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UFO News ~ Cloaked Triangle UFO Sighting Caught Over Mexico and MORE

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Cloaked Triangle UFO Sighting Caught Over Mexico 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:48 AM PST
This invisible triangle UFO has been photographed hovering above Mexico 2015. The witness explains that they took the photo with there IPhone, after reviewing the picture they noticed this triangular shaped craft, they could not see the object with the naked eye.

While away on business in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, an unnamed witness captured this image on January 15th, 2015 at 7:05 p.m. Using their iPhone 4S, they took a couple picture of the dusk sky. However, when they reviewed the images, the witness says they unknowingly captured three yellowish orbs hovering in a triangle formation. They claim the orbs were invisible to the naked eye.

“I am a licensed pilot, with instrument rating, and a former amateur astronomer, so I’m accustomed to observing the skies and noticing details." The witness stated. "These lights were definitely not visible to the naked eye at the time the photo was taken. The lights did not appear in any other photo, either before or after the one being attached, so I doubt this was a malfunction of the camera in my phone. 

There were also no other point light sources in the general area that might have been bright enough to cause reflections in the lens. I have no idea what these lights were, but thought it strange enough to report to you.”
Some UFOs have been known to be invisible to the naked eye. For the most-part, this photo does look pretty genuine.
Giant Cylinder UFO Caught Above Sierra Madre Oriental, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:48 AM PST
This giant cylinder UFO has been caught hovering above 

Sierra Madre Oriental which is located in Mexico.

Mr Garza's description of the UFO

Mr. Raul Garza who was taking pictures of the colossal fire on the Sierra Madre Oriental. "Suddenly an unexpected visitor appeared into the scenario. It was like an enormous neon tube illuminated with an intense white light" --says Raul.According to Mr. Garza, "During the computer analysis of the original negatives, I and my research team didn't find anything that could suggest that the pictures could be the product of an elaborated hoax and I can assure that Raul Garza is a respected and well-known person in this city, not interested in economical profits and popularity needs. "Raul was using a tripod and the camera was in "program" mode. The telephoto lens has a range of 25/70 mm and was set to 70 mm. 

Giant White Orb Spotted Above California, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:48 AM PST
This giant white orb has been spotted hovering above California. The witnesses have stated that they had no idea what the craft was and that they checked there windscreen for an white spots and couldn't find anything.

UFO Sighting Description - White Orb

Date - May 24, 2010

Location - California USA

Eyewitness Testimony -

"A friend of mine snapped a UFO ORB unintentionally while taking a photo from her cellphone of the ocean view near the city of Pacifica, CA. This happened around 1pm. She did not notice the object while taking the photo. She first noticed the glowing object AFTER viewing the photograph so she didn't see the object in motion. 

I was not with her at the time but she sent me the photo the next day after noticing the glowing orb in the sky. We thought maybe it was the moon but the moon didn't rise til around 3:30pm earliest and its definitely not the sun since its 1pm and she is taking the photo facing west. The sun was above her to the left at that time. She checked her windshield to make sure there were no bright spots or any type of spot that could make that glowing object in the sky and that was ok as well. 

We don't think its a planet or star cause its not glittering but glowing.... Here are the photos: one is the original and the other is altered as I increased the saturation of the photo. The third photo is a cropped, up close photo with the saturation increased."
Dark Disc UFO Caught Hovering Above Cattle Arizona, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:47 AM PST
This black disc UFO has been caught hovering over cattle in Arizona. Cattle mutilations have been happening for years with no real explanation, some people have pointed to UFO's being behind it, could this photo back that theory.

UFO Sighting Description  - Long Cigar Shaped Object 

Location - Arizona Desert

Time - 11:51am

Eyewitness Testimony -

According to testimony "I was taking a photograph of a cow in the Arizona desert (Oak Wells, AZ). I did NOT see the UFO at the time, nor did my husband. Photo is time-stamped 11:51 AM. The UFO does not appear in the photos immediately before or after (as it would have had it been an airplane). I only noticed the UFO after I got home and downloaded the photographs to my computer."
Triangle Shaped UFO Caught Above California, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:47 AM PST
This triangle shaped UFO has been caught hovering above California. The eyewitness states that the craft flew towards them, shortly after disappearing.

UFO Sighting Description - Triangular UFO

Location - California

Eyewitness Testimony - 

"I and my niece had been watching strange looking objects when we noticed one of them flying in our direction I decided to shine my laser light not at it but fairly close to it then it slowed down flew closer to us and then stopped. I somehow lost sight of it after shining the laser but my niece whom was behind me was able to snap a picture of a V shaped object. I did not realize that she had this picture until recently."
Purple Glowing UFO Caught Landing In Turkey, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:47 AM PST
A remarkable UFO event took place in Turkey. A glowing UFO was caught landing and seen by numerous residents of the town of Ardahan, which lies on Turkey's border with the neighbouring Republic of Georgia. The mysterious craft could be seen emitting a bright purple colour.

UFO Sighing Description - Glowing UFO

Location - Turkey

Date - Monday 25 May, 7.30pm

News States

The UFO appeared in the distance just above a small mountain range and was then seen landing in the mountains. The event was accompanied by large explosions and vibrations felt on the ground.

Raising suspicions was the fact that military aircraft had been seen overhead that day in the vicinity. One witness managed to capture the event on film (below). The event was widely reported in the Turkish media.

Townsfolk were left debating as to whether they just witnessed a meteor or an other-worldly spaceship.

Turkey is a UFO hot-spot and recently an old UFO account was unearthed in national archives dating back to 1839. In this instance a disc shaped craft was seen moving across the skies. Many took this as a sign from God that the Ottoman Empire would soon fall.
Giant Pyramid UFO Spotted Above China, UFO Sightings
Posted: 17 Dec 2015 04:47 AM PST
This giant pyramid UFO was spotted flying above China. This isn't the first time a pyramid shaped UFO has been seen, the most famous sighting being a pyramid shaped object hovering over the Kremlin.

UFO Sighting Description - Pyramid Shaped Object

Location - China

Statement - 

Recently witnesses around the world have been seeing pyramid shaped UFOs with increasing frequency. These UFOs have been seen in Spain, Colombia, China and most famously above the Kremlin in Moscow Russia.
In December of last year dozens of witnesses allegedly saw a giant pyramid shaped UFO hover eerily over the Kremlin. The event made headlines around the world and stunned UFO researchers.

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Giant Cloaked UFO Leaves Hole In Clouds 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:37 PM PST
This giant cloaked UFO has been caught hovering above Canada 2015. This UFO sighting is similar to the O'Hare Airport UFO incident, many witnessed UFOs making holes in clouds. The UFO's that were spotted above over O'Hare stayed in the same location for several minutes before then flying up and leaving a hole in the clouds above which remained there for over 15 minutes.

Date of Sighting - November 4, 2015

Location - Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada
Huge Cylinder UFO Caught Between Earth and Sun 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:37 PM PST
This giant cylinder shaped UFO has been caught between Earth and the Sun. The massive craft was seen on the SOHO satellite images.

Date of Sighting - November 29, 2015

Location - Between Earth and Sun

Source Photo

Eyewitness States

I have been looking at older SOHO Satellite images and found this. I think it's a beauty. Streetcap1
Huge Square UFO Caught Above Carolina Beach, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:37 PM PST
This huge square shaped UFO has been caught above Carolina Beach. The eyewitness makes no claims that this was a UFO in anyway, but he doesn't have any answers for what he and his wife witnessed..

Location - Carolina Beach

Date -  Friday, August 16, 2002 Time: 10:00 p.m

The witness makes no claims that this was a UFO in anyway, but he doesn't have any answers for what he and his wife witnessed. If it was lights from object, or a natural phenomena it still remains a mystery. Also i would like to add I will be posting several photos this fellow sent to me he took of the beautiful sighting.
Mysterious Glowing UFO Scares Eyewitness, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:36 PM PST
This glowing UFO has been spotted by a eyewitness the location is unknown, when you read the testimony you can clearly see they have been affected by this sighting.

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing 

Event Time - 2014-11-26 2:34AM

Eyewitness Testimony 

I witnessed it now quite a few times. I’m loosing sleep, also loosing time. Im not a believer till this. Nearly every night for over 3 months..! I can get footage, scared to go on my own. By trade I’m a professional tattooist an I couldn’t even sketch this or imagine even drawing it. I know something very bizzare is happening. plzplzplz don’t think I’m mad. This is beyond anything ive witnessed. I’m scared.
Giant Triangle UFO Caught Above USA 1952, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:36 PM PST
This giant triangle shaped UFO was caught flying above Massachusetts in 1952. The object looks to be made up of 4 large orbs in a triangle shape. Project bluebook listed this as unexplained.

Project Blue Book case 1501:

SALEM, JULY 16, 1952

The case occurred on July 16, 1952, at Salem in Massachusetts, USA. 

At 09:35 A.M., the witness, Shell Alpert, took this picture of four roughly elliptical blobs of light in formation through the window of his photographic laboratory. Alpert was a Coast Guard seaman assigned to the base in nearby Salem, MA. This photo has appeared numerous times in the Salem (MA) Evening News. 

The first analysis by US Air Force's Project Blue Book concluded it was "probably" a double exposure hoax. 

A second analysis by Blue Book concluded that it was "probably" reflections of street lamps on a window. 

Finally, the case was considered "unexplained" by Project Blue Book. 
Massive Fleet Of UFO's Caught Above Mexico, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:35 PM PST
This massive fleet of UFO's has been witnessed by many locals above Mexico. The objects seem to rotate and can be seen reflecting the sunlight.

This UFO sighting along with many others are subsequently described as 'UFO fleets.' So this unique type of multiple UFO sightings has been around for quite some time, reported all over the world and documented in films, photos and videos. Mexico is distinguished by being the country with the most UFO fleet sightings documented on video. More and more UFO sightings are being reported over the skies of Mexico and is becoming a real hot spot for UFO activity.

Many have suggested that they are just balloons but the eyewitnesses that experienced this sighting say they were definitely not balloons and point to UFO's.

The Mexican experience in witnessing this rare phenomena has increased in the past three years for undetermined reasons, adding even more suspense to this mystery.

Bright UFO Flashes Huge Light Above California, UFO Sightings
Posted: 18 Dec 2015 12:35 PM PST
This mysterious UFO has been caught emitting a bright light. Eyewitness noticed a brightly illuminated object moving through the sky above California.

UFO Sighting Description - Multicolored UFO

Location - California

Eyewitness Testimony -

 "I was outside. I was not tired, driving, or in any way on drugs. I just happened to observe the skies because something caught my attention. As I look far to my left, I could see what looked to be a blimp in the air.I then take get up and move to get a better look at this. This was approximately one mile eastbound above the vineyards. The object was dark, but I could see a blue light towards the left. Also the object had a red and blue light on.

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