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Where are We with Disclosure?

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1Where are We with Disclosure? Empty Where are We with Disclosure? on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:37 am


Where are We with Disclosure? – Part 1/3

January 8, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Where are We with Disclosure? Disclosure-11
The plan for Disclosure has changed since the days of mass flyovers. So as not to scare the population or excite opposition from the cabal, the galactics have kept a lower profile than in years past.
Nonetheless, as Archangel Michael says Disclosure is underway and galactics are on-planet in numbers awaiting acceptance of the galactic presence and the beginning of our work together building a new world.
How is Disclosure proceeding?
Archangel Michael: Disclosure is very close and it is already underway. (1)
When all is in place, you and the Earth will be ready to receive the first official visits from us, and it will be a time of celebration. Be assured that from our point of view everything is ready for our arrival, and nothing will stop it from happening. So we tell you about the wondrous future for mankind so as to boost your expectations. Of course we ask you to exercise patience, as no events will manifest until the time is perfectly right, but our promises will be kept. (2)
AAM: They are making themselves more visible in real and portrayed ways. It matters not.  What they are doing is readying the human populace for their presence in everyday life.
Not simply as a sighting. Not simply as a collective of starships gathering on the horizon. But simply in the visibility of them in the sky, on the planet, in the stores, in government, in every single way.
You have been invited to join with them in a sacred union of Gaians and Intergalactics and Galactics and so they are making sure that you are ready for that role. (3)
Things are starting to get exciting.
Mira the Pleiaidian: Do we have the ground crew rounded up and paying attention to all that is happening right now on the Earth? Perk up your ears and watch your skies because there will be much more coming your way to show you that we are with you.
We timed the flight [earlier mentioned] so that you would be made aware of our efforts to comfort you and excite you with our presence and our participation in the unfolding events. (4)
I see that you regularly park a light ship over our local airport. Can you tell me, are you hoping the pilots see it?
Sanat Kumara: Oh, the pilots see us all the time. … This is what we mean by a public secret. There are very few pilots that you would talk to, in casual conversation, that would not say that they had seen an ‘unexplained flying object’ that is either accompanying them or zooming by them or that they had seen on a night approach or a day approach.
So, we are visible, it is just not overly visible. So, this is part of the quiet Disclosure until it becomes second nature. (5)
And then the pilots will say, ‘oh, we’ve been seeing these for years’.
Sanat Kumara: That is correct. That is correct. So, there are certain groups of people that are being honed to be the voice of quiet and calm and the pilots are one of them and the entire staff that work particularly on airlines.
So that is the divine decision regarding Disclosure. But I encourage you, my brothers and sisters. Go quiet, call your star brothers in. Meet with them. Talk to them. Visit the ships one by one, but your time is close. (7)
What is the current thinking on Disclosure as an event, rather than a process?
Sanat Kumara: There was a decision conjunct with your star brothers and sisters and what you can think of as the Company of Heaven, the Council of Love, this side, that was undertaken, oh, in your time probably about a couple of years ago, that the wide display that you see in your night skies of all the ships, and some of you see them in the daytime as well, would not be what you can think of as a ‘grand event.’
There would not be a parade of spaceships down Main Street or on the White House lawn or on the Kremlin lawn. There would be an integration of what we have termed ‘boots on the ground’ of star beings who have come to the planet and who are integrating into your societal framework, and very diligently, for you especially Steve, this is good news, working on the anchoring of Nova Earth and Nova Being.
They are high-being transmitters, communicators, and anchors for this energy so that there becomes, what you can think of as a new normal. So Disclosure as a main event? No. The quiet awakening to Disclosure that we are not alone. Yes. And that is already well underway. (8)
That’s a change, isn’t it? You flew over Lima in great numbers and Mexico City, London, and New York, but after that you abandoned it, is that correct?
Sanat Kumara: Because of the reactive nature, not so much of the populace who were by and large excited, but about the National Guard reactions.  (9)
Be assured that once the situation on Earth is settled and we can freely move amongst you, we will be openly making contact. Our plans are made and ready to be put into action, so – as you would say – once “the coast is clear” we will be able to commence our work with you immediately. (10)
Why have the galactics not come before now?
Because of the fear factor among the general populace, … your star family was hesitant to make themselves known. Because they did not wish to contribute, and will not contribute, to the mayhem and chaos upon sweet Gaia.
Now, they also did not wish to create a situation, which was very clearly threatened, where those with warheads and other offensive weapons would be targeting them.
They are not in danger of ever being annihilated by a nuclear warhead, a sound transmission, an energy, or an electromagnetic field.
But the danger has been that those nuclear warheads are being observed by humans and that that would increase the fear factor. (11)
Tomorrow we’ll look at some of the fears that terrestrials have and how the galactics are working with these.
(Continued in Part 2.)
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Where are We with Disclosure? – Part 2/3

January 9, 2016 by Steve Beckow

Where are We with Disclosure? Ufo-5-300x157(Continued from Part 1.)
Today we look at how humans are managing their fear of the galactic presence.
How is the human collective coming along with their fears of extraterrestrials?
Archangel Michael: Humans, and, yes, we speak of the collective and we know there are always percentages, but the humans in fact are more open and more at peace within their very hearts with the idea of Star/Galactic/Intergalactic/Inter-species Beings. (1)
Sanat Kumara: Now, for a long time there has been back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and the quotient of fear, even though there has been acknowledgement by the general populace that the majority know and accept the presence of star beings or the life on other planets or realities, dimensions, has still been very strong.
And as you know, your star family is never, ever going to engage in the situation where it becomes so fearful that there is panic in the streets.  (2)
SaLuSa: Because of our efforts and the Lightworkers, more and more people have an open mind where we are concerned, yet many are uncertain or even scared of the prospect of meeting visitors from other planets, and fear that we have ulterior motives. However, with the coming of the Space Age minds have been awakened to the existence of other life.
Some sources such as Science Fiction depict us as rather frightening beings that are only interested in taking over the Earth. Rest assured that no such threat exists and you are closely protected by us. At times other civilisations have ventured as far as your Earth, but we stop them from interfering with your future. The End Times have already been determined and exist in the “Now” ready to manifest. You do not need to worry as this cycle has a “happy ending” as decreed by God.
As the changes upon Earth continue to take place it would seem as if the end had arrived, but we assure you that you are firmly in the early stages of the New Age. Much work has to be carried out to remove vestiges of the old ways, and introduce the New Age benefits.
Many of these already exist but have been held back until the right time arrives when they can be announced. You already have a vision of what they are and they will provide you with advances on many fronts such as transportation. You will be propelled into a future that will overcome the need to use up the Earth’s resources. (3)
Will we be startled by beings who come in weird shapes?
Archangel Michael: The first wave, shall we say (and the first wave has already been on planet for some time), but what you think of as the first wave, are all very humanoid. So [humanity’s] fear in terms of differentiation is not significant. (4)
How have you fared against the attacks by the secret space fleet?
Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Federation:  Until recently, our ships have been under attack by the secret spacecraft of the US, Canada, Great Britain and Germany. These craft are in reality just a nuisance and we cannot wait for these dark pests to be finally grounded. Over the past Gregorian year, we have begun to station bigger craft in near-Earth orbit. These ships are able to more deeply monitor how Gaia’s surface is changing.  (5)
SaLuSa:   We are so close to you now and are openly visiting your Earth – so much that most people accept our presence in your skies. Because of our highly advanced technology your weapons pose little danger to us, and many of you know that we have put many of them out of action when a threat has arisen. (6)
What have you said to our governments and military forces?
Archangel Michael: The Galactic forces have made it very clear that they will brook no interference at this time. (7)
SaLuSa: We are fully engaged in keeping the dark Ones in check as they try to make their last attempts to disrupt our plan. We are always one step ahead of them and know when they are planning to create havoc.  (8)
Archangel Michael: Governments and military forces that would wish to engage in what they would call defensive/offensive manoeuvres have been clearly, we use the word “warned”, that such actions and behaviours will not be permitted.
So there is, if we can say the word, an “accord” – that is the word that is used by those on planet and those of the Intergalactic Counsel – that there will be no defensive/offensive manoeuvres.
Because there is an absolute knowing, in what you would term as the powers that be, that your friends come in peace, harmony, bearing gifts of science, technology, healing. (9)
Sanat Kumara: Now, it is not a matter of any of the various nations involved, shooting arms or bombs at your star brothers and sisters because that would be like pillow-down and so that is not an issue at all. But the fact that nations would send bombs or arms is an issue because that would create fear and mayhem, and therefore it would not be a Welcome Party.
Now, there are many, many in positions of leadership that are already fully aware and in very close contact with the star beings. And it is a public secret, and I would suggest that even to most lightworkers that public secret is well known.  (10)
What kind of healing gifts do they come bearing?
Archangel Michael:  Immediate healing of what you can think of as the seven major diseases of Earth.
And those are cancer, all auto-immune deficiencies including viral inflammations, Parkinson’s, ALS [Lou Gehrig Disease], Hodgkin’s, Ebola – this of course includes includes HIV and AIDS – Alzheimer’s, dementia because those are at different ends of the spectrum, but also leprosy, all breathing deficiencies and a plethora more.  (11)
Tomorrow we look at the confluence of Disclosure with the Reval and new governance.
(Concluded in Part 3.)
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