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Challenge to Judge Anna in the public forum by Douglas Clay Ader

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Challenge to Judge Anna in the public forum by Douglas Clay Ader

On Sat, Jan 2, 2016 at 10:03 AM, Magnetic Trust  wrote:

Anna Von Reitz, 

 Would you agree that we should take the challenge public as to give everyone the opportunity to prove to him or her just what the truth is?

 You realize that by doing this We the People will only become stronger.

 We teach others by showing the mistakes we made.  We also teach by giving the truth to others.

 Lets ask Paul (Email Paul at if he would post our challenge in the public forum

Douglas Clay Ader

Mr, Alder, 

Your Judicial Notice appears to be proper enough as a template for people to use in ascertaining the jurisdiction a court is operating, and may prove useful.  As for the rest of your comments, I don't know where you are coming from or what you are talking about with respect to me.  I am a Common Law Court Judge for the Alaska State Superior Court, NOT the "State of Alaska" Court System. I am NOT a member of the Bar Association.   All these other things you have "challenged" are nonsensical when addressed to me.  I have alerted millions of people to these facts and a lot more.  I suggest you sit down and READ my sworn and published affidavit, "You Know Something Is Wrong When.....An American Affidavit of Probable Cause"  which is available on Amazon. com. before you go around accosting, "challenging" or making other off-base assumptions about me. 

See below: 

We the People are considered Sovereigns under the Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution back in 1776. Do you dispute this?   No, I do not dispute that.  I teach that. 

The Declaration of Independence and the organic Constitution of 1776 did sever any ties with any other country and establish a new Republic?  Do you dispute this?  No, I do not dispute that.  I teach that. 

Did Congress unlawfully vote too “An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia?”  If you are referring to the Act of 1871, it was repealed, and the same effect later achieved in more general terms by the Municipal Corporations Act. . It was not illegal for them to organize the business of the District of Columbia any way the saw fit--- Congress was given plenary control of the District of Columbia under the original Constitution. Off the top of my head--- Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. 

Was the 13 Amendment properly ratified on December 9, 1812, and if not then, certainly no later than March 10, 1819?  The best information I have on the topic confirms that TONA was ratified as of March 10, 1819.  TONA was merely an amendment to an already established Constitutional prohibition. It provided specific punishment for the prohibition against foreign titles--- most importantly, loss of one's birthright citizenship and inability to hold any public office. 

 We can show you the whole truth – not just the half-truth. Half-truth is not the truth. We not only talk the talk, or walk the walk; we give others the tools to free themselves from the criminal Corporation. We cannot testify for another – or use another without allowing them to be directly involved. I cannot free my own brother, family members, my wife’s family members or my wife for that matter. I cannot refer to another Sovereign in any writing or oath without first getting their permission. Especially in a Class Action or Public Interest Litigation. Others using the same information you peddle went to prison for being 

So far, I think I have the "whole truth" and see nothing whatsoever in what you have stated that I have not already stated and often enough before myself, so what is the meaning of any "challenge" insomuch as we appear to be in total agreement? If you imagined that there was going to be any big Show and Tell, I believe you will find that it has all already been "Shown and Told".  

Please post reply to "Douglas Clay" ---

No big show and tell!  Only truth.  The 13th Amendment had nothing to do with birthrights in the Republic.  It was adapted to prohibit lawyers, attorneys and nobility from serving in public (government) offices.   If you bothered to actually read what I posted I said that TONA (the Titles of Nobility Amendment aka Original 13th Amendment) was instituted to add specific penalties to a prohibition already clearly existing in the original Constitution against people owing allegiance to a foreign government or in receipt of titles (that is, offices in a foreign government) from holding office in our Republic government. The primary penalty created by TONA was loss of birthright citizenship.  Read the document for yourself.  

Your claim - “I am a Common Law Court Judge for the Alaska State Superior Court, NOT the "State of Alaska" Court System. I am NOT a member of the Bar Association.”

I cannot find the Common Law Court for the Alaska State Superior Court.  Would you please send me the address for the Courthouse and Clerk of Courts office so I can file my own Complaint’s.   The Common Law Court for the Alaska State is NOT incorporated.  When you incorporate ANYTHING is goes directly into the international jurisdiction of the sea and functions under the Law of the Sea.  Period.  Thus all Common Law, which is the Law of the Land, has to be practiced byunincorporated organizations.  Why, if you know so much, don't you know that?   It is my impression that you don't live in Alaska and have no right to presume any obligation whatsoever of service from me or from the local courts.  Common Law Courts are fixed in their jurisdiction.  County courts only have jurisdiction over matters in their counties, and states within the borders of their states.  If you knew so much, you would already know that and not be pushing around weight you don't have and acting like we owe you a forum for your complaints.  

Can you refer to other Sovereigns without first getting their permission; Especially in a Class Action or Public Interest Litigation?

You have a choice, Mr. Alder.  You can reclaim the Republic and the lawful government we are owed, along with our actual money, the United States Silver Dollar, or you can continue to "lend" your labor, your house, your business, your land, your children and whatever else you may have to crooks, who will continue to use you and your private property as collateral for them to borrow against.  They will give you worthless paper I.O.U's in exchange, and then declare bankruptcy, leaving you and your children on the hook as "presumed sureties" standing good for all their debts.  Suit yourself.  I have made my decision and those who similarly want their lawful government and their correct political status back, are welcome to join me.  If you want to stay with the current de facto government or move to Belize and learn to speak better Spanish, it is all the same to me. 

You claim – “All these other things you have "challenged" are nonsensical when addressed to me.”

Are you claiming you are Superior to all of us common Sovereigns?  

I am claiming that I have already been teaching all the points you brought up for YEARS, Mr. Alder, and any presumption that YOU had some different or superior knowledge was entirely your own and entirely mistaken.   You put your foot in your big, fat mouth and the proof and the truth of what I have and have not said about all these matters has been published under oath for months if not years.  So I think that what you need to do is go soak your head, your feet, or whatever else ails you and face the facts.   You have no bones to pick and I have better things to do than reply to self-aggrandizing blow-hards. 

The meaning of the challenge is that we are not in agreement with you.  You did not and do not have our permission to refer to us in any of your so-called “Common Law Court Rulings” “Affidavits” or any other writings without our direct written permission.

And as I have already replied to you, TWICE, I do not address you, refer to you, or presume anything about you.  I told you VERY PLAINLY that  so far as I am concerned, you are FREE to do, think, believe, say, accept, deny, or run in circles to your heart's delight.  MY actions do not affect you or anyone else who doesn't choose to claim on to what we are doing in our own behalf.  See above.  

You are the one “accosting” and making off-base assumptions about us in your paperwork to others.

You are the one assuming that my paperwork "has to" stand for you, when it doesn't.  My paperwork stands for me and mine and those like me, who want their actual money and their actual land patents and their actual government restored. You can go on calling yourself a "sovereign" and living as a slave until you are two shades of blue as far as I am concerned. I am after the real thing and an end to all the fraud.   If you want to be a coward and hole up in Kalmazoo, go ahead.  If you want to swagger around spouting nonsense, go ahead.  At the end of the day, you are the one who looks the fool.  

Anna Von Reitz

Note from Paul Stramer.

Please continue the discussion as you see fit in the comments section by clicking on the title of this article and using the box at the bottom of that page.
Posted by Paul Stramer at 6:20 PM

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