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1 in 10 people lack access to clean water. We’re on a mission to change that. Here’s how.

Private donors cover our operating costs so 100% of your donation will bring clean water to people in need.

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Out Of Mind » SCAMTASTIC RV/GCR NEWS - SHADY CHARACTERS, CHARLETONS & THOSE DETERMINED TO STOP THEM! » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » Have you donated money to Zap/Landa Humanus Group?

Have you donated money to Zap/Landa Humanus Group?

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Have you donated money to Zap/Landa Humanus Group?

This is a request for information regarding anyone that has donated money or has submitted projects for funding to Zap/Landa Humanus Group or any of their affiliates or umbrella foundations.

We are interested in hearing from you the amount you have donated or if you have been promised money back and are expecting this due to the info that you are reading weekly.

We would also like to know if you submitted any project ideas or inventions that you were told would be considered for funding. Please explain the terms if you would.

Your info will be kept confidential and we would love to hear from you if you have funded them in any way.

Please send your info to:

or you can message me here by pm

Thank you for your help.



so purple, your so certain that you are right about this thing that youll try to get people to share privileged information with people who have no right to it?

it sets a bad precedent.

arent moderators supposed to be impartial?


gab101 wrote:so purple, your so certain that you are right about this thing that youll try to get people to share privileged information with people who have no right to it?

it sets a bad precedent.

arent moderators supposed to be impartial?

Aren't  you supposed to be the self imposed negativity police?

Aren't we all supposed to be under the impression you have appointed me as the sites personal. resident, gloom watering can?

If you had read the previous posts people had put here you would understand to a point why Purpz posted the above. 

If you really want to spread some happiness in this world you could try asking yourself WHY Purpz put the above information on this site. And try to understand how this might help those who have been scammed by those you have previously defended.

To question the motives says a whole lot more about you than it does about someone who gets off their ass and achieves things. Someone who in one of the quieter moments has provided you with the platform to come here and criticize the free (Purpz meets the expenses on our behalf) and very impartial truck load of shared information that has been put online for the benefit of all.

To question the impartiality of Purpz is risible, some of the mind vomit you have produced is still on here for all to see and has not been removed, there is no censorship, there is no criticism from the mods/admin of the different opinions of others, there is respect. Something that would benefit you to show in return.

If you want to pick a fight with Purpz that would be a very unwise choice, I know of no one here who would back you and all that would defend Purpz. 

Now I will ask you politely to back off with this urge to see wrong in anything and anyone. Whatever your unnatural fixation is about attacking me is one thing, Attacking the person who gives you the platform to show your ignorance is another and there will be more than me who will have the same love and affection for purpz who will tell you the the same.

You should apologise

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


First thank you bs4 for your kindness and coming to my aid. :) You are a great friend!

Now Gab...

To answer your question YES!! I am that certain. I have made this quite clear for some time as you well know. As the site owner (not moderator) I am clearly setting the precedent that it is high time that these groups that have their hands in your wallet based on utter bullshit fairy tales need to be dismantled. I hope other bloggers join me in this and I think they will. :)  Impartial? No... Impatient maybe in the long waiting period for people to wake the fuck up to what this group is not... yes guilty on that for sure.

Privileged information??? If anyone wishes to tell us how much they have forked over to this group how would that be privileged? I am not asking for their bank account and routing number for goodness sake! I am sure an audit of this foundations business will be very revealing but we would like to hear from those that understand that they have been bilked and want to help us shut them down so they can not continue living the high life while the rest of you struggle and are hanging by a thread waiting for the false promises to happen. Little girl that needs medicine really? Poison coursing thru his body? I call BULLSHIT on all of it. And if you are not starting to see the pattern in the donation pumpathons they do several times a week that is okay. I get it that not every person is awake. So close your eyes and take a nap. We will wake you up when it is over.

We want to help the ones that sent in ideas for projects understand that these will NEVER be implemented for you. Most likely they will be by someone else though (guess who?) and they will never see a single penny. Hope those folks had the forethought to copyright any and all of the material sent to these shysters.

You just refuse to understand just how much money these scam artist are taking in. Hopefully in a very short time you will finally understand.

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I wrote to susan with my ideas to help begin the shift away from the hierarchal distribution of resources to the top few %. We can overcome the false feeling of scarcity by getting homeless people off the streets and into available housing suitable to their needs.
I will also operate a food truck giving food away to those in need.
 If money stolen by the cabal over so many dead bodies is returned to the folks, then a golden age will indeed be here.
It can't happen all at once, as that would be chaos.
Getting people healthy food, a roof and toilet is a good start.
I have not sent money.
I pray they, and these prosperity funds are on the level.


Thank you Rhodetrip for that info.

I appreciate your comment.

I know this is hard for so many that have pinned their good intentions on these guys.



Also an end to teachers dipping into their own personal salaries to feed undernourished kids, something that under blair/cameron has become a real issue here.

Ending the corporate domination of matters that are purely the concern of national/local Gov't for profit....instead of providing a service

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


If these St. Germain accounts, and others stashes famous in urban legend, do not exist, what happened to all the stolen loot? Where is the gold?


Rhodetrip wrote:If these St. Germain accounts, and others stashes famous in urban legend, do not exist, what happened to all the stolen loot? Where is the gold?

If you look at illustrations of all the gold ever mined something will be well out of line if you take out what has been sunk on warships and used in jewellery 

The last illustrations I saw about all the gold on the planet would not cover half the women of India....and they very much like their gold. 

And how many men like to emulate B.A.Baracus?

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


I suppose one must ask themselves some critical questions about the alleged "gold reserves" these guys talk about. Prove it then! Show me the money! The bonds they say exist are worth only the paper and ink it took to print them. In other words they DO NOT EXIST.

Why hold onto it when so many are in need right now? Surely if funds are being held the interest alone would be enough to help those needing start up funds for projects.

Where are the testimonials from those that have been helped by your donations for all of these sick and dying people that are paraded out week after week for your money to flow in? Not a single verifiable one so far. Why? Because they DO NOT EXIST.



One might also want to ask themselves this:

If you are the type of person that lets dental problems go on to the point that you have poison coursing through your body, like Zap has stated he has, how responsible of a person are you? Responsible enough to handle saving the planet, dispersing secret funds to people that come up with ideas to help, when you don't even have the intelligence to get some antibiotics into your system, brush and floss? Come on! And why would any group put their trust into a man that has a criminal background like Jerzy has to begin with?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but even the most die hard believer in these guys needs to start asking some serious questions and get serious answers



The top .1% controls much of the world's wealth. If I could make unlimited amounts of money without any oversight nor enforceable regulation, I would have enough cash to buy whatever I wanted to, just like the Federal Reserve does.
Buy whatever stock and pick the CEO as well.
If you think the Fed and the other Rothchild's fiat banks are in any way regulated by our representatives, you should look at Rep. Ron Paul's questioning of Alan Greenspan.
IMO the Federal Reserve has no vaults full of gold such as was featured in "Goldfinger", or ANY asset of value to back their M1.
The gas derivatives will soon be hitting the banks.

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I absolutely agree with you.

Here is another question I have....

Why would any royal family on this planet do business with people that are so easily discredited by a simple background check? I mean besides the ones that are into pedophilia and consort with the likes of Saville to fill their orders for children to rape, torture and murder for total immunity while alive of course.

Answer: They would not.



Here is a question that Kauilapele asked on this topic that I can answer:

Office of Poofness 12-20-15… “Revolution”

Posted on 2015/12/20 by kauilapele
Another pretty long one this week. Zap also has a portion at the end where he apparently copied from a December 18, 2014 message. Why he’s put that in there, I have no idea.

I have an idea why. A person I know sent the link to the Zap report I posted from last week to Susan and she told him about it. It is called "Damage Control". This is where I started to feature his posts from a year ago in the hopes that some will start to see the pattern used for manipulation that to me is glaringly obvious.



Thank you so very much those of you that are messaging me here and on my fakebook page.

I promise you that your identity will remain known only to me and your anonymity honored by all of the parties involved.




Dear All,

Let us hold the light! Zap is as surely a determined and unceasing advocate of goodness as the Sun rises in the East every morning. I am an engineer with 30 years experience, and have spent 2-3 hours per day during the last year applying critical scientific research on various and myriad world events which support Zap and his messages. It was not easy, but it was immensely rewarding. I now have a much more expansive and integrated outlook on the world.

It is a 1,000,000 piece puzzle, and it takes time to put enough pieces together so that even small parts of the picture become clear. For me, it has now become clear enough to make a fascinating story that I am able to support when I describe it to my skeptical friends and family.

It has also been made indisputably clear to me that relatively soon, the entire puzzle will be divulged publicly for us all to understand. Thus, this particular discussion is soon to be moot.

There is far too much actual evidence out there, which is readily available to us all, to dismiss what Zap has alluded to in his messages. For those out there who are interested enough to devote a few thousand hours in the pursuit of the truth, might I suggest as a first step, "The Creature From Jekyll Island"? Once the book is read, the bibliography is an excellent source to begin collecting actual evidence.

I would urge all of you to do at least some of this homework before making a judgment on Zap. I have never met the man, but I am convinced, based on the plethora of my amassed data, that his intentions for the planet are the most honorable, and that he has the cooperation of very powerful and well-intentioned souls behind him.

But do not take my word for it! Research for yourself, then judge.

Merry Christmas to all! Enjoy your miracles this season and always.


Hello Jplenihan  Welcome and thank you for joining in on this topic.

May I ask you to share a condensed version of the research you have discovered that supports Jerzy and his messages? Or a brief glimpse into this data that could help to convince that he has good intentions for anything besides begging donations and possibly taking ideas from others for profit?

From what I am seeing in the messages coming in they do quite well on a weekly basis. One would think if Jerzy actually does have some powerful heavy hitters behind him they would hook the dude up so he could at least see a dentist, buy his virus protection for his computer etc. etc. etc. etc.
Seems to be contradictory that he has big money behind him but yet he can not pay for basic living expense does it not?

I think the only way this conversation will be moot is if Jerzy closes up shop voluntarily or is shut down by a higher authority. There would still be that pesky matter of all of those donations that need to be audited. The IRS hates it when they don't get their proper slice of the pie.

But we shall see.

Happy holidays to you also!






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