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UFO News ~ UFO Recorded Over Mountains Of Bolivia and MORE

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Clear UFO Recorded Over Mountains Of Bolivia 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:20 AM PST
This clear disc UFO has been recorded flying over the mountains of Bolivia. The eyewitness was able to catch a video of the unknown craft.

Date of Sighting - December 6, 2015

Location - El Alto, LA Paz, Bolivia

UFOvni of Youtube States

A witness clearly filmed a UFO QUALITY 1920x1080 [ ORIGINAL VIDEO AND SOUND ] The witness, Mario Prado filmed with your phone an amazing flying saucer from the window of his home, flying over the city of El Alto, La Paz, Bolivia. Metadata phone show the exact time. The UFO appeared behind a bush and after a slow progress, accelerated sharply in the opposite direction.

Pilot Takes HD Close Up Photo Of UFO Over Luxembourg 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:18 AM PST
This clear UFO was caught on camera by a pilot above Luxembourg. The mysterious craft does look disc in shape and at first this left him with the impression of having seen an alien spaceship.

Date of Sighting - December 14, 2015

Location - Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

News States

Did a pilot photograph a UFO? Thousands of meters above sea level, a Luxembourg company pilot took a snapshot of the unusual. He found a strange craft in the sky. This left him with the impression of having seen an alien spaceship. (photo: Christiaan van Heijst) 

Christiaan van Heijst Dutch pilot is use to browsing the sky on behalf of the company Cargolux. In addition, the 32-year-old man is an amateur photographer. Recently, he took out his camera at the time when he saw something flying, a strange object in the sky. The photo gives the impression that its a UFO.

This unusual picture may not be a UFO, but may be an Airbus A380. The super-jumbo flying 300 m above the plane of Christiaan van Heijst, somewhere over Africa. "I could almost distinguish the color of hostesses Nail Polish", indicates the pilot on his Facebook page. This may be an optical effect due to the speed and lighting of the camera that gives the impression of dealing with a spaceship, but it may be a real UFO. 
UFO Shoots Past Space Station Live On Cam 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:17 AM PST
This fast travelling UFO has been caught on the Space Station live cams shooting past. Baring in mind how fast the International Space Station is travelling it is anyone guess as to what this object could be..

Date of Sighting - December 23, 2015

Location - Earths orbit, space station

Giant Blue UFO Discovered On Google Sky Map 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:17 AM PST
This giant blue UFO has been discovered on Google sky Map. The long UFO has had many people suggest that this could be a giant alien ship. We see many UFO's here on Earth that are similar in shape, cigar / cylinder shaped UFO's..

Date of Sighting - December 2015

Location - Space

Google Sky Coordinates

19 25 12-89 46 03 
16 19 35-88 43 10
Giant UFO Seen Passing Between Earth & Sun 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:16 AM PST
This giant alien craft has been caught on NASA's Soho camera flying in between the Earth and Sun. Whatever this craft is, we can clearly see that it is huge.

Date of Sighting - December 28, 2015 11:12

Location - Between Earth and Sun

Source Photo
Mysterious Disc UFO Flies Above Houses In Mexico, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:16 AM PST
This disc shaped UFO was spotted flying above houses in Mexico, the object was flying fairly low to the ground and above peoples houses. Witnesses also stated the object was emitting strange colours.

UFO Sighting Description - Multi Coloured UFO

Location - Mexico 

Colour - Pink / Green

Size - Medium - 20ft - 45ft

Characteristics - " Glowing UFO captured flying above houses in Mexico giving of bright colours."
Glowing UFO Passes Over Houses Hampshire England, UFO Sightings
Posted: 30 Dec 2015 10:16 AM PST
This glowing UFO has been caught on camera as it passed over house in the Hampshire area of England. Many witnesses state they saw a pink glowing craft which made no sound.

UFO Sighting Description - Glowing UFO

Location - United Kingdom, Hampshire

Colour - Pink

Size - Small - 10ft - 20ft

Characteristics - The eyewitness has stated the below " I was in my back garden and noticed this glowing object in the sky it was much brighter than a star and was emitting a redish and pink colour. The craft made no sound and stayed in the sky for around 10 minutes then suddenly it blinked out as if someone had switched off a light switch.

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Metamorphosis Golden morphing plasma UFO filmed over New York sky

December 31, 2015

Published on Dec 29, 2015
Some UFOs are intricately connected to plasma. Tony Shia recorded with special equipment an amazing plasma UFO in the sky over New York, last September 2015.
When the camera gets in focus we can see something strange. The plasma UFO continues to change its shape in the sky. Sometimes it is a kind of sphere and sometimes it presents geometric figures.
Is it possible that this UFO phenomenon is caused by highly charged atmospheric plasma’s, named unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs)?
In addition, some years ago Subrata Roy, an aerospace engineer from the University of Florida, submitted a patent application for an aircraft with plasma-powered UFO technology.
It is not surprising that the U.S. Air Force and NASA expressed interest in this technology and we may wonder whether they already use this plasma-powered aircraft or not.
Anyhow, whether it is a secret man-made craft equipped with the newest plasma technology, UAP or a real plasma UFO from outer space, the phenomenon remains a mystery.












UFO Over Dubai During Sunset On Dec 31, 2015, Photos, UFO Sighting News.
Posted: 31 Dec 2015 04:38 PM PST

Date of sighting: Dec 31, 2015
Location of sighting: Dubai, Arib Emirates 
Source: MUFON #73488

If you want to catch a photo of a UFO, watch a dozen sunsets and I promise you will notice something unusual in at least one of them. Sunset is the most common moment in the day to catch a UFO due to their cloaking becoming vulnerable to the angle of the setting sun. Look at the two graphs below that I made to better understand. 
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
I was driving to work, when an object appeared in the sky. It was approximately 6:42 AM. I looked at my clock. I always enjoy watching the sunrise in the morning over the sands and look at the sky often. I thought the object was a blimp or a helicopter at first. The object didn't move. I pulled into the parking lot at my office. I looked up in the sky and it was still there. I looked closer and could not determine the craft. I worked as a civilian contractor for the Air Force for 12 years and am familiar with all types of air craft. I noticed this object did not have lights. There seemed to be an aura sounding it. It looked like a rectangle at first. Then it started to resemble a donut. It was really indescribable. I was in a state of amazement and awe. Then I though I should take some pictures. So, I pulled out my phone and started taking pictures. I accidentally took a couple of videos too. I observed the object and took photos for 20 minutes. My first photo was at 0646 HRS and my last photo was at 0706 HRS. Then all of a sudden the object disappeared. I wish that I had a real camera to record the event.

Glowing Disk Over Phoenix, Aliens Working With USAF, Arizona On Dec 29, 2015, UFO Sighting News.
Posted: 31 Dec 2015 04:11 PM PST

Date of sighting: December 29, 2015
Location of sighting: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Source: MUFON #73480

The persons assumptions about this being a secret craft from Luck Air Force Base may be right on. The base is in Phoenix and is known for UFOs to frequently be seen along its mountains, often with a jet escort, which could mean its a USAF craft, or it could be an alien craft incoming that works at the base. The USAF have sectioned off some land within some of their bases in Arizona, Nevada area that is off limits to all military personnel. It keeps alien and humans from mixing. For instance, the aliens called the tall whites at Nellis AFB
Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states:
From my driveway, looking northeast above South Mountain, I observed a flying object that did not look at all like a commercial airliner. It was 1-2 miles away, headed slowly northeast. The reddish-orange lights ran completely across the midsection, and pulsated. I quickly took pictures with my smartphone camera, and tried to get a video, but streetlight came on, which made video impossible. I was returning from the store and happened to look in the sky, and noticed immediately that this didn't look like a "normal" aircraft. My first thought was "not a normal plane, get a picture". Given the proximity to airforce bases and previous unidentified aircraft around Phoenix, I thought it might be some new experimental craft, or maybe one not of this planet. My feeling was "Hey, I'm really seeing this, and it isn't spooky or overly exciting -- this is a real craft of some type". No emotion swings, just logical realization that I'm seeing something outside my frame of reference. I lost sight of it when it was 5+ miles away, and was too small to see in the dark night sky.

Thanks to:



UFO Ejects Out Of Comet Lovejoy While Approaching Sun, UFO Sightings
Posted: 31 Dec 2015 07:24 AM PST
This UFO can be seen ejecting from comet lovejoy while approaching the Sun. An anomaly can clearly be seen in front of the comet as it approaches the Sun. Really great video.

Date of Sighting - Sept 2014

Location - Earths Sun ejected from comet Lovejoy.

Eyewitness States

It might be nothing but then again it could be everything either way here's the vid. So was this object shot out, ejected, a ufo? You Decide! Just thought it is odd that this comet is still showing at 1AU if it is on a 600 year orbit. Verifying the orbit is what found the anomaly in front of the comet. 

Glowing UFO Caught On Space Station Live Cam, UFO Sightings
Posted: 31 Dec 2015 07:20 AM PST
This glowing UFO has been caught on the International Space Stations live camera. The object appears to be station for 40 seconds or so before starting to move, as soon as it does the screen goes blue. How convenient...

Date of Sighting - September 17, 2014

Location - Earths orbit at ISS

Thanks to:

















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