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Ask and You Shall Receive

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1 Ask and You Shall Receive on Fri Jan 15, 2016 12:44 am


Ask and You Shall Receive

January 14, 2016 Ines Radman

It’s been a while since I have ‘picked’ on someone and questioned the credibility of their information. I can say with pride that of all the folks I have “exposed”, nobody has come forward to debunk me or give an argument as to it not being the case.
Today, while scrolling through the WP Reader (a list of blogs I follow), I noticed a post from someone I know and someone I no longer trust as being who they say they are. I would prefer not to mention names as this is not about them, but she claims to be enlightened, yet consistently posts about wars, terrorism, potential wars and basically fear mongering by defending her reasons that she must post the truth and people have the right to know. I think there is enough of that shit online, we don’t need to be reposting FEAR everyday.
We all make bad or wrong decisions, but we also ought to review those errors and find what the lesson in it was and try not to make the same mistake. This person supported folks that are today openly recognized as being fakes or disinfo agents, but this is not about her, it about the “crap” still being posted out there.
Monty Keen and Veronica Keen are “crap”. Neither dead or alive have made any major contributions to the planet other than fear mongering, asking for 1/2 m Euros to build a “heaven on earth”and misrepresenting her foundation. There is plenty of information  on this blog about both of them so do your research, I don’t want to repeat here. owned/run by Alexandra Meadors is the lady in the video below. She no longer has “The Event” or “Cobra” on her main menu but has carefully placed it under “Articles”where you can find all her interviews. She was very involved in interviewing Cobra as she promoted him and the EVENT that was supposed to happen already, she also supported a few people I had exposed, one of them being Kathryn E. May.
I was in communication with Ms. Meadors and I thought we had started a really online friendship, we even made plans for her to visit me when she travelled to Bosnia to see the Pyramids. I am 5 hour drive away from them. As we exchanged information, I was just putting together my first expose on Kathryn E. May and since Alexandra heavily promoted the channeling, I let her know what I was about to do. It was a gesture I felt was polite and considerate so that she was not surprised by it. I was shocked at the reaction I received, she basically accused me of blackmailing her. She interpreted my warning as me requesting her to remove Kathryn’s work because I felt she was a fraud. It is nothing like that, but I can’t show the emails, it is simply not something I do when private emails are concerned. I know that I would really be upset if someone publicly displayed my private emails with someone. It’s not the point though, I lost trust in her and felt she was not yet mature enough to be who she claimed to be at the time.
Also, when I wrote to her to tell her that Cobra was actually working with reptilians to open portals here on Earth, they were not for the purpose of bringing in energy/light, they were meant for the reptilians to enter. She said she knew this but was only using Cobra for information.
What kind of person is this? Would you trust someone like that? I can only say that she is overly ambitious and like a great salesperson, it don’t matter what you sell, so long as you can sell it. Yes, she does sell, she does make money and she does ask for donations, so enough said.
You are more than welcome and encouraged to search this blog for the people I mention above so I don’t want to waste any more time on that. I have learned over time to not insult the people I try to expose. With experience comes maturity, respect and an understanding that we all have different roles to play here. The channelers can be sharing information from dark entities, they may not even be aware of it. They are implanted with a belief system that the entity communicating to them is who they claim to be.
Yes, there are those that purposely deceive and confuse the masses as well and I believe they too have a purpose in doing what they do. There are no coincidences and each one of us here have a specific reason for being here.
This is what has changed in the last 2 years while managing this blog. I stopped exposing these folks. I never questioned the information they gave because they can’t prove it’s real and I can’t prove it is not. But the moment you find 2 people or more sharing the same source and the information is different, one can assume several things:

  1. Entities channeling to several people but giving different information are purposely deceiving and confusing.
  2. The channelers that are receiving different information don’t know about the others
  3. The channelers purposely make up shit to sell to the masses for money, for attention and have an agenda
  4. The channelers are paid by the dark to give out and sell “hope”.

Are these people bad who knowingly deceive people? Nobody is born bad or evil, the circumstances under which they were born and grew up determine their behaviour as adults predominantly. It is most definitely a choice but one we might not be aware of but if they are evil/bad it could mean they were infested by archontic parasites and have no control. We can look at this in many different ways, the end result is how you perceive the information, what you do or don’t do with it.
We all have the right to exercise our free will and do what we want so long as we don’t hurt anyone by our actions, and this is where I feel I come in. If I feel that someone is doing harm to others by saying things that are not true then I should let people be aware of that without insulting the accused but putting it in such a way that gets you to think about it or catch something you missed the first time.
My curiosity but more likely my intuition wanted me to listen to the interview below between Alexandra Meadors and Will. Since I have been following (watching) I knew her past and what she was selling a few years back.
When you charge for services, you are selling something. If you ask for donations, you are selling something. She was deep into implant removal, ascension, Cobra, the channeling of St. Germain, Sananda, Ashtar command landing on earth etc.
I read a lot of the cosmic awareness but I can’t connect this Will person below, this is the first time I have listened. Over the years I read the posts, and not sure if this is the same Cosmic Awareness that was promoting the Dinar Revaluation, St. Germain Prosperity Funds and NESARA.
On this site you will see that the information shared by this Cosmic Awareness is channeled by Paul Shockley though it does say that many people have channeled him so there is not just one person.
The information shared by this Cosmic Awareness Will is actually not very cosmic at all as the name implies. This entity is not saying anything extraordinary that human political analysts or alternative media pundits have not already predicted. This entity makes it very clear several times that his predictions are based on possibilities and what our energy will create. If we believe war is imminent, and enough of us collectively believe that, we will get war.
This is why I write often about not thinking what you don’t want rather on what you do want. Instead of thinking or worrying about potential war, we should focus on peace. We create by thinking and focusing on what we want.
The fact you even think about war itself creates that energy for it to manifest. Let me give you an example: You just read an article, in it the word “war” written. You may think “oh my god, what if we do get war, I don’t want war”. By this thought you have given energy to war, this is why I also constantly repeat how we are so not aware of how powerful we are.
Ms. Meadows just rubs me the wrong way. I don’t feel a good energy emanating from her. If she truly has good intentions and if she truly was in a higher awareness state, she would NOT be posing questions about wars, terrorism, the madness in the Middle East. Why? It’s not helping us in any way to even know the political and Cabal controlled games. She focused on this crap and only causing everyone to listen to this Crap “think” wars and death.It’s called facilitating potential disasters by focusing thoughts on the negative outcomes.
We don’t want wars and death. We want peace,freedom, prosperity. Since we are on that subject of Prosperity, Ms. Meadors used to promote the Prosperity Funds being released and the Dinar Revaluation (RV) that never happened yet was supposed to happen tomorrow. 
Though, like many in this love and galactic light business, she is good at reinventing herself along with Cobra, Michael Ellegion who claimed Ashtar and his ship Jerusalem will be landing 2 years ago. Maybe they were supposed to and we simply were not ready but remember, you create your own reality and as a collective, we create our collective reality.
Ms. Meadors usually starts her questions with: “It is being said”. Enlighten us please, who said this and when? She introduces this Will person as someone with a B.A. in Psychology as if that gives him credibility. I have a B.A. and PhD, does that make me credible or believable? Kathryn E. May is a psychologist and she’s nuts.
How do we know he actually channels? How do we know this entity is on the good side? And, if this being is a cosmic consciousness, should he not know the future since it’s already recorded in the Akashic? And  what benefit is it to know the future if we are the ones creating it? Every Tom, Dick and Harry out there has made predictions for 2016, what is so special about this one? Anyone can make predictions.
One thing that Ms. Meadors has been consistent with is her method of questioning. You will notice the tone of her voice she likes the answer and her lowered voice when she doesn’t like them, but she pretty well states her views or what others have said and then asks the Cosmic Awareness if she is close or what he thinks.
If you know the answers, why ask “questions”?  And, why are you so hung up on the future when you should know it depends on what we think and do? Nobody, nothing outside ourselves determines or decides the future reality. We choose and determine it. So, if we determine our future/reality, how does anyone know?
Cosmic awareness Will may have good intentions but he has offered me nothing exciting or cosmic, he is offering his perspective and speculation.
Cosmic Awareness communicates carefully through trained channels. The information received from Cosmic Awareness is received in a deep trance state and interpreted. This particular person Paul Shockely has a lot of info you can find on the link above. He claims to serve the Divine, though doesn’t elaborate on what “divine”is actually but it would be interesting to compare Paul and Will’s interpretations. This is the key to the information they receive, their ability to interpret therefore, if events they predicted don’t happen, we can just blame the messenger right?
Enough said, but you watch the interview yourself if you wish because I could have misinterpreted the questions asked. Anyone that needs to ask a stranger questions about what may or may not happen doesn’t have a clue about who they are. She might as well interview the Pope and ask him what he thinks.

Thanks to Ines at:


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