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1 WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS,THINK IT INTO REALITY on Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:15 am



January 8, 2016 Ines Radman

You are enlightened beings and by being enlightened you’re always going to be slightly odd, slightly different, you might be viewed as being strange because you’re not prepared or do not want to conform to the standards set out to you by the controllers.
You become what Stuart Wilde so eloquently states in his book Whispering Winds of Change a ‘fringe dweller’, because conforming to the tick tock drives you crazy. It’s how I felt and started to feel this way way back in my teen years.
But in spite of that, in spite of all the restrictions, there you are, this enlightened being full of joy, full of life, full of the sensualness, the beauty, a part of all things.
There is a gaiety to life, there’s a carefree beauty and as you begin to develop a philosophy of life that IS carefree, you become this wonderful being and you can see a laughter, a silliness, a beauty. You can see the courage that is naturally inside of your heart full of the joy of life.
This is not all that you have though, existence is filled with interdimensional realities.
I started to go into a trance and see these other worlds and they’re massive. Morpheus in the Matrix movie called them fields upon fields and that’s a very good way of describing them. There are many, many, perhaps even millions of dimensions.
Before I go into detail of this, please understand I am using terms/names for things I have never seen or experienced before. Maybe others have different names for them, but I will do my best to describe them in the way I see them.
Before falling asleep I would see these light flashes, at times sudden explosions in my head that made me jolt upright, no pain at all, just literally hearing a bomb explode in my head. I learned when I stretched out my arms before falling asleep, the mirror world appears first, the mirror world starts between your elbow and your wrist. If I laid on the side, I would have millions of images of beings, entities I can’t even describe what they look like because they flash so fast and I have never seen them in this reality. This mirror world is about 1.5 ft, from the end of your nose. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but the other dimensions start from there.
In that mirror world there are heavens, hells, mechanical worlds, there are millions of entities and beings. If I look to my side, I will see the earth reality with millions of people running around and trillions of light beings following or zipping around them or perhaps they live there too but are not seen because of their raised frequencies or it’s a higher dimension integrated into the 3D reality, I don’t know this. There are insect beings that look about 8 ft. tall, angels with wingspans of over 40 ft., devils of all shapes and colors, some cute, some ugly as hell. It’s all in there and I started these visions during my dreamtime but eventually I could will it prior to going to sleep.
Some nights there would be less beings, sometimes more, at times I couldn’t see anything at all so I would mark this mentally and following day try and trace why I could not get in. So far, I figured out it’s cellphone usage, more than I normally use it. I find that on days when I have a few very ill clients and have to use a lot of my own energy that I can’t get in either. When I use electromagnetic equipment I can’t get in, therefore, I believe that during the day if I use too much of my energy, there is not enough of a frequency to take me into the mirror world.
The nature of our reality is made up of lots of tiny little cubes like a digital photograph and beyond these cubes are the golden worlds that I call illusory realities and here habitats are for gods, angels, light beings, orbs of different colors and shapes. Then past that is a middle world that looks like everything is in limbo. Here nobody leaves or arrives, at least not that I have seen. There are no doors or portals in this limbo space. I think this is the place where souls that just left their bodies are not sure where they are going or are not able to let go of their earthly experience.
Every single person in this reality has a human double in this mirror world, so we have another version of us in the mirror world. Some people call it this our ‘twin flame’ or ‘soulmate’.
The body doesn’t go anywhere, the body stops working and they continue on inside the mirror world, heaven is where you are, it’s your current conscious reality or whatever reality you believe you will go to. In other words, whatever you think that will happen to you after you leave your body is the world that you will go to in that mirror world.
We are in essence a multidimensional being but also a multiphased being. We’re not just one every pattern on this plane of existence. We exist simultaneously in all of these worlds and dimensions having different experiences.
As I have written about before, the soul can fragment itself into different forms to experience multi-realities. Depending on the soul’s experience, as it gains more experience, it is able to have more experiences simultaneously.
If you’re looking into a mirror and you hold another one up to the first mirror, you’ll see this mark of light and endless mirrors curving out into the distance and that is how the dimensions are. Dimensions are directions and scientist Michio Kaku  actually proved this theory, that dimensions are set up on these lines upon directions and the mirror world is opposite of that.
I have seen a heaven world beneath me, it’s incredibly beautiful with beings of light shaped globes in different colors, translucent and moving through crystalline structures.
This is where some people dream about falling or dropping off an edge or cliff. They never hit or land and I believe they were out of their body while sleeping and trying to go down to this world but because of negative programming or belief systems that don’t support this, out of fear they wake up not understanding where they are going. On that fall, we are in panic and fear, perhaps even yelling out loud to stop or calling for help, this immediately pulls us back out and we are jolted from our sleep thinking we just had a horrible nightmare.
The matrix is our current reality here and many people believe it is their ONLY reality. Many also believe they live on physical life and then simply die and stop ‘existing’. They believe their soul will live eternally in a heaven or hell depending on what or how they lived their life.
The mirror world person is aware of you in your physical body. If you ever had dreams with you in them, in essence that is YOU in that mirror world. The mirror world is like the train station, here you wait for  a train to come along. In this reality of mirrors, you are in essence watching over all your soul fragments as well.
Also, that mirror image in essence is my original Soul being from where it creates itself into other realities. I tend to think it is the master computer, it’s also a protected world of sorts, because if something happens to it, all of the other parts/soul fragments will be affected.
In the Lord of the Rings series, there is an episode where Frodo must return the ring into the fire, by doing this, the entire mountain of Mordor disintegrates and so does every aspect of that being, including the army. Whatever energy was tied to Mordor simply turned into dust.
This is what I believe that the Mirror twin is, the fire of Mordor, and if any happens to it, all of our soul aspects could be affected as well.
The Soul/Mirror self is fully aware of all of it’s soul fragments in all of their experiences. I think it’s so because we willfully, knowingly and consciously choose each existence we want to experience. It is only in this matrix that we cannot be aware of the others because the Illuminati figured out how to disconnect us from source and our higher selves using false teachings, deception, subliminal messaging and of course our DNA was tampered with so we are not in the original body suit that was created for our experience here.
Furthermore, Earth was in a higher vibrational existence, some say it was much higher than 5th dimension. According to the Galactic Historian Andrew Bartzis, the Earth has been moved around many times, I think he even said 8 times in the 40 million years in past.
There is also another way of understanding why we are not aware of anything outside this reality. There was a quarantine/veil placed around the planet to keep us disconnected from Source.
When we chose to incarnate into this reality, or when we were chosen to incarnate here to help, we had to agree under the condition that our memories would be blocked/immobilized. There is no such thing as memory erasure, all memories are in the akashic, our memories are in our DNA but it is immobilized at this time. If we remembered who we really are, we probably would not stay here and complete the work we came to do. Incarnating on to this planet or Matrix reality that is under the control of the Illuminati required thousands of lifetimes in order to raise the frequency of the planet and I very much doubt any of us would have come back knowing the truth about who we really are.
Just as there is no such thing as time, there is no such thing as direction or location of other realities. When I enter the mirror world there are millions of portals going into different realities. There portals are like revolving doors, entities going in and out like the doors of a shopping mall. Once you enter through a portal door, there are more doors all around, up and down, left and right, there is no direction, it’s hard to explain my visions. It’s like walking into a shopping mall, and seeing every store and what they sell inside. There are no walls, only glass separates store to store so you can see inside them.
These realities are all that we create for our different experiences so if you chose to incarnate into a woman and own a Golden Retriever, everyone else that wants that as well will be in that experience with you. This has finally come together for me as I wrote about my lucid dreams, but wasn’t ready to share until I made sense of it.
I don’t know if I have yet, but this is how I experienced all this. I have not made it past the mirror world, in other words I have not entered through any portal doors, yet I can see what is beyond them.
I take my cellphone to bed with me so that immediately upon awakening I could just record what I had experienced. I found that turning on the light to scribble it down instantly erased the memories, for some reason light does this and since my partner is now sleeping in a separate bedroom, I am not disturbing him by recording in the dark.
We are a mind, soul, computer, a replicate of Source with programs installed by Source and what we do is experience all the programs. It’s like going to a large computer, clicking the mouse a few times to choose a reality to experience, immediately the hologram is created and you step right into it. You are never in it too long so you remember where you came from, but we here on earth have been stuck in this program for so long, we forgot where we came from and why we are here.
We are totally aware of all these different holograms when looking out from the mirror world, but here in this Matrix reality, we’re totally disconnected.
While in this mirror world, I was able to see 7 or 8 of me in different experiences, but I don’t stay long enough to know if there are more of me. You need a lot of energy, my frequency must be strong like a battery, and I came to the conclusion that we are still cheap batteries that don’t last very long, thus have to return to our bodies after a few minutes.
In one of my realities/experiences, the person with me is saying: “Hurry up and go to the bathroom”, so on my way to bathroom, I’m thinking: “Hurry up before you forget your dream, that is so cool”, and in this one experience I actually did return so it cannot be a dream.
The connect to my higher self started in 1981 during my NDE, from that time forward I have researched and worked on myself to go back to that first experience which I believe to be home, with Source, but never could, at least not that I can remember.
Maybe I did, because those years then were very chaotic and traumatic. It could have been a catalyst to motivate me or wake me up to start my journey so it is the dreams that I thought were from the mind/brain that were actually my other multidimensional experiences and after 35 years, I am finally able to consciously leave my body and enter into other worlds.
My goal is to remember more, lengthen my stays and to do that one must work on raising frequency. With a very ill partner and treating very sick clients physically and emotionally down, it’s very difficult to maintain a normal level, but I have proof on my cellphone that I had the experiences. It’s funny, when I listen to them the next day, I don’t remember anything.
I use the term “mirror” because I learned that is a place that our innate resides, but it is also Higher Self. It is from higher self that we communicate with or use ‘intuition’. Using or living by our intuition is very challenging because ego and intuition conflict often.
Ego wants power, glory, control and attention while higher self innately knows the moment and what will result with each decision if using it. At times, we will consciously choose ego because in that moment intuition doesn’t seem to make sense or logic. We may not want to end our marriage because ego wants status and security while intuition knows it will be a disaster and peace of mind is more important.
Also, depending on our conditioning, belief systems and mindset we may not even be aware that we have a flawless intuition that will always know what to do and lastly, we may be so disconnected from our own reality because we have chosen to follow someone else’s path, look up to gurus, teachers that determine what is best for us.
All these are designed to separate you from higher self or your mirror because it is through higher self that we connect to source.
We are the only race in all of existence to create from thought. We are beings of light, we are mixed with several races. We are the Illuminati’s greatest nightmare because they thought they could keep us under control for as long as they needed us.
Keep in mind they too came from source but one of them many eons ago received a “thoughtform” from beyond that they could be special and that started the treasonous acts against humanity, eventually enslaving us; using occult knowledge and creating conditions to descend us into primordial beings that believe they are powerless.
You are so wrong Old Soul, get over it, and get with the plan.

Thanks to Ines at:


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