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Out Of Mind » VOICES CARRY » Ines Radman » INES RADMAN : She was, she is, she’s awoken from her dream and she is the one that is driving this ship earth. NOBODY or NOTHING else can interfere with her journey

INES RADMAN : She was, she is, she’s awoken from her dream and she is the one that is driving this ship earth. NOBODY or NOTHING else can interfere with her journey

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INES RADMAN : She was, she is, she’s awoken from her dream and she is the one that is driving this ship earth. NOBODY or NOTHING else can interfere with her journey

January 4, 2016

I don’t claim to know or be right. I communicate with mother earth. I was part of the GNE Gaian Navigation Experiment with John Lamb Lash and crew. He taught us how to communicate with mother Gaia, we followed her journey for 3 years, it was part of the experiment to see if she was actually heading towards the galactic center.
She was, she is, she’s awoken from her dream and she is the one that is driving this ship earth. NOBODY or NOTHING else can interfere with her journey. The archons were a celestial error. Very few people talk about the Archons in terms of how they were created. The archons are the ones controlling our minds, creating holograms, setting up saviors and channels to receive their false messages. The images are what you want to see.
Here is an example: You are beside me, we both look up at the clouds and one will see an angel the other will see a bear shape. But if I was to say “Look up and see the bear in that cloud”, you would more than likely look up and see exactly what I see.
The NASA, Secchi and other images are false images, you see a pole, I see a scratch. You see a ship, I see oversized pixels….it’s a matter of perception.
So, please don’t attack each other just because it doesn’t fit your reality. Are we not all here to figure it out? It makes me sad when I see people insulting and attacking, my heart aches for all those that are running from war, hungry, wet, homeless….surviving in Palestine…I went to bed before midnight on New Years Eve because I could not celebrate a new year coming in knowing so many millions of people are without.
On the other hand, I felt responsible, because I didn’t do anything about my government when I had the chance, my material life was more important. I’m trying to make a difference, we all have to try to make a difference and Stop ARGUING with each other about who is right or wrong.
Let’s use this new year to look forward, to share, to help each other understand, to feel compassion, to stand up and do something like stop using your debit cards, not spending money on things we don’t need. MONEY is their game, we feed their war machine by spending on useless gadgets that don’t work half the time.
Let’s stand up and work together rather than try to put each other down because we don’t agree with each other. I don’t claim to have the answers…but I do know that Mother Earth is taking us where we need to go and we have to trust that..

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