy. But despite horrors suffered in the program, there is a growing faction of individuals actively seeking to release hidden technology, to disclose what has been kept secret and free humanity. 

The National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) has been spoken of by some insiders as the highest level of clearance and secrecy on Earth. But as Goode describes, this is actually a very compartmentalized faction who is told they are the best of the best in an effort to maintain secrecy, which by all accounts is highly successful. 

The layers of secrecy and compartmentalization employed by what Goode calls secret Earth government syndicates have helped ensure that when whistleblowers begin speaking out, it appears to each other that they have conflicting information, but, in fact, they were indoctrinated into two different programs each of which were told they have the highest level of clearance. As a result, much of the insider testimony can be hard to reconcile into a complete picture, if one only focuses on a single set of testimony. But if one is fully aware of all the various programs and the compartmentalization methods employed to maintain secrecy, then a tapestry of corresponding data beings to present itself. Apparently this is one of the reasons Goode's accounts have shaken the truther community, as his testimony expands the limits of what was thought to be all there is.  

For previous Cosmic Disclosure summaries with David Wilcock and Corey Goode click [url= Analysis]here[/url]. Episodes 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6 have yet to be analyzed, but a transcript of these episodes can be found here

If you do not already have a Gaiam TV subscription and want to support Corey, use this link here: For translations of Corey's updates go here.

Some of the content covered here can be found on Goode's websites: and his older blog

To sign up and watch the episode click here.

Show Description:
Corey Goode exposes the details you have been waiting for pertaining age regression, super soldiers, advanced medical technology and more. From the Montauk Project to Remote Influencing, these secret sciences enabled the secret space programs to reach out beyond the limits of the sun, all the while concealing their operations from the bulk of humanity.

This interview with David Wilcock was originally webcast December 15, 2015.
The summarized notes will be in black, with my commentary in [green bolded brackets]. Alterations to the transcript for ease of reading will be in [brackets], but the original content of the dialog is always maintained. The images with black letter boxing were captured from this episode on Gaia TV.

Transcript and commentary by Justin Deschamps.

DW = David Wilcock, CG = Corey Goode


  • DW - This is Cosmic Disclosure. I'm your host David Wilcock and I'm here with Corey Goode. An insider who claims to have worked in the Secret Space Program. Corey, welcome to the show.
  • CG - Thank you.
  • DW - Alright, one of the things that was very fascinating to me early along, was getting access to this insider named Daniel. He called his project Phoenix III. He claims to have worked for Brook Haven National Labs on Montauk Point Long Island. Most people call it "the Montauk Project". As I said, [the device he worked on] was a seat from a [recovered] UFO hooked up to a very powerful set of transformers, and the person operating the chair, it would amplify their psychic ability and they could manifest things in the room or create a portal that would take somebody through space or time. [Daniel produced a considerable amount of material discussing his accounts, as well as a great deal of hidden science used in various programs, which can be found here. Much of his understanding is framed around the work of Dewey B. Larson and the Reciprocal Systems Theory, mentioned so often in these summaries. I will attempt to briefly outline the theory to help facilitate understanding of this episode. 

Related Science of Life, The Universe and Everything? | Dewey B Larson' Reciprocal Systems Theory - Walking the Path of Truth in a World of Deception

Larson spent nearly his entire career reviewing the scientific record in an attempt to discover a unifying theory to explain all possible phenomena observed in the universe. Not only did he discover a huge number of errors within science that were preventing greater insight, but he was able to produce a theory of everything so complete it easily explains material universe as well as life, consciousness, morality, free will, intuition, insight and more. He was also able to model the universe using simple mathematics, with only three fundamental assumptions.

Briefly, the universe as describe by Larson is generally divided into two regions of physical motion. The material sector of motion operates below the speed of light, expressed as three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, known as space-time. The metaphysical sector of motion is the reciprocal of the material sector, operating above the speed of light, expressed as one dimension of space and three dimensions of time. The speed of light acts as a boundary condition between the two regions; as material is accelerated beyond the speed of light motion transfers from the material sector to the metaphysical sector. For example, a so-called 'black hole' or gravitational singularity is an aggregation of material that accelerates beyond the speed of light at what is called the event horizon, transferring motion into time-space. Viewed from space-time, a singularity would appear 'black' or invisible because the material is no longer moving in space-time, and therefore, cannot be observed. In Larsonian physics, certain orders of life are defined as having a space-time component (a body) and a time-space component (a mind). 

The mind is that metaphysical aspect of ourselves which is capable of navigating through time, whereas the body can only move through space in a single direction of time. While the body cannot experience memories, the mind can. The mind can also imagine alternative realities, possibilities, as well as potential futures, and of course, the present. Consciousness is the thing which unifies the two, with emotions generated as a result.

In other words, if we imagine a future possibility that does not actually come about, it will still generate an emotional charge. Consciousness cannot differentiate between space-time events (material) and time-space events (imagined), they are just as real in the sense that we are affected so long as observation occurs. Therefore, although our body is resident in a particular timeline or space-time nexus, consciousness can navigate all of these realities, experiencing change as a result. This ability of consciousness to navigate through what has been called the Multiverse will be important to remember as CG and DW discuss aspects of SSP Science.]


  • DW - In the course of this long amount of conversation that I had with Daniel on the subject, he often described some very unusual anomalies that would happen to the human body as it's put through these portals. Now, I'll just start out our discussion by saying that in the conventional view, if you are biologically 30 years old, and then you get sent into the future, you would think that your body will be 30 years old. Is that what happens based on your knowledge or is there something else that happens?
  • CG - In my personal case, I was involved in what they called the 20 and back program. And it was explained early on that I would serve 20 years and then, as strange as it sounds, be age-regressed and brought back to the original point in time that I left and deposited back...
  • DW - Deposited back?

  • CG - Into my life within give or take a few minutes of the time I left.

  • DW - But there's a problem because you've aged 20 years while you were out there in space.

  • CG - Right, and what happens is at the end of your 20 years, in my case it was more like 21 [years], they take you back to the Lunar Operation Command, where you go through a massive debriefing, sign more papers, and then they take you and put you [on] a table and they sedate you and basically paralyze your body, to where you cannot move. You have to be completely still throughout the process. And they put up these thin, almost like cardboard boards. You're strapped to this foam support, and then they put these similar in what looked like weight, [by] the way they were handling them, cardboard-like boards around the shape of your body. The process took about two weeks and in this time period they somehow technologically regressed your body back 20 years to the time when you joined. During this time, some people had gotten tattoos, scars, injuries that would disappear [during the regression].

  • DW - Really?

  • CG - And you would be regressed back. People that have been put through this, when they've been deposited back into their previous life, or this life that we know here, [if] they undergo hipgnosis or memory regression, they'll have scars that appear on their body during the [memory regression] that will appear and then go away [shortly after]. Or tattoos. Outlines of red scar tattoos will appear for a short time and then go away. And it's some sort of cellular memory that's happening. [This account by CG suggests that consciousness and what it accepts to be true collapses probabilities such that if one becomes conscious of their life previous to the regression, their body begins to tune itself back to the consciousness with the most momentum or inertia. In other words, since an age regressed person experienced a long span of time in that alternative timeline, their consciousness is 'weighed down' with those memories and events, which create a type of path of least resistance that consciousness gravitates towards. As we discussed earlier, even though the physical events of memory, such as a tattoo, are no longer causally connected to the physical body, the mind is still connected, and as a result, the body begins to tune itself to the mind's accepted memories. This suggests that timelines are much more plastic or malleable, and consciousness itself is able to move between them as an almost automatic function, a type of built-in ability.]

  • DW - You didn't know this when you came forward, but many years ago, all the way back around 2000, I had read a really weird book online called "The Mars Records." And it was a guy - and at the time there was no other data I had to correlate with this, but it didn't sound like he was lying, just intuitively it didn't feel like it was wrong - he was describing being in exactly what you're talking about now, the Secret Space Program. He only [recalled] very slight memories of being around Mars, having some kind of psychic killing he could do, a psychic termination technique, involving telekinesis that he was very good at. He would fry people's synapses. And he reported that at the end of the assignment that he had in the 1970's that he went through a 20 year age regression. They brought him back to the time that he left, he worked for 20 years, and they age regressed him. This is exactly what you said. Were you familiar with people getting psychic training that would allow them to fry people's synapses? [In Season 1 Episode 11 Potential of Human Consciousness, CG discusses aspects of the Intuitive Empath training program, which was also where certain individuals were trained to perform telekinetic attacks. This was done using various mental discipline techniques and even a virtual reality device that would enhance the intuitive abilities of the trainees.]




  • DW - Daniel described people wanting to go back and see if Jesus was actually crucified. Did you ever hear of anything like that? If people tried to do that? Or other noteworthy historical events?
  • CG - Are you talking about [The] Looking Glass [Project]? 
  • DW - This was actually a Montauk jump. This was somebody actually going through a Montauk portal to see the crucifixion and just kind of step in there.
  • CG - Hrm. No. I'm not familiar with that.
  • DW - How about in Looking Glass? Did you hear about people trying to see the crucifixion in Looking Glass? [The Looking Glass Project was apparently a time lensing technology which was based on the human pineal gland. It strongly resembled the remote viewing process, in that an operator would sit in the consciousness chair and use their consciousness to steer the fields which were then able to receive information from the targeted location or timeframe. See the below-linked article for a detailed explanation.]

Related Project Looking Glass | Time Lensing Technology Used to Look into the Past and Future
The machine featured in the film Contact is apparently very
similar to the Looking Glass Device.
The depiction of the Looking Glass device featured in David Wilock's
presentation The 2012 Enigma.

  • CG - Yeah. In Looking Glass I heard that people were trying to look at just about every historical event you can think of, especially a lot of the ones that require a little bit of faith, that are questionable if it happened or not.
  • DW - Everybody's on the edge of the seat now, so what were the results? Or did they vary person by person based on their beliefs?
  • CG - Yes. Like I said, time is very much consciousness based. Looking into the future and looking into the past you're going to often see a timeline in the past or in the future that is based on the consciousness and the belief system of the viewer. I did not see any reports on Jesus specifically, but there were other things. I believe the assassination of Lincoln was mentioned. That there were different reports of what was seen, and a few other incidents going back way further in time. They were finally figuring out that it depended on who was viewing the past event and their preconceived idea or belief had a lot to do with what they saw, especially when it came to things that were theological in nature. [The suggestion here, as we've been detailing in this analysis, is that one's biases, beliefs, and worldviews directly impacts what is viewed using the Looking Glass Device. This suggests the mind is able to navigate through time via an act of will, because beliefs and biases are essentially choice points in relation to one's experiences. When we choose to accept an idea as true, timelines collapse and a probable future is created. Also, it suggests that all possible events can and do happen at some phase of universal reality. If the ancients were correct in asserting that life is a dream, then what we choose to believe literally shapes the reality which is experienced to a certain extent. Finally, as we discussed in the previous episode wherein CG stated that the early SSP created many paradoxes in time that seemed to naturally resolve themselves, choosing to believe in an untruth, creates a paradox in time-space (the mind), a 'bubble' which is separate from the complete time-space continuum. This paradox is what allows consciousness to explore untruth and eventually learn the lessons of falseness, rejoining overarching time-space continuum when the false idea is abandoned.]
  • DW - Did anyone go and look at Valley Forge or the signing of the Declaration of Independence, [in] the Looking Glass, things like that?
  • CG - The Declaration of Independence. Yeah, a lot of those things were listed. There was a whole lot of things listed that people had seen that you could expand on and look at. I really didn't look that deeply into them.


  • DW - The show "Doctor Who" - [and] I forget [but] in the mid-2000s had already been the longest running program in British television history, something like 22 or 24 years [running]. And they're doing it again now, and it appears they're now actually mixing "Doctor Who" and "Game of Thrones" together and mixing characters. "Doctor Who" is traveling around in a telephone booth that's like a portal that they call the TARDIS. Daniel was saying there was tons of stuff in "Doctor Who."

The TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space) flying through space.
The inside of the spacecraft which is bigger on the inside.

  • CG - Yeah, there's been ET craft that, on the inside, are larger than the outside of the craft.
  • DW - That's exactly what we see with the TARDIS, he goes into this little telephone booth and he gets inside and it's this huge room. So do you think that they, whoever is doing these shows, is trying to get us ready for cosmic disclosure in the future?


  • CG - Some of it is to plant a seed in our subconsciouses to get us ready for disclosure and some of it is to discredit people who start to come forward. One thing I wanted to mention, when it comes to - there are a lot of people who have gone through the age regression and have done the 20 and back program, that have gone through the blank slating process. I've mentioned 3% to 5% of people the blank slating doesn't work.
  • DW - Right.
  • CG - But for those who have gone through that [and] it did work on [them], there's a number of ways to tell. Usually you look younger. Like if you're 45 years old, a lot of people think your 35 to 38 years old. You age well to a certain [point] and then you age really quickly. You have quite a few neurological problems that you start developing, usually around between the age of 30 and 40 years old. You start to get maybe like, it will start out with carpal tunnel [syndrome]. You'll getting nerve issues in your extremities. Seizure issues are very prevalent [as well]. Eye problems. Some people start having weird problems where some of their internal organs start to breakdown a little bit. You start to have a lot of biological, especially neurological, issues later on in life.


  • DW - My Space Program insider Jacob told me not to long ago that the health technology they have in the space program is now so advanced that even if you're paralyzed from the neck down, they can actually regrow your nerve fibers and it'll just grow from that origin and reroute itself through your body. Have you encountered anything like that? Is that actually true?
  • CG - Yeah, and it's very frustrating to me that - especially when I visit the LOC - that I know for a fact that probably three floors below me is technology that could fix some of the problems that I have. But the technology has been denied to me. A little bit of the sour grapes they I have that I've been forced on them, . I've asked for this technology for myself and for, actually some family members who have been diagnosed recently, they tell me: "You don't work for us."

  • DW - Jacob also reported vats of replacement arms and legs and other limbs that were grown to be like blanks. And if you get your arm blown off in service or something, they can graft on a new one and it will snap onto your DNA signature and it will become like your own arm again. Are you familiar with that?

  • CG - I've known people that have had limbs blown off and they've lost limbs and they've had a, almost like a, gelatin mold that has been holographically grown onto their body. Usually what I was seeing and what I know was being used at the LOC, and also on, I guess you would call them, hospital ships, where a holographic field around gelatin regrew your nerves and rebuilt your limb that was needed.

  • DW - Why do you think they're not releasing this technology to humanity if it would not be beneficial?

  • CG - The same reason that they're weaponizing our food.

  • DW - They want less [people] not more .

  • CG - They want less not more of us, [yes].

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