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Research Anichkin Nikolai Matveyevich "Voynich manuscript indecipherable."

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Research Anichkin Nikolai Matveyevich "Voynich manuscript indecipherable."
Posted 03/19/2015 17:49

On our site posted an article about the Voynich manuscript. It describes the amazing story of a mysterious manuscript which is trying to decipher a lot of people, but as long as it was all to no avail. And we received a letter from a resident of the Russian city of Kaluga - Anichkina Nicholas Matveyevich that he make some effort found the key to understanding what is written in this mysterious work.
The manuscript was written no letters, and signs for the letters of the alphabet of one of the ancient languages. Moreover, in the text there are 2 more levels of encryption to virtually eliminate the possibility of computer-assisted translation, even after replacing the signs letters. Nikolai Matveyevich took the key with which the first section he was able to read the following words: hemp, hemp clothing; food, food (sheet of 20 numbering on the Internet); cleaned (intestines), knowledge may wish to drink a sugary drink (nectar), maturation (maturity), to consider, to think (sheet 107); drink; six; flourishing; growing; saturated; peas; sweet drink nectar, and others. Nikolai Matveevich is a retired colonel, specialty radio engineer it. His work has made us a deep and impressive and we decided to publish it on our website. We can add that the outstanding Russian scientist-founder of theoretical astronautics, an inventor and a schoolteacher Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was also a resident of the city of Kaluga, and that extremely interesting, he was a self-taught scientist. So you can now read the works of a man who picked up the torch and being a lover of Tsiolkovsky, was able to make a discovery on which unsuccessfully fought professionals.
Natalia Sheppard
Research Anichkina Nikolai Matveevich
"Voynich manuscript indecipherable."
1.Istoriya question Our ancestors left us a lot of unsolved mysteries. They exist in many areas of human activity and have different origins, including: natural, historical, geographical, man-made, etc. among man-made mysteries occupies a special place the so-called Voynich manuscript (hereinafter CF). From the available public sources on the history of CF following is known. In 1912, the Roman College grasped the financial crisis and it was decided the sale of a piece of property, and to do so it was necessary under the cloak of secrecy. The first went to a library sale. One of the buyers was a famous trader ancient books Wilfrid Voynich (spouse famous writer E.Voynich). Reviewing put up for sale from the collection of rarities Kircher, he drew attention to the mysterious manuscript, which was written by unfamiliar characters and decided to buy it. From about that time and the book was called "Voynich manuscript" because Whatever its name is unknown to date. After the death of V.Voynicha CF became the property of his wife. After the death of E.Voynich rarity became the property of her heiress Ann Neill, who in 1961 sold it again bookseller Hans Kraus. Hans Kraus was unable to find a buyer, and in 1969 he gave it to Yale University, specifically Beyneke library, where he kept up to now. When buying books V.Voynich found embedded in her two letters, according to the first in 1586 it became the property of Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf-2. Until that time, the history of CF is virtually unknown. About Emperor Rudolf-2 (1552 - 1612 years) the following is known. In 1576 he took the post of emperor in Prague. Prague at that time was considered the center of the occult. Especially prevalent here were alchemy and the manufacture of artificial gold. Rudolf-2 was known as a patron of almost alchemists. Apparently believing that the CF has to do with alchemy Rudolf-2 and bought it. It should be noted that even today the view accessories MB alchemy takes place. Apparently unsuccessful attempts to decipher the book cooled interest in Rudolf-2 thereto, and in 1585 it became the property of another alchemist Baresch. At this time, the name gets known Jesuit scholar Athanasius Kircher in Rome, which is then considered, I could read hieroglyphics on Egyptian artifacts. It is confirmed that Baresch spoke to Kircher with a request to transfer the CF. Backlash is unknown. After Baresch book became the property of his friend Johann Marcus Marci, who was then the rector of the University of Prague. In a second letter, found Voynich when buying books, Marci sent it to his friend Kircher. Here is the story of CF confirmed, or rather part of it. Several examinations conducted on the aging CF is almost certainly showed that he had written in the early 15th century. Consequently, during the unknown history of CF is more than 200 years. After purchasing the book Voynich took active efforts to decipher it involving, well-known experts. For decoding the famous cryptology were taken before that could not resist the most closed ciphers, linguists, programmers and specialists in other fields of knowledge. Specialists in opening the staunchest codes, which were used during the Second World War, Germany and Japan also failed to achieve any results. From public sources we know that in our time CIA employees also were taken to open the code CF, however, and they failed. But all these can not be considered Herculean efforts useless. The result of all the failures of deciphering CF became the basis for the assignment to name the most mysterious book in the world, the Holy Grail of cryptography, etc. Of all done immense and hard work has been made the main conclusion - the world does not exist in the recent past there was no language with the alphabet, like the alphabet for writing CF applied if these signs are considered the letters of the alphabet. All these failures have created different versions of the origin of CF, including:
- MB has extraterrestrial origins;
- CF whose joke that has no significance;
- CF in what is written specifically invented language, etc.
The first version can be rejected without discussing, because the world has not yet found anything similar to the alien.
The second version can be rejected on the grounds that too much of hard work had to be put into such a joke.
The third version. Why it was necessary to come up with language that would encrypt a large amount of information, which is then no decipher? Maybe it is easier to destroy? Thus the conclusion is - the information encrypted by the prospect of being decoded. Therefore, when writing was used CF actually exists at the time the language.
Hence the main conclusion - we must look for another way of decoding. It is necessary to take into account the errors of previous researchers. All they wanted to signs used for writing CF, see the letters of European languages. That no one has. From the foregoing it can be concluded - in writing CF used actually existing at the time and on the territory of the language, which will replace the letters of the alphabet signs. This formed the basis for further work on decoding MB. 2.Vybor method approach In general, the CF is a collection of drawings of plants, pie charts, unknown female rituals and much of the text. By outward appearances it can be attributed to what the encyclopedic reference book. Analysis of the methods of approach to deciphering the CF revealed that all of them had one mistake. They all tried to sign, which was written to see MV alphabet of a language, the language of Europe. This approach yielded no results. Therefore it is necessary to change the method of approach to explanation. Namely, it is necessary to find the language, the structure of the alphabet that corresponds to the structure of the system of signs used for writing CF. Those. endosulfan was not an isolated sign, and the whole system of signs as a whole. Now it is necessary in a variety of characters that are written to find the MV system. I analyze the application in MB signs I could find such a system. It should be noted, later it turned out that the whole system there are signs that no corresponding letter. But this is explained by the peculiarities of the language. Now the question arose to find a language format of the alphabet which would coincide with the format of signs MOU. Searches yielded results. They found an ancient language, format (or structure) of the alphabet which coincided with the format (or structure) of characters used in the text of the MOU. But then not everything went smoothly. According to the structure of complex characters and alphabet alleged identical language, but by the number of letters were several more. I had to go back to the text. As a result, the text was discovered by a numerical mark. Use this mark as a hint and assign a certain number of characters on the two letters, everything fell into place. Later in the translation of some short words said fixing marks the letters confirmed. This is the second level of encryption MB. Then, after analyzing the text with existing data revealed that in the words that begin with vowels, the vowels are omitted. This can be considered the third level of encryption. These two circumstances in the future exclude the possibility of the use of computer software to translate text MB. "Manual" as the translation is difficult. For example, if a word in the text consists of 4 characters, the intended word will correspond to 8 characters, 4 of which must be excluded. Thus, without perfect knowledge of the language of ancestors hardly do without. Me in translating short words used information obtained from the Internet, but they are there, as you know, is limited and only in common usage. And in this case we have a specific theme. Now it should be noted, can be clearly seen that the CF is described at least three themes, namely: botany, medicine and astronomy. For one person, a detailed knowledge in such diverse areas is a bit much. The conclusion - in this MV collected information from different sources. If you know that CF is written in the 15th century origins, the knowledge it describes were known much earlier. It is believed that the knowledge they were used by our ancestors in the so unjustly forgotten Vedic times. At that time, were the features. For example, the calendar was different. Namely the year (summer) had three periods: winter, spring, autumn; in each period was three months, each month was 40 (41) days of the week was 9 days (and it is preserved to this day in the remembrance of the dead: 9 and 40 days), 16 hours a day. Other features of the Vedic chronology and astronomical knowledge discussed below at the opening of the individual MV. We must now determine the cause of the encryption of vital knowledge.
Knowing precisely enough time writing CF and the language used to identify areas where it was written to easily determine which historical events took place in the area. It was found that in this territory at this time there was the conquest of one people by another. And not just the conquest, and the change of religion. It is known that the change of religion, faith - is more painful than the occupation. From this we can conclude that all the sacred knowledge of our ancestors have been collected in one place and are encrypted to preserve them from enemies. On further "journey" of the document until the second half of the 16th century is unknown. Perhaps its content to those from whom he was hiding behind him and organized hunting. Logically thereto must be a key which could, or even may be stored in a different place, namely at the point of writing. Moreover, one can not exclude that the keeper of the keys looking for the document, but its common name from the truth, and that makes it impossible to find him. But this assumption is that, in principle, can not be excluded and should be checked. Using the above the so-called botanical section be translated following short words (short text MB): Sweet drink nectar. Food, food. Pleasure, enjoyment. Grain bread. Six. Drink absorb. Ripening, maturity. Saturated. Hemp, hemp, hemp clothing. Food, food. Maybe. Clean (intestine). Drink. A wish. Knowledge. Sweet drink nectar and others. There is no doubt that the correlation coefficient is the meaning of these words and images of plants is very high. So, on p. 20 translated words: hemp, hemp clothing; food, food. Indeed, even in our recent past on my native land cultivated hemp from which the thread, then the fabric and clothing. Furthermore therefrom gave an oil which was used for cooking. Moreover, among the many species of cannabis easily find alike. Next we have the word "six". Bearing in mind the Vedic week of 9 days, we have 6 weeks, or 54 days, or almost two months in the modern calendar. And it is during the full maturation of most plants. These first received data transfer gives reason to believe the selected translation algorithm CF right. By the way, among a sufficiently large number of plants we see potatoes, which was imported from America. This is to ensure that the part of experts believe that the CF is home to Mexico. But during his writing potatoes used to the full. At the same time to be answered and specialists from Ukraine Yevgeny Chorny, who believes that the CF is written using the Ukrainian language. Moreover it is written on this subject and the presentation of the book took place. He is wrong. This is something like a globe of Ukraine. Now go to pie charts. The first one on page 57/1 (114) on the numbering on the Internet). The diagram consists of four parts. In each of the silhouette of a man, for which it is impossible to determine its sex (this remark further play a role). Therefore the information in this figure applies to all, regardless of gender. In this diagram a lot of short words that are able to translate. This of commonly used words, namely: sour milk. Milk product. Cooked food. Mealtime. Sometimes. Some. Contribute. Yes, eat. There is no doubt that in this case we are talking about the organization of proper, healthy diet. Now why four parts. Referring to the Vedas, we find that the power of our ancestors were four-time. Further. In each part we find the same group of words that are translated as follows: anyone. Pronounce. Praise. Located. Referring to the Vedas we find that before each meal one of those present at the table should say praise to our gods and ancestors. Thus it can be concluded that in this figure it is not just about good nutrition, but also the ritual meal. Next, consider the chart posted on p. 70-74 (127-134). All charts are similar to each other. A distinctive feature of the chart is that it is the center of their zodiac sign. But we find only 10 characters of the 12 existing ones. The reason is as follows. According keeper CF is known that part of the CF sheets found. In this section, we see that the number of sheet 73 must list with the number 75, ie, offline sheet 1, on which are placed two further diagrams. Consider the diagram on p. 70 (127). In the middle of the diagram is most likely a sign of Pisces. Around in concentric circles placed a total of 30 female figures with notes. In the following two diagrams author depicted the same signs of the zodiac, but each figure fifteen female figures. Nevertheless, this sign of the zodiac corresponding to the thirty pieces of women. The situation is similar in the remaining figures. As a result, we have the following:
- The figures on the charts especially women;
- All the signs of the zodiac corresponds to a specific number of female figures, namely the thirty;
- In most cases mark next to the female figures located at the same location, different. It is reasonable to assume that between the signs of the zodiac, silhouettes of women and the number "30" to be probable link. We take into account the fact that according to the Vedas in week nine days. Multiplying the thirty-nine days we get two hundred and seventy days. But this time at least familiar to all women. This is a complete pregnancy women. Now it is clear why the diagrams show only the figures of women and thirty. Based on the above by itself leads to the conclusion conclusion on these diagrams show particular periods of pregnancy in women with conception during the different signs of the zodiac. The proof of this in one of the charts, I was able to two words: It is possible. Born. Next, at p. 67 (121) 2 taken diagram. Consider the first of them. The graph is a circle divided into 12 sectors. In each sector, is inscribed the word and placed a certain number of stars, and their number is not constant.

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