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The Karmic Wheel

by freefall - Jan 4, 2016

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By freefall
If I were a demon, I can think of no greater pleasure than having people living in the same country kill each other off. Unfortunately, this appears to be the standard for collapsing empires throughout history in which government enforcers kill and enslave their own citizenry in order for their evil masters to maintain control for as long as possible.
The situation unfolding now in Eastern Oregon is following this same format. It all comes down to whether our fascist government and their complicit media can sell it to enough of the gullible public to justify another Waco or Ruby Ridge.
The arsonist narrative appears to be rather thin, especially when we are told by the MSM that the Hammond’s set the fires in order to cover up their poaching on “public” lands. Why commit a greater crime in order to cover up a lesser one? The Hammond’s story of back burning to stop a wildfire from engulfing their own home makes more sense.
These lies could use some fortification, especially when it appears that the BLM is currently burning everything in sight in the same general area, including homes and cattle. Maybe they can tell us that the Hammond’s are stealing from the rest of us by not paying their leased land fees (taxes) like they did the Bundy’s? I’m sure it wouldn’t take much to satisfy the statist mindset when it comes to repercussions for disobeying the government.
As far as those who are fighting against this tyranny, I wonder if they will ever make the connection that what is now happening to them is the same thing we continue to do to those in other countries in the Middle East? After all, has not our foreign policy really been about stealing the land and resources from others, running them out of their own homes and calling them terrorists if they refuse to lay down for it? Interestingly, this is also the same policy established by Israel against the Palestinians. But I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised as Israel also creates foreign policy here in America.
This doesn’t mean that I don’t support what the ranchers and the militia are doing. But it does show the hypocrisy of a brainwashed public on both the Left and the Right that believes any lie they are told as long as it suits their particular (conditioned) belief-system.
The truth is that America is now getting exactly what it deserves. Karma is a universal law that operates neither from punishment nor pity. It simply gives you back what you have put out there.
Again, I do believe that we must stand against this tyrannical government and what’s happening at the wildlife refuge in Oregon is as good a place to start as any. But until we come to terms with the fact that we have supported the commission of these same atrocities against the indigenous peoples of other countries as well as our own and for the same reasons, we will continue to be unable to break free from the grinding of the karmic wheel.

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