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Be wary of gatekeepers

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1 Be wary of gatekeepers on Thu Jan 14, 2016 12:43 am


Be wary of gatekeepers
Posted on January 13, 2016 |
By AL Whitney © copyround 2016
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines is acknowledged.

Following is an analysis of some of the opinions expressed by BAR attorney Alan Phillips on December 22, 2015 in an invitation-only internet vaccination discussion forum with a large membership (over 100 members). Mr. Phillips expressed his opinion as to what topics the members of this discussion forum should be allowed to post and what they should not be allowed to post. Unfortunately the moderator of this discussion forum decided to accept Phillips’ definitions. I was removed for posting a piece exposing that physicians are being called upon to report on patient’s public health status (which would include vaccination history) called Deputizing Doctors
My primary concern is not my removal from the discussion forum, but the extremely important information that is being censored by the influence of  gatekeeper BAR attorney Phillips. By controlling the discussion, Phillips can ensure the elephants in the room are never acknowledged or explored. The physicians, non-profit directors, researchers and journalists in the forum are then kept in the dark as to the vaccination agenda and how it is being executed across the country. Without this knowledge, they will be powerless to help stop it.
Please note: Alan Phillips has claimed to be the leading legal expert in the country regarding vaccines and ‘the law’. Many do not concur with his self assessment. Below are a few of gate keeper Phillips comments followed by my analysis  – which includes bona fide sources.
 Alliance for Vaccine Awareness [invitation only internet discussion forum]
Disinformation: Critical Scrutiny is Necessary
Posted by Alan Phillips Tuesday at 1:52pm [December 22, 2015]
There are only 2 legitimate vaccine discussion areas: 1) medical (do they work, are they effective, are they necessary, are there viable alternatives, etc.), and 2) legal (when are they mandatory, do you have the right to refuse, how do we change laws to get those rights, etc.). Issues of corruption, politics, etc. fall under these two headings–the use of false science to control policy and law, our rights.
When we allow our focus to be pulled away from these topics, big pharma pushes forward with its legislative agenda unopposed. WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD IS IN THE STATE LEGISLATURES, as the fed govt lacks authority to mandate vaccines directly. There are definitely fed law issues, but the primary focus must be on the state law level.
But I respectfully request that the owner or manager of this . . . project delete any discussions not pertinent to vaccine medicine and law, . . .

Let’s look at the important issues outside of gatekeeper Phillips’ definitions: vaccine science and state statutory law.

Government agencies

  • The entire agency network including the Health and Human Services’ well funded  program Healthy People 2020 whose goal is to get 95% of the entire population “fully vaccinated” by 2020 – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: (un)Healthy People 2020
  • The ongoing population reduction agenda being executed by the agency network that was brilliantly exposed by Dr. Russell Blaylock – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: The Tools of Global Population Reduction Exposed
  • The money the CDC is spending in state public health departments to insure their programs are instituted and their progress monitored – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
  • The sophisticated vaccination tracking system being built in each state that will ultimately connect to a central system – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: Police state registry system being set up to track your vaccination status
  • Children who are being unlawfully kidnapped by CPS because their parents refuse to vaccinate them – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
  • Efforts by public health agencies to coerce home schooling parents into reporting the vaccination record of their children – not vaccine science nor state statutory law
    See: Is government data being used to deliver drug company profits
  • The undeniable fact that the entire federal ‘government’ agency network is just a collective of corporations that do not serve the best interests of the American people – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: 28 US Code § 3002 (#15)
  • The fact that President Clinton signed an Executive Order in 1999 (called Federalism) that granted federal agencies the authority to use grant contracts to preempt state statutes – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: Executive Order 13132
  • The self incriminating Refusal to Vaccinate form now being pushed onto unsuspecting parents by their indoctrinated physicians – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: Do Not Sign
  • The increasing move to get college students and health care employees vaccinated or not be permitted to enter the school or keep their jobs – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
  • The ongoing well orchestrated efforts of the medical establishment to keep physicians in the dark regarding vaccine science, the vaccine court, and the corrupt agency network they are taught to revere – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: Harvard scientist warn about epidemic of side effects due to corruption
    See: The Vaccine Court
  • The fact that the CDC is a rogue institution known for criminal behavior and the promotion of false science – per CDC employees with first hand knowledge – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: CDC Exposed

Money and Media

  • The million dollar big pharma lobbying campaign sweeping the country – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
  • The pro-vaccine media propaganda campaign showing up in local newspapers, television series and movies – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.
    See: Doctors facing hard choices


  • The fact that non-profits who expose agency corruption or a flawed legal system risk loosing their non-profit status, so they continue to mislead the public – not vaccine science nor state statutory law.

There is no proof that the opinions of Alan Phillips represent the top legal mind in our country regarding the mandatory vaccination issue. The fact is that Mr. Phillips’ income is dependent on maintaining vaccine exemptions and therefore eliminating state vaccine mandates – which should be the goal of all involved in “vaccine awareness” – would not benefit Mr. Phillips.
Mr Phillips, like most ‘experts’, is both indoctrinated and compartmentalized and confines himself to a relatively small niche of expertise, which does not include:

So, rather than investigate these critically important factors, Alan Phillips elects to ignore them and proclaim they have no significance in the vaccination issue. He could not be more incorrect.
The good people who participate in the Alliance for Vaccine Awareness discussion forum will not likely be able to use their intelligence or connections to help stop the Healthy People 2020 freight train now in motion because they are being kept in the dark by a gatekeeper whose primary concern seems to be to protect his own income . . . no matter what the cost to everyone else. And, Mr. Phillips has demonstrated that he has no compunction about concealing critically important facts regarding our corporate government and our commercial statutory legal system and will attack anyone who tries to expose them. This has been the position of BAR attorneys across the country for decades – with few exceptions.  See:  The Secret of Maritime Jurisdiction Exposed
The Alliance for Vaccine Awareness is an internet discussion forum launched and maintained by Sayer Ji, editor of Sayer Ji has been publishing attorney Alan Phillips’ articles for some time. Since Sayer Ji has not been investigating state statutory laws – which I have been doing since 2010 – he accepts Phillips as an expert. Should Sayer Ji decide to investigate the subject for himself, I have no doubt he would reach the same conclusions I have. See: Our Government is a Corporation

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