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Anna Von Reitz Responds to Leonard Harview . . . with Leonard’s timely response included in BOLDFACE.

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Anna Von Reitz Responds to Leonard Harview . . . with Leonard’s timely response included in BOLDFACE. ~J

Posted on December 22, 2015 by Jean

Leonard’s initial statement, An Open Letter to Anna Von Reitz from Leonard Harview, December 20, 2015

I realize this is a Thomas Deegan Fan Club Parade, but….this is Judge Anna. Dee-Day is my nickname. I was born on June 6…. 
The Holy See was a Beneficiary of the fraud and the Pope as the CEO of the Global Estate Trust was bearded in his lair in 2008 and agreed to forgive any “debts” arising from the fraudulent claims made against us and to return all the American property to the Americans. He thereby “redeemed” himself and settled the controversy in our favor and became an ally in the cause of cleaning up the mess, bringing remedy to the people, and disciplining the perpetrators. (Why does this purported jubilee have to take 3 or so years to be in full effect? Is such designed to allow the criminal, corporate foreign agent occupier’s including the criminal global bankers to get their poop together quicker to effectuate the one world governance including the horrific goal of the revised 500 million to 200 million sooner rather than later? With the Pope’s purported power, why doesn’t he just “poof” it all away instantly?)
I am still awaiting to hear your answer as to what you think about the Encyclical Letter Lautado Si’ authored by the purported Pope in June of this year.
Once I have settled an issue with someone with complete agreement to just action, I stop beating them and blaming them. You should, too. All this horrible propaganda against the Church was unleashed by the banks shortly after Benedict took action in our favor and it has continued on relentlessly ever since. That should give you a clue who our real enemies are.
As for Thomas, I tried my best to explain both the history and the jurisdictions and the double-speak names of things, but he would not listen. He had the idea that I was “working for the Pope” and just kept blundering along until he gave them an excuse to arrest him and there he sits. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.
Since that time I have continued my labors at my level and considerable headway has been made toward explaining the situation and organizing information and securing allies in the effort worldwide. As I have said from the beginning, it’s NOT just Americans who have been fleeced and abused. Darn near every country on Earth has been all-but tanked by this same fraud and harmed by these same fraudsters.
It’s important that everyone on Earth including our own people understand the difference between the Federal United States and the Continental United States — the jurisdiction of the sea versus the jurisdiction of the land—-and, most importantly, the Law of the Sea versus the Law of the Land.
NONE of these “courts” that Thomas addressed function under the Law of the Land. They are ALL either (1) in-house corporate administrative tribunals for public employees and federal dependents or (2) “Special Admiralty Courts” — a euphemism for international martial common law.  First off, Gene and Phil lawfully accepted what has been deemed an unlawful, corporate contract those foreign agent occupier’s of West Virginia (WV) have subscribed allegiance to and defined as an oath of office (I specified in my initial comment how such oaths, including the oath Curry and you attempted to push are total fraud).  Thomas’ status would not allow for such exception to fraud, so he did not perform this task of accepting such. Once accepted by Gene and Phil and served upon the principles of WV’s purported government, lawful standing to pursue further action was now in play.
What Thomas has done was lawfully notify those corporate criminal foreign agents of WV purporting to be lawful government, via a lawful, competent complaint, the harm they perpetrated upon himself, Gene and Phil while also attaching an incredibly scathing compilation of evidence here:   Additional evidence was provided via CDs here:  You know, like going to your brother who has harmed you by telling him/her what they have done as well as inform them what will need to be done to make you whole once again.
In doing so, Thomas brilliantly laid out the harm these foreign agents have done and did so by using their own words, rules, laws, statutes, codes, acts, etc. of their violations while also specifying what should be done to make them whole once again.  
Again, this action was taken into the highest court of the state which is the purported WV Supreme Court of Appeals.  In short, this highest court in the state once again violated their own rules and ended up in total default and dishonor.  As a third party outsider, I wrote the following linked letter to the purported clerk of the court notifying them of these violations here: .  Bottom line is the fact Maxim’s of law favors the plaintiffs in this case, “silence is acquiescence”, “fraud vitiates all”, “the laws permit arming against the armed”, and many, many more Maxim’s which are applicable to this case.
We can shut the Admiralty Courts down simply by reclaiming our own political status as one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” and reorganizing our counties on the land as unincorporated associations, electing our Common Law Judges, Justices of the Peace, Public Notaries, Land Recorders, etc., and most importantly, Sheriffs on the Land. As I attempted to explain in the initial comment, why the need for judges, prosecutors or even grand juries?  Let’s go Malum in se jurisdiction (natural law)  I mean after all, why even take the chance of eventually allowing the same old Babylonian debt slave jurisdiction to eventually weasel its way back in to play by the dark side forces?
Once you have formed the body politics, elected your Sheriff, provided him with a bond, and taken his sworn Oath (Oath sworn and subscribed to the people, or your oath to a Malum Prohibitum statutory jurisdictional government?), he can deputize as many men as he needs just like John Wayne in the old movies, to secure enforcement of the judgements of your Common Law Courts (Be careful of what common law court you sanction unless you are referring to Anglo Saxon Common Law).
Once the Common Law Courts are in operation, the still-standing United States Supreme Court Case Milligan Ex Parte (1866) (Do you mean the fraudulent Supreme Court cases by those now magically and fraudulently referred to as Supreme Court Justices as opposed to what the corporate contract trust (constitution) specifies as judges of the Supreme Court? see Article II, Clause 2) REQUIRES that the Special Admiralty Courts shut down and you can then also require the corporate administrative “courts” to properly identify themselves as private corporate tribunals having jurisdiction over corporations and “federal state” and “federal county” employees and subcontractors. Another question for you.  Do you think the fraudulent oath and fraudulent references to Supreme Court justices I specified could be used by these corporate foreign agent’s as plausible deniability when/if the veil is eventually dropped?
Your Sheriff can then also identify Thomas Deegan as one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” — and assuming that Thomas in prison still has sense enough to nod his head and agree that he is one—-the County Sheriff on the land can collect the land “asset” and require the Federales to release Thomas to his custody along with any other Americans who are in federal jails in the area.  Thomas is actually at a higher standing than the purported Pope due to having this purported Pope in total default and dishonor over trust fraud. Remember, the Maxim “silence is acquiescence”.  With that said and on top of the fact that Thomas is an heir to the creator and an Embassador (spelled correctly) for heaven, none of this applies. However, there’s the magic word called ‘enforcement’ or the lack thereof that’s the real issue at hand.  
The only people they are not required to release to the Sheriff on the Land are those accused of murder or assault with a deadly weapon. Since Thomas is in jail for a thought-crime and thought-crimes do not exist under the Law of the Land, he would be immediately released by the Sheriff On the Land because he has broken no Law of the Land.
Besides The Constitution for the united States of America, the Law of the Land includes the Public Laws with enabling (not enactment) clauses known as United States Statutes-at-Large.  I understand however, all this gobbly gook is still under Malum Prohibitum jurisdiction as opposed to Malum in se jurisdiction.  The people can only be totally free under natural law from our creator as in no harm to anyone or their property, and possibly including the honoring of all lawful contracts.  It’s really that simple and I truly believe you are an integral part in the venture of the dark side’s sanctioning of a doctrine of conquest to the eventuality of the same old Babylonian debt slave driven technocratic society path which will be many times worse than what the people of the world suffer today. 
2 United States Statute-at-Large 153, Chapter 28 clearly defines the “duty to perform” for any one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” (Definitive Treaty of Paris 1783) to ever become a Federal United States Citizen. It makes it very clear that nobody born in one of the American states can ever become a British Crown subject via any form of private contract written or implied.  Malum Prohibitum
This is a political status issue, not a matter of law. The kind of law you live under is determined by your political status and your right to choose your political status—-and the “governments” obligation to respect your choice— is guaranteed by many, many treaties and declarations and agreements including the Treaty of Paris 1783, The Constitution for the united States of America, the Expatriation Act of 1868, the Geneva Convention Protocols of 1949—Laws of War, Volume II, Article 3, the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights and their Universal Right of Self-Declaration.  All fraud and again, fraud vitiates all.
However, as I have pointed out before, what we are dealing with is not really a sovereign government and never has been— its an association of fifty sovereign nation states operated as a commercial governmental services corporation. The “federal government” is a corporation just like Sears or GE. It has “State” franchises and “County” franchises. All these things are private, foreign-owned, for-profit or NGO entities here to provide the enumerated services our states agreed to purchase from them under The Constitution for the united States of America.  Yes, I agree however, The Constitution for the united States of America was derived by the many treaties and acts which one simple example I use is the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783 a.k.a. The Treaty of Paris 1783.  All fraud! Fraud vitiates all!
So when Thomas started calling for a take-over of the “State of West Virginia” office buildings, etc., what he was really doing was calling for people to take over property belonging to a foreign corporation like Monsanto or Boeing and threatening their employees. Whereupon they sent out their corporate mercenaries, tried him in their private corporate tribunal under false presumptions, and locked him up in their private, for-profit jail system—– and sent the bill for all this “service” to us. Do you not understand that those corporations you correctly specify are unlawfully purporting to be lawful government? That to me is the key to all this, no?  Who unknowingly funded these foreign corporations?  The people? Who went into the only and highest court venue to prove such as being unlawful? Thomas, Gene, and Phil? Who became in default and dishonor?  Each and every corporate foreign agent of the state of WV?  Who are the real terrorists here? Who was unlawfully incarcerated as a political prisoner for a
victim- less crime? Thomas?  What was lacking in the lawful pursuance of the crimes perpetrated by these foreign agents purporting to be lawful government? Enforcement? Courage of the people to come together and say enough is enough backed with actions to engage in the removal of them from their purported office followed by bringing them before a lawful court of record for treason?
Now, is this whole picture clicking into focus for you?  I am now asking you the same.
Our “servants” under contract to provide  (unlawful specialty contracts?) “essential governmental services” under Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, have practiced a form of fraud and identity theft against us, grabbed our credit cards, and have been working this bunko scheme against us for years without us knowing anything about it. Now we have awakened and objected to it and they are all standing there going —-“Uh! What? Huh? This is the way we’ve always done it….”  Plausible deniability?
They’ve been acting under color of law and committing these crimes for so long, they don’t know any better. It’s like doing business in Oklahoma: “Oh, you mean, filling up my private truck at the company gas tank isn’t just part of the way we do things?”  What Thomas, Gene and Phil accomplished brought all this out in the open and on the record, no?
There are only a few masterminds at the top of this pyramid of crime and millions of clueless, faithful employees. To prevent bloodshed and injustice it is very important that this be addressed as crime, not any kind of political insurrection, and the proper place to address it is at a diplomatic level in international jurisdiction. International law = Admiralty/Maritime jurisdiction, no?  One of the few masterminds you refer to is someone you seem to worship and someone who is in total default and dishonor for trust fraud and is named as the Pope. No? 
Now, there is something else I have to tell you all—- the members of the “US Congress” operating the “Federal United States” and the “District of Columbia Municipal Corporation” profiting from all this fraud and graft ran our credit cards up to the hilt and they stole all our gold and silver assets by fraud, too.
They did this by establishing a fixed rate of exchange between their private corporate script known as the “Federal Reserve Note” and our actual United States Silver Dollar. They set up a “dollar for dollar” exchange rate that allowed them to exchange worthless paper for our unpaid labor and our silver and gold. Read House Joint Resolution 192 and the 1934 Emergency Banking Act. You will notice that you never received any of the remedies that you were promised—a little insult to injury that has cost you at least 50% of your lifetime earnings.
Meantime they racked up historic trade deficits with China and other nations “in our names”—and haven’t paid the bills. Naturally, if our own people are having trouble drawing a distinction between the Federal United States and the Continental United States, how are the Russians and Chinese and other nations supposed to know?
Our pockets have been picked clean by these con artists, our gold and silver has been stolen, and we have been worked like field slaves for their benefit for the better part of a hundred years —-and now the rest of the nations of the world are looking at us to make good on all their “Federal Reserve Notes”.  What would one expect being that the purported corporate government occupier’s deeming all purported U.S. citizens as enemy combatants occupying conquered territory under martial rule as, once again, specified in their own laws, rules, acts via the Emergency Banking Relief Act of 1933?  This is also specified and part of evidence in the WV case.
At this juncture it is absolutely necessary that those who benefited from all this larceny— the Holy See, the Queen, Jacob Rothschild, David Rockefeller, the Committee of 300, and their various corporations—be forced to pick up the tab and restore our purloined property. The Pope has agreed to do so. The Queen is digging in her heels. Rothschild still thinks he is going to buy us off with a pittance of gold disbursed from the “Global Debt Facility” and claim that we accepted that as payment for all that he and his cronies owe the American people.  Again, you do not include the purported Pope to this list of perpetrators, and I and others understand such an omission to mean that you quite possibly have ulterior motives for doing this.
I say it’s not happening, and if it does, we prosecute Karen Hudes and the 188 Trustees of the Global Debt Facility as common criminals acting in collusion with other criminals.
I also say that we make this circumstance common knowledge on a worldwide basis and stop fighting among ourselves or with anyone else. Everyone on Earth has suffered because of these criminals in our midst. Everyone. Every nation. And the source of this problem is the same: a corrupt and dishonest global banking system run by corrupt and dishonest men.
If you go to my website:  you will find my suggestions of how we can use a digital credit-based system to establish true planetary liquidity and social justice and local control —-and get rid of banking and bankers entirely. That will also cut down tremendously on any use for lawyers. 
Now I have taken a great deal of time to personally answer in full as much as I can about this situation and I have posted it here for all the Thomas Deegan Fans to read and understand that whatever else I am, I am on their side and watching their backs and not “the Enemy”. The Enemies of all Mankind are the small-minded, small-hearted, greedy, ugly, dishonest little Mountebanks responsible for this outrageous crime sitting in their penthouse offices and calling us “livestock” in their palatial homes.
It is up to us all to get on our cowboy boots and change that and for us to make the entire circumstance known to the rest of the world so that change— real change for the better—is completely unavoidable. The people of China and Russia, Europe, Britain, India, Australia, Canada—- everyone has been cheated by these criminal banking cartels and we have been mercilessly milked and attacked and defrauded by their bill collectors—the Bar Associations and the Internal Revenue Service for three generations.
Mr. Obama is going to get a “change” all right. And so is the “US Congress”.
 * * *
I would also like to put my two cents in here. While Leonard has spoken clearly and well to the legal aspects of Anna’s response, it is the tone of her response that I would like to address. She comes on a blog where she has said — and certainly I feel she didn’t mean it kindly — we are Thomas’s fans, — but this is not necessarily so. I am Thomas’ fan, but the rest of my readers may not be committed like I am. In fact, many may have an open mind. 
Why does she not take this opportunity to try to win us over? While I support Thomas, because I believe he speaks TRUTH loud and clear, I am first and foremost a truthseeker. This means that my mind could be changed, but IMO Anna certainly doesn’t speak with any real concern for humanity or love in her heart for us.
It seems she settled the important questions of the world back in 2008, and it appears that for us to ask her questions, to doubt her words, is something that totally aggravates her. Were Leonard’s initial question not fair and valid?
With people who are unsure of themselves, or who aren’t in the right, often they decide a good offense is the best defense. It seems to me that Anna’s tough words — to us all, really — are meant to preclude anyone’s really questioning her. Anna doesn’t seem to understand that we are in a time when tough questions are required — if humanity is to survive.
Just sayin’,
~Jean :)

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