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Radical Contemplation : Changing the World from the Inside Out

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Radical Contemplation : Changing the World from the Inside Out

by Kit Walker - Jan 9, 2016

Kit Walker
I am wondering if, due to the paradoxical nature of things, maybe there is a different approach to bringing about a real and lasting change for the better in our world. How can we be more effective in creating the world we want to see, where there is true justice and freedom for all, where everyone can thrive, and contribute their gifts with love in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual support? Is that too much to ask? Seems to me if all the “meddling” that goes on were just simply STOPPED, everything would change, naturally, in a return to resonance and harmony, which is the fundamental state of all that is.

Can I get a Witness?
For a while now i have been wanting to say: don’t underestimate the power of the Witness! There is something that happens, when something is truly seen, without any judgement, that transforms it at its root. We know, in the work we do on ourselves, that when something, such as an emotional block, is truly seen, and fully comprehended, without trying to change it at all, we are freed of it, it is radically transformed, into an essential quality, as an alchemical kind of process. You could think of poison being transformed into nectar.
So then it occurred to me, why not apply this in an even broader sphere than just ourselves, to the entire world around us? Because, are we not the creators of it? Together?
Would the world you are perceiving even exist, if you were not perceiving it? Maybe it would, but maybe it wouldn’t. Certainly, when you close your eyes, it disappears, or at least seems to.
Is there anything behind your head? Are you sure? You will never be able to see if it is so. Yes, a mirror will reflect something seemingly back there, but the mirror, too, is in front of your eyes.
Perhaps we are unaware of just how powerful we are to change things.
The Power of Doing Nothing
The paradoxical nature of things brings up a lot of questions for me. Another one is that perhaps we would be much more effective, with much less stress, if we could realize the immense power of doing nothing, that just maybe, it is the most powerful “act” of all, if truly “done”, totally.
Let’s consider the power of sound to shatter glass. There are many instances of people singing a particular note, and holding it long enough that glass will actually shatter. It depends on finding the right frequency, and then holding it long enough that finally the structure of the glass gives way and breaks.

Perhaps there is a way we can do that, to shatter the glass wall that traps us in the 3D time space prison. And i am wondering if we could perhaps call that process Radical Contemplation.
Radical = Root
So let’s look at those two words. First, “radical” comes from the Latin radix, which means “root”. Unfortunately, this word has been distorted into a negative connotation of some kind of violent extremism. Nothing could be further from the truth.
So this kind of radical contemplation is going to work at the root level of things, rather than at the branches, or leaves, if we use the analogy of a tree. If you want to kill a tree, cutting the leaves won’t do much good. Yes it would help, but the tree would grow more leaves. But if you cut the root, the tree would definitely die, although you might not see the result for a while. If you cut the leaves, you would see the change immediately, but it wouldn’t last. Again and again you would have to cut the leaves. Conversely, if you cut the root, it would take a while for the leaves to die, but they would not come back.
So perhaps we can use this information to work with our manifested reality in a way to bring about a more lasting change, by working at the root level. And since the reality we perceive is rooted in our perception, let’s trace our perception back to its source, which is pure Consciousness Itself. Let’s find the place inside us, where effects are caused, and deprogram the distortion that causes distorted effects in the seemingly “outside” world.
I believe that observing the process of attention, and how it works, is the way to trace our perception to its source. Because attention is present in all of our sense perceptions, otherwise we wouldn’t be aware them. And what is attention really?, but Consciousness Itself, that has been limited and focused in a particular direction. And attention arises in the heart. When we drop from the head into the heart, we begin to understand. More about the process of attention here:
Now let’s look at the word “contemplation”. What is contemplation, exactly? How is it different from meditation, for example?
In Tibetan Buddhism, non-dual contemplation is the highest practice. it is called Dzogchen. This is when the mind has become the servant of the heart, and can rest in the luminous peace and infinite space of non-duality, like the surface of the water when there is no wind whatsoever.
In meditation we are still trying to “do” something, as in calm the mind, stop thoughts, “be peaceful”, and so forth. But contemplation is effortless. The “doer” dissolves, and we rest in the immense silence of Being. We can bring contemplation with us, even when we leave the meditation cushion, and eventually, we cannot lose it, it continues unobstructed, in whatever situation we find ourselves.
When we arrive to this “place”, we go beyond the realm of cause and effect. And when we return again to the world of duality, the first place we enter, so to speak, is the causal plane, where causes originate. I am wondering if perhaps it is here, that we can plant seeds for a better world, which would eventually appear in the “gross” plane.
Is it by envisioning? by active dreaming? Certainly, whatever it is, it is spontaneous and effortless, not premeditated, and not a “visualization technique” or anything of the sort. It is more about willingly participating in the optimizing force of eternal life that underlies all comings and goings.
So, just as sound can shatter glass, perhaps we can, through holding this frequency, the resonance of our own Infinite Essence, shatter the glass of the invisible structure that keeps us in prison. It is like glass. You can’t really see it with your eyes, it is more a vibrational force field, and as long as you don’t try to pass through it, you can have the idea that the glass wall is not there, and that you are really free.
The Secrets are in the Words
The secrets are all in the words. The more we can understand what the roots of the words we use every day are, the more we can understand the “spell”, or trance, that we are under. And also, the more we can find the solutions, or ways to break the spell.
The first thing i notice about the word “contemplation” is that it contains the word “temple”. So to me, contemplation means to sit in a temple, or holy place. But the holy place is YOU, your being. You can be anywhere in 3D “reality” and be in your temple. Just as the tortoise brings his home with him wherever he goes.
Also we have the word “template”, which is like a blueprint. When we “con-template”, we remain with (con) the blueprint, the original pattern of being ourselves, who we truly are, before all the distortion.
Extra-sensory organs of perception
But also, the “temples” are a particular place on our heads, between the ears and the eyes. Why did this place on the head receive that name?? Inquiring minds want to know these kinds of things, don’t they?
I have mentioned this before, in another article:
However, i think it is worth exploring more. In that article i mentioned how, to me, it feels like there are some almost like multi-dimensional sense organs located at the temples, which have been dormant, or blocked, in us. The only reason i am mentioning this, is because i am noticing something happen in myself in this area.
It is like we have received some kind of etheric “blinders” in that area, much like the blinders used on horses, when they are brought into cities to do whatever work. Those of us who wear these blinders say, “only what I see is real”. The blinders make for an efficient work horse, but not an awakened human being.
Also, this area at the temples is directly between the ears and the eyes. So i started to wonder if maybe the sense faculties that have been covered up with these etheric blinders, have to do with the capacity to see frequency, and hear light and color. Perhaps these senses allow us to comprehend the connection between frequency and the visible manifestation of the world we perceive. And perhaps the recovery of this capacity would include the ability to use frequency to actually modify or transform the world around us as well as a capacity to understand, or “see”, through hearing, on an extrasensory level.
Certainly, the “controllers” are already aware of this connection, and, as is their habit, they have been working to find ways to “weaponize” it, and use frequency to their ends, in a distorted way, for controlling and depressing us, keeping us limited and disconnected.
Although they have developed some powerful methods to achieve this, which have been working to give them the results they want, their technology will never surpass the innate capacity we have for resonance. Of course this depends on our ability to recover and maintain our connection to Source Resonance, you could call it. But there is a reason these senses have been rendered dormant in us over the millennia. And my feeling is, that the reason is because if this capacity awakens in us, it will shatter their plans into a million pieces in an instant.
And it doesn’t take many of us. It really only takes you. or me. Even one of us can recreate the whole cosmos, if we are truly able to hold the frequency, because we are a fractal of Creation Itself. So imagine how powerful it would be if many of us hold this resonance!

There is an old Taoist saying, “in doing nothing, everything is done”. If we could only really realize how true that is ! The logical mind just cannot go there. It is so obsessed with “doing” something in the outer world to “fix” all the problems, that it cannot conceive that anything could be “achieved” through sitting silently with no “objective” whatsoever.
One analogy i love is that of “combing the mirror”. Trying to effect change in the outer world is like trying to comb your hair in the reflected image of you in a mirror. When you think of it in that way, it is very easy to see that it will never work.
Remain Resonant
Remember, the glass only shatters when the right frequency is found, and then held long enough. So first we have to find the right frequency. And then we have to be able to hold it. But when we become truly still and silent, we begin to hear/feel/see the frequency of the Absolute, and how it manifests through and in our body/mind. It is also light, an electro-magnetic current of energy and bliss, and information, true information, not “once-removed” into words, but just pure geometric encoding of great perfection, harmony, and beauty beyond all limits.
It is this frequency that we need to “marinate” in, until we become drenched in it, steeped in it, cooked by it, until we can tolerate it and relax completely into it. It is a kind of transcendent beholding, holding it by being it. Eventually, once a fire has been kindled, it takes on a life of its own. It begins to blaze. Just so, this primal resonance gradually comes alive until it resonates our whole being, in a kind of “over-unity”. Because it is eternal resonance, it never stops. And it is from there that the glass of limitation will be shattered.

Effortless Action
Now, i do not want to imply, either, that we would just never do anything again. Certainly there is much on the 3D level that needs to be done. But perhaps if we develop the capacity to hold the primal resonance of our being, our actions will arise spontaneously, and effortlessly. And perhaps they will be just simple, and local things, done with love, but infinitely more effective than anything we could without this resonance. As in the “Butterfly Effect”, where a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world, can cause a hurricane on the opposite side.
For example, you are cleaning the floor. And simultaneously, with focused intent, while remaining in this radical contemplation, you understand that you are cleaning corruption from the government. You may laugh, but who is to say that it will not work, when done with the right intent and attention? Anything is possible.
We don’t really know what effects our actions have. But the whole “bigger is better” paradigm is not necessarily true. This is just a conditioning of the acquisitive human ego-mind, fueled by the gnawing emptiness of lost souls who want more and more and more, but are never satisfied.
The primal resonance contains all. Everything is fulfilled. All is complete. To be-hold this resonance eliminates seeking and suffering, and the desire to want things to be other than they are. This is the root place. Perhaps without the limitation of trying, we can begin to recreate our world in an effortless spirit of abundance, that naturally overflows with solutions.
This is “The Force”. And the Force is always ready to be with you, but you need to invite it, moment by eternal moment.
We can trust the resonance to shatter the illusion. Our responsibility is to carry that resonance in every moment, not as a burden, but as a bell would ring, or a bird would sing. With no motive, the temple bell sings the prayer of the eternal now.
Kit Walker, explorer in music and consciousness, is dedicated to uncovering and sharing the links between frequency and spiritual awakening. An accomplished musician, well-versed in many traditions, he has also devoted much of his time and attention to the alchemy of human participation in the planetary awakening. This has led him through many diverse spiritual traditions and meditation practices as well as an in-depth study of astrology. His teaching is based on how to bring the practice of music into a total life-art, a yoga which trains and transforms body, mind and spirit.

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