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January 18, 2012 - White Hats Report #34 The Bush Cabal – Nuking the Outhouse

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January 18, 2012 - White Hats Report #34 The Bush Cabal – Nuking the Outhouse

Date: Thursday, 19-Jan-2012 03:56:14

Discernment Advised

January 18, 2012 - White Hats Report #34
The Bush Cabal – Nuking the Outhouse
The White Hats and Ed Falcone have been in London all this week meeting daily with key parties interfacing with the House of Lords and UK Agencies. Multiple agendas are in play at
the highest levels. The White Hats are using the U.K. arena to commence their work due to the total control that the Dark Cabal ... Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and all of their minions ...
has in the United States including the American Main Stream Media. It is difficult to believe the Bushes have gone undetected for 50 years with a hidden agenda that is so deep they have compromised every American virtue.
Look at some of the items we are working with:
• Nominee accounts used by parties fronting for the CIA and Bush Senior /Josef Ackermann/ Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette, are being discussed and tracked. Using the integrity of the London Capital Markets to fund unauthorized Agency and
Military activities, as well as to self-enrich key Political and Government employees, is also under review and being evidenced to appropriate authorities. This week and
next, as exposure mounts, more will be presented and played out.
• A vast multi Trillion dollar fraud involving a Central Intelligence Agency owned Foundation known to us all is also under formal investigation by the British authorities with the Attorney General being kept appraised. This Foundation is
bypassing Congress, but benefitting the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Homeland Security and private parties. A well-known Asian Fraudster, Wilfredo Saurin, has been allowed to gain a complicit, FRB NY supported role, protecting him
from arrest as an Agent of these entities. Working in conjunction with FRB NY, Saurin and corrupt Bankers have been instrumental in assisting cross wired bogus asset backed SWIFTS, which have been used to generate MTN’s and to participate in substantial inter-bank trading. A complex arena of fraud is now being unravelled.
The records are lodged with investigating authorities. The White Hats have copies of the governing documents and the chain of SWIFT sequences and the accounts
• As part of this very deep investigation, Edward Falcone’s case has also been raised as a further example of the criminal complicity of banks, and the extent to which the
Shadow Government operates with impunity. To start, the Banks involved and the Bank auditing firms will be officially put on notice to respond to their obvious negligence in enforcing international banking regulations and money laundering
The money stolen from and owed to, Ed Falcone, would have been used to fund United States projects including Florida, the Gulf Coast region and Katrina victim support as well as city regeneration, jobs, taxes, recovery and dignity for Americans.
Instead, Falcone’s money ended up with the Bush Cabal, U.S. Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden, Michael Herzog, Paul Guenette, Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, his brother Don Nevin, and the CIA agents used
to launder it across multiple banks for Bush Senior and Biden.
The Cabal’s publicly unknown and unregulated extent of wealth generation, the extent of cross entanglement with the world drug cartels and trading, funding operations like
Rendition torture centers and so many clandestine Wars.
• When will Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevin be arrested to start the process of Law? One morning they will all wake up to find a worldwide media firestorm has been unleashed and they are all named and shamed. It is an abhorrent betrayal of
an American citizen and humanitarian projects lost to thieves.
The White Hats and UK agencies have been allowed unfettered access to review the enormous depth of support documentation behind the Falcone case. London, Frankfurt, Germany and
other EU based Traders are all cross linked and identified. Banks, trades, monthly profits and returns are all on record. There are criminal cases for Wire Fraud, domestic and international bank fraud, Securities Fraud and RICO for institutions and individuals. Volume after volume has been documented and evidenced. Herzog has threatened to take down Bush when he is exposed and there is enough evidence to directly incriminate both Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevin many times over. Commerzbank in Frankfurt, Germany and Fed records are all held including the Isle of Man Banks used to hide profits and all other illicit activities.
Equally exposed on record are the named Nominees they tried to hide their profits behind, including amounts, the Traders used, along with all account information.
One day Herzog, Guenette, Dewhurst and Nevins... That knock on the door is coming. Never thought you’d be reading this, did you? Your arrogance is voluminous.
• Bank accounts are on record with Bush Senior and son, Jeb Bush, are counter linked as signatories. This will hugely impact on poor Jeb’s political aspirations even though he may not have been involved in the original heist. Those co-signed
accounts exist and are also part of the Falcone evidence files.
• Obama has been busy accepting funds from numerous sources and are held in his very own offshore bank accounts. This information is held by Falcone’s attorneys and the White Hats and will be further exposed as he attempts re-election. Do you
not think we are going to use those to let the American public know about your dirt?
Obama, do you not think we are going to let the America public know about your dirty, corruption self?
• Why have Bill Bonney and Argo Trust still not been settled? Trillions of dollars for American Projects, jobs and the elimination of the US national debt.
Again Herzog threatened he would expose Bush Senior if he’s made to pay back what
Arrest Dewhurst and Nevin and impeach Biden. Let the White Hats expose the criminalactivities of Mitt Romney! How can Mitt run for President when he is responsible for
hundreds of offshore bank accounts that have skirted U.S tax laws. Americans have no idea that the Shadow Government and the Military Industrial complex takes not only 55% of all known accrued Tax income, but works in conjunction with the co-owned Cabal Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which maintains a vast
unauthorized Ponzi pyramid Cash machine hidden from Congress, that engages in so many clandestine activities often beyond the rule of law or ethics. Our inner cities decay and collapse as crime and drugs thrive. This money feeds the Cabal, not our
own people. Multi Trillions are squandered annually paying for this Second Tier Government, unelected and uncontrolled, answering only to Agency Shadow bosses like Bush Sr. and Senator Jay Rockefeller, etc.
Again, Wilfredo Saurin, a well-known Filipino crook, acting for, protected by and in complicit conspiracy with an Agency controlled Foundation, FRB NY and JP Morgan Chase, has implemented the release of bogus and fraudulent SWIFTS, which have been used in a trading sequence, with no Congressional knowledge, or authorization, to cause the issuance of $15 Trillion dollars’ worth of MTN’s. The MTN’s are not only re-credit lined, but capital used to reverse MTN and Euro overnight spot trades via London and other EU banks. Hand in glove with the crooks. This fraud inquiry is now under way.
The White Hats have access to the morally good and highly connected associates both in place and in play, right now each day, willing to help recover a good part of that money
FOR YOU! , the world and for the benefit of America. We need accessible courageous US Congressmen. As we reported previously, there is a solution to regenerate American
economy, American Jobs and American Wealth. Release the money to refund the Global Settlements and save the world.
However, we have Romney being prepared for office, a dubious man who stole Ed Falcone’s funds and pocketed a Billion for himself. We also have an illegal President with no Birth Certificate, hands in the pockets of Wall Street, with some very dangerous Islamic and communistic advisors and America’s own fanatical version of Dr. Strangelove, conspiring and planning to get Jeb Bush elected as the next Vice President,
or possibly President, once the pending writs are served on Romney.
It looks like Romney may also face real IRS investigation soon on his false Tax Returns. We must ask the IRS, what about Romney’s offshore accounts with money he earned from the
theft of the Falcone funds? Is your Boss Geithner not letting you investigate the corruption?
The Agency Foundation and Obama tried desperately to get the $15T back from London but the banks won’t release it. Britain and America need to work together on this. Wake up Congress! Those funds can be recovered in a deal with the UK! If you do not have the ability to step to the plate the White Hats do! Let us get the deal done.
Both the UK and America has been so badly served. America has simply become far too crooked for Justice to be accomplished here. America’s future and fate may well be playing
out as these treasonous parties are exposed by Old Empires, whose own authorities are now availing themselves of the sordid facts. All records being presented live and directly to
Agency heads who are currently evaluating the hard-to-swallow evidence now placed before them. When you can’t get Justice at home, sometimes you have to get it another way.
Again, at this very moment, all the facts, supporting evidence and brutal yet sordid truth, is being exposed naming and shaming those responsible for the deplorable and duplicitous
conduct of our Leaders and Global Banker cohorts, including Ackermann of Deutsch and the full Commerzbank Traders and other connections.
It took many years to bring down Capone, and the Teflon Don. Focused dedication got them in the end. The spirit of Elliot Ness lives on. Because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not
happening. All the evidence and facts are right now under appraisal by Foreign Enforcement Agencies who, in consultation with others, will select the route and time to unleash justice and retribution. We will not compromise sensitive incriminating evidence needed in court by pre publishing. Just know, we have it, it’s all there and it’s all playing out.
We will be in touch. Remember to keep a close eye and ear on the inner sanctums of GreatBritain as the exposure is delivered to that great Sovereign body.



A lot of info there.Still not sure about the Obama thing though.

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