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UFO News ~ Police Witness UFO In Pennsylvania and MORE

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Police Witness UFO In Pennsylvania, UFO Sightings
Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:29 PM PST
Police witnessed a UFO in Pennsylvania. The glowing object caught the attention of local residents above Paxton Township, one witness said they thought it was a planet until it turned yellow right before their eyes.

Date of Sighting - August 25, 2014

Location - Paxton Township, Pennsylvania, USA

News States

Stephanie Wilkerson was enjoying a glass of wine on her porch Monday night when she looked up in the sky and saw something that caught her attention. 

At first, Wilkerson says she thought it was an airplane, until she it started changing colors and moving. 

She then called her husband outside and a few minutes later she asked her neighbor to stop by. She said her neighbor was, "amazed and he went and got his binoculars," said Wilkerson, "he thought it was a planet, until it turned yellow right before our eyes."

Then Stephanie called Lower Paxton Township Police. 

An officer stopped by and saw the object so he called his superiors, who also stopped by and could not believe what they were seeing. 

One officer called Fort Indiantown Gap and Harrisburg International Airport to find out if they had aircraft activity in the area and both reported no flight activity at that time.

Stephanie says she was not a believer in UFO sightings until Monday night.

UFO Comes Out of Iceland Volcano On Live Cam, UFO Sightings
Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:29 PM PST
This strange object comes out of an Iceland volcano live on cam. The mysterious object seems to be disc in shape, this could be a UFO as many of them are seen around volcano's.

Date of Sighting - August 28, 2014

Location - Bardabunga Volcano, Iceland

Eyewitness States

Not sure what this is, but it appeared after the eruption started. What could it be?

Glowing UFO Caught Over Melbourne, Australia, UFO Sightings
Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:29 PM PST
This glowing sphere UFO has been caught hovering over Melbourne Australia for over 2.5 hours. The witness has stated “It was moving around in different directions ... it looked like a ball from a distance but once I went out to film it and zoomed in I was amazed by it,”

Date of Sighting - August 2014

Location - Melbourne, Australia

News States

Ami Hasson said on his Facebook page that he observed the lights for 2.5 hours above Carnegie. “It was moving around in different directions ... it looked like a ball from a distance but once I went out to film it and zoomed in I was amazed by it,” he wrote. “It looked like it had a dark square main body with no lights on it but with around 4-6 colourful arms, reminded me of an octopus. “Many people can think many things ... I think that we had visitors.”
Cigar UFO Caught At Space Station Live On Cam, UFO Sightings
Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:29 PM PST
This cigar UFO has been caught at the Space Station. The unknown craft can be seen hovering close to the Space Station before then flying off in the distance.

Date of Sighting - Sept 2, 2014

Location - Earths orbit at ISS

Caught Using - ISS Live Cam

Cigar UFO Causes Lightning Storm Over St. Louis, UFO Sightings
Posted: 07 Jan 2016 02:29 PM PST
This cigar UFO has been caught on camera hovering above St. Louis. Local residents say they saw something strange at around 9:07pm. The UFO was being illuminated by flashes of lightning then in the blink of an eye it is gone.

Date of Sighting - September 1, 2014

Location - St. Louis, Missouri, USA

News States

A Labor Day lightning storm put on a spectacular show for St. Louis Monday night. Some of the storm’s flashes were used during live cut-aways during the FOX 2’s nightly newscast.  Some viewers say they saw something strange at around 9:07pm.

Anchor Shirley Washington explains that meteorologist Chris Higgins will be giving updates on the severe weather in the area throughout the newscast.  Over her voice is a view from FOX 2’s roof camera.  During that shot something flashes across the screen.  The flying object is illuminated by flashes of lightning.  In the blink of an eye it is gone.

(Video has been deleted)

Thanks to:




Bat UFO At Space Station On Live Cam Jan 2016, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: January 7, 2015
Location of sighting: Earths orbit at ISS

Guys, I was just looking at the live cam last night, but for the life of me I couldn't catch a thing. Streetcap1 stepped up and bam! He was on it faster than a duck on a june bug. It does look like NASA saw it and deliberately darkened the video to prevent it from being seen at the end. 
Scott C. Waring

Streetcap1 of Youtube states:
The camera shot got very dark very quickly when this appeared.

Thanks to:













UFOs Shoot Past Passenger Jet Over Manchester, England On Sept 19, 2015, Video, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: Sep 19, 2015
Location of sighting: Manchester, England
News source:

These UFOs are difficult to make out due to their speed and a contrail they leave behind. There is at least three of them and they are moving with a swaying moment, much like a fish has as it moves. The movement is and strong indication that these are AI alien drones. More proof that radar needs to be updated and made more powerful. 
Scott C. Waring

News states:
This footage shows a 'UFO' in the skies above Manchester – but we’re pretty confident it’s not proof of extraterrestrial life. The clip was taken by a holiday-maker as he took off from the city’s airport, and shows unusual white lines streaming through the air. It was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week by David Ball, from Chorlton, who was searching for answers from the public about what the unidentified flying object could be. He said: “I took the footage in September while I was on my way with my family to Mallorca. But I didn’t look at it for months. "Then when I came to look back at it I saw that there was a strange thing flying in the sky next to the plane after we took to the air. “I don’t personally think it is aliens, I don’t believe in them. But I do think it is a mystery that I was hoping someone might help me solve.”

Under the username dmb9 David, a 38-year-old logistics manager, posts a number of videos showing unusual phenomenon to his YouTube channel. He added: “I always have phone in my hand and film things. You never know when you might see something unusual or something weird might happen. "On my channel there’s videos which could be ghosts and other things like that – the paranormal or mysterious occurrences. “I only uploaded the UFO clip this week but so far no one has come forward to say what it could be – hopefully now it can be explained.”

Thanks to:












UFO Caught During Sunset Over Ontario, Canada 2016, UFO Sightings
Posted: 08 Jan 2016 05:06 AM PST
This cloaked UFO has been made visible due to the fact that the Sun is setting. The theory is that when the Sun is below is that it reflect it rather than hiding it.

Date of Sighting - January 2016

Location - Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

News States

Linda from Sudbury, Ontario Canada caught on tape a massive unidentified flying object that stood still in the sky at first she thought that it was a cloud and then she saw that it was something else.

UFO Is Seen Again Over Davis Mountains In Texas 2015, UFO Sightings
Posted: 08 Jan 2016 05:06 AM PST
This white disc UFO has been caught over Davis mountains Texas 2015. The shape is similar to the UFO that was recorded on radar flying over the Bush ranch in 2008.  

Date of Sighting - December 29, 2015

Location - Davis Mountains, Texas, USA

Eyewitness States

On Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2015 while on a vacation in the Davis Mountains region of Texas, we had to drive from Ft. Davis to Alpine to get a new tire. Once completed we decided we'd just drive over to Marfa, TX to see what was there and then make the loop back to Ft. Davis. This was somewhere around 10-11am CST. On that drive west from Alpine to Marfa, at about 10 miles from Marfa, my wife and I noticed a white rectangular or perhaps trapezoidal shape in the distance to the west. I first thought we were seeing something reflecting off the distant mountains, but as we got closer it was apparent it was up in the sky. It appeared to just be up there. As we were driving, I could not tell that it was moving at all. Just hung there in the distance. My wife thought it must be a weather balloon, but I said it was too rectangular for that and it didn't appear to move up or down. It was just a very odd sight. And I have to admit, being in the area of the famous Marfa Lights didn't help any. 

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