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Anna Von Reitz ~ Round Four With Karen Hudes plus more

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Round Four With Karen Hudes

Ms. von Reitz has not yet answered my question:


"Ms.von Reitz" is not the proper party to address, is it, Karen?  You are   The claimant and beneficiary whose vessel is organic and who is live flesh and blood is not an officer of the Crown and holds no office related to the Crown. The woman calling you to task is called "Anna Maria Riezinger" and she is not a "Ms." of any kind.  You are an attorney and you are presumed to know that.  So let's start there.  That your mischaracterization was translated and that others delivered it to me (nothing in the mail,nothing direct via email, either) is merely chance.  One doesn't misaddress questions, Karen, unless one doesn't want the answers, which is what I estimate your situation to be.   


Do you deny that General Joseph Dunford is a Knight of Malta and that he is heading the martial law in the US? 

I have no knowledge of General Dunford's associations religious, fraternal, or otherwise.  I address him in his capacity as a Commanding General of the American Armed Forces, the Successors of the Grand Army of the Republic in the present day, and as a result, of course he is heading the "martial law" in the United States---- the same martial law that has existed since 1863 when Abraham Lincoln issued General Order 100 and still obligated to maintain the duty established under it to safeguard our money.  Get the connection?   You keep hopping up and down about "martial law" when it is a documented historical fact that the Federal United States (merely a contractor supposed to be providing services to the peaceful Continental United States and doing a damnably poor job of it) has been at constant war and operating under martial law for 150 years.   

Why did you think people wanted their gold to go to him? 


See above.  It is not only Dunford's commission, but his life as a Fiduciary on the line if he fails to honor the duty owed to the American People. Know anyone else in a more compelling and official and responsible position to receive the gold back?


Ms. von Reitz and her husband have no standing to make any claim against the Global Debt Facility or to prevent the Global Debt Facility from cancelling all countries' debts against the Treaty of Versailles bonds worth 2 quadrillion dollars in the Global Debt Facility:


I have already disabused your ignorance concerning our standing.  We are each members of the "free sovereign and independent people of the United States"----- that is, the Continental United States and we have claimed and documented that status before the United Nations, the Holy See, and HRM Elizabeth II without any argument or objection.  Even if we were the only Americans left, we would still have standing as the heirs of the Priority Creditors of the 1933 Bankruptcy and we would still have the ability to act under the Last Man Standing Rule to exercise the entire duty and contract owed to all other Americans.  As it happens, there are about 360 million of us still able to act in this capacity and we are not the only ones competent to do so.    


 I have answered her other assorted claims in the attached mark-up. People were telling me to drop everything else that really mattered in order to deal with Anna von Reitz. There was a big crunch last week: 


As you well know I asked you only five (5) questions which you are obligated to answer one by one and deliver that answer to me, all properly addressed to the lien claimant within the time period specified.  No such answer to those five questions has been received.  You and your organization are in default and the clock is ticking. 


David Wyn Miller was trying to horn in for the umpteenth time, and I sent him packing for the umpteenth time,  The Philippines government was trying to steal humanity's gold, this time in a court case relying on the International Court of Justice decision and CIA memo that the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors declared to be null and void  


These are the sorts of statements that you make, Ms. Hudes--- as if you and the World Bank and IMF Board of Governors were God, able to declare international law at will.  Again, I hate to disabuse you, but your corporations are nothing but paper and when you operate as criminal cartels in violation of your charter all such corporations are subject to liquidation and the disposal of their assets to their creditors.  


I had to start the bidding process to contract with a security printer for certificates to exchange Federal Reserve Notes for US Treasury Dollars  I had to find out from the Swiss whether we need to print new US Treasury Dollars, or if UBS will provide the uncut dollars that Ronald Reagan printed after the Grace Commission report about all of the US income taxes going to the Fed on that scam called country debt


It is important for you, Karen, and for the World Bank Board of Governors and the IMF Board of Governors to understand that the Creditors are the American people and the Continental United States known as the united States of America, not the Federal United States.  The people who are owed the assets we have claimed are living beings in organic states and our money is the lawful United States Dollar defined as an ounce of fine silver, as I have explained to you before.  The Federal United States is a separate entity--- they are the ones trading in "Federal Reserve Notes" and "US Bank Notes".  Giving our assets to the Federal United States is like me giving your assets to your cleaning lady and "calling it good"---when in fact I have specifically instructed you not to do that.  

I am as concerned for the welfare of the people of this planet as you or anyone else could ever possibly be.  That concern includes returning the assets of the American People to the American People ---- not the British Subjects who are merely nesting here as "residents". 

Thanks to:




Important Details for Everyone Regarding 12 USC 95a and 95 (2) b:

Anna Von Reitz ~ Round Four With Karen Hudes plus more Anna210
by Judge Anna Von Reitz

Americans don't have a "nation" -- we have a country. The term "American National" does not apply to us, either. That is the Federal verbiage for American Samoans, Puerto Ricans, etc.
The "nation" you would be giving your estate to via reversionary trust interest is the Federal United States, not the Continental United States. That is, you would be "donating" your private property to the crooks who defrauded you and your parents and your grandparents in exchange for more of their worthless promissory notes and bunko.
Regarding the Status of the Western States:
Red-line the fact that the Continental Congress (land)is entirely different and separate from the United States Congress (sea). Until you clearly, absolutely grasp this separation of jurisdictions you will be deluded about who "they" are and who "we" are.
They are British Subjects "residing" on our soil. They are supposed to be here loyally providing us with "good faith service" and "essential governmental services" which we are owed. They have instead deliberately and with malice aforethought entrapped (press-ganged) and mischaracterized us as British Crown Subjects, that is, as "debt slaves" in their scheme of things, and have proceeded to rape and plunder the ":public trusts" they established "in our names" without our knowledge or consent. These are venal criminal acts and war crimes.
To date, despite promises to rectify the situation no actual remedy has been received. Under commercial law, when no remedy exists, the aggrieved party is entitled to settle the matter according to their devises so long as it is equitable. We are calling for the return of all our property, the assets we are owed, plus reasonable interest for their use, and damages for their abuse.
Regarding Attempts to Mischaracterize Us and Avoid Paying Us as The Heirs of the Priority Creditors:
We can't let the rats get away with it, and won't. Write to the Members of Congress so that they are fully convinced of their culpability in this matter. We are owed the return of the gold that was stolen -- "confiscated" from our grandparents and the return of our equity exchanged in good faith for their worthless dishonored promissory notes. The entirety of the scheme and those responsible for it must be addressed and the machinery backing it dismantled so that no additional fraudulent claims can be generated.
This means recording our nativity, not registering a "birth". It means administration under the Law of the Land, not the Law of the Sea. It means recognition of the fact that we, not the middlemen banks, are their employers and benefactors and priority creditors.
Regarding the "Global Debt Facility"
The "Global Debt Facility" if you haven't figured it out by now, is a swindle. There's a reason you haven't heard of it before--- it's because it was just a "box" for the bankers to deposit all the ill-gotten loot they've recieved, when and if their receipt of stolen goods was ever discovered. Well, guess what? The stolen nature of the booty has been discovered and those guilty of the theft are scurrying around making deposits so that it won't technically be in their possession when the gate closes and we are all looking around for the thieves.
The World Bank and IBRD and Federal Reserve were all Secondary Creditors in the 1933 Bankruptcy (See "Federal" Title 5) When the dust finally settled and the Priority Creditors--- the American People---had finally paid off all the debts owed by a private, for-profit governemental services corporation doing business as the "United States of America, Inc." these same Secondary Creditors pretended that they didn't know who the Priority Creditors and their Heirs were. They "presumed" that we just "abandoned" the funds and assets and claimed it all for themselves.
Stealing our remaining gold left as an inheritance owed as a result of FDR's confiscations and refusing to repay gold and silver that they received in exchange for fraudulent "debt notes" known as "Federal Reserve Notes" is part and parcel of their attempt to undermine the lawful Republican Government owed to the people of the Continental United States.
Remember HJR 192 and the Emergency Banking Act of 1934?
The vermin in Congress established a "dollar for dollar" fixed exchange rate --- one of their promissory notes (I.O.U's) in exchange for one ounce of our silver or a commensurate amount of our gold. Thus they emptied out Fort Knox through the back door, then declared "bankruptcy" of the corporation responsible and left us to stand as "sureties" to pay the debts of their bankrupted corporation on top of robbing us blind.
Not only that, they brought their filthy paws to their buddies in the Bar Association and the administrators of the Holy See and these entities gave them bankruptcy protection, which means they "erred" fantastically and are responsible for the injustice and mistreatment of the American People and their National Trust which they are all obligated under the actual Constitution and the Treaty of Westminster 1794 to protect.
No amount of "pretending" that we don't exist or that we ever voluntarily and knowingly changed our political status to accommodate their predation will work. It simply isn't true and no prudent man would agree to the "contracts" that they pretend were accepted by 390 million prudent men.
So there you go--- all you are seeing via Ms. Hudes is a bunch of crooks trying to find a way out of a major league jam they created.
It's time to drag out the public records and begin the forensic audits and liquidations of the banks and other organizations responsible, or, for the banks and those other organization colluding with the banks to come clean and return the equitable remedy demanded:

1. All our gold returned to the American people and the American Government it is owed to, plus interest;
2. All title and patent to the land that the American people and the American Government is owed, free of lien, encumbrance, or debt of any kind amassed by merely "presumed" Secondary Beneficiaries;
3. Immediate cessation and permanent Estoppel of all fraudulent claims of mortgages or other claims of debt based on the debts of these same "presumed" Secondary Beneficiaries;
4. Return of all equity interest owed to us that has been fraudulently claimed to be "abandoned" funds;
5. Reinstatement of lawful money and private banking without further unlawful conversion or delay.
6. Return of all interest in private property without except to the lawful living people to whom it is owed despite any undisclosed process of "application" or "registration"---- including interest in public resources, businesses, homes, infrastructure, copyrights, patents, and favorable liens.

[size=13]See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website

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Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America

Anna Von Reitz ~ Round Four With Karen Hudes plus more Anna210
by Anna Von Reitz

There has been a lot of  inappropriate talk about "civil war" in America.  Let's be perfectly blunt.  

The Federal United States has been operated as a puppet by the British Government which in turn has been operated as a puppet by the City State of Westminster aka Inner City of London which has been operated by international banking cartels and the Bar for generations. In turn, these organizations have been influenced, led, and perpetuated by what Frank O'Collins calls "the Roman Cult" within the Roman Catholic Church. 

Americans, like the British People, have gone along trustingly and been abused and enslaved. 

We, Americans, have been used repeatedly as the "muscle" behind wars for profit and illegal and immoral police actions in other countries undertaken by the British Crown Corporation and its cronies throughout the world, with the result that we are widely blamed and despised as the perpetrators of all this greed and violence when in fact we have been victims like everyone else and have merely been more gullible than the rest of the world. 

A careful reading of the historical documents, especially the treaties ending the Revolutionary War and The Constitution, reveals that the British retained control of a substantial portion of the American jurisdiction of the sea including our ability to conclude international treaties and commercial trade agreements---both of which have been crippled and controlled since the birth of our nation by this arrangement. 

In exchange for our Forefather's agreement to this deplorably bad deal,  the British Monarch was made our Trustee on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways.  It was thought that his clear obligation to the Americans in this capacity would bind his hands and prevent him from doing us harm.  In 1794 a treaty between the Americans and the City State of Westminster was also concluded in which we were promised "perpetual" friendship and amity. 

We definitely need to remind them of the meaning of "perpetual". 

So here we are at the beginning of the twenty-first century and our Trustees have proven to be our worst enemies--- not only our worst enemies, but worst enemies of all freedom-loving and decent people everywhere.  Since 1866 the British Government has privately promoted and perpetuated a policy of eternal war and enslavement of the world's population while keeping up an appearance of being the bulwark and defender of western civilization. Like a pedophile acting as a Foster Parent, the British Government has spared no expense in its efforts to cover up its dirty work, but it is at last discovered. 

The Federal United States is and has always been an instrumentality of the British Government and the international banks and the Bar Associations and it is the Federal United States---not the Continental United States--- which has been guilty of all the crimes against humanity which have been racked up and placed at the door of the hapless Americans who have been deceived into believing that the Federal United States is or ever was their lawful government. 

Time to wake up. We have been hosts for these parasites and now they are moving on to attempt to parasitize China and its vast population.   

The so-called "Federal Government" is a foreign corporation under contract to provide our States with nineteen enumerated services directed by our Trustee the British Monarch and his corporate Executive Officer known as the "President of the United States".  The British Monarch was paid for this "service" with tribute in the form of mineral wealth extracted from the American States and was faithfully paid for involving us in an endless stream of unjust police actions and dirty commercial deals and then handing us the blame and the bills.

Let it stand before the American People and the entire world who the guilty parties actually are: the administration of Queen Elizabeth II, her corporation, ELIZABETH II, the British Crown Corporation and its franchises worldwide, the Lords of the Admiralty and the City-State of Westminister together with all its Successor Organizations and franchises, and the Holy See doing business as FRANCISCUS are directly and personally responsible for all this injustice and mayhem and mis-administration of the Public Trust in Britain, America, the Commonwealth, India, Japan, all of Western Europe and most of Eastern Europe, too. 

The populations of all these countries have a grudge and many, many claims against these perpetrators; the People of China would be well-warned and advised not to accept any "gifts" from Jacob Rothshild or the World Bank or QEII, either.  Gold and silver are not food, not fuel, and not the raw resources that China needs.  Apart from being excellent conductors of electricity and photo emulsions, of what use are these so-called "precious" commodities? 

Time to wake up. 

We have all been bamboozled by these phonies (as in Phoenicians) long enough.  

The bankers and lawyers who have acted as the foot soldiers of this global Evil Empire have planned various scenarios for the demise of America.  First of all, we are to be blamed for all their sins.  Second of all, we are to be charged with all their crimes.  Third, we are to be stripped of whatever wealth we still have after they have stolen as much as they can possibly steal to pay their debts.  

From their standpoint, it would be expedient to foment a civil war on our soil. There are a number of reasons.  

First, it kills off their lawful Creditors, the American People.  They are now claiming in the United Nations that we no longer exist and that the heirs of their Creditors are "absent" or "unknown".  This pathetic excuse is being offered as a means of avoiding paying back the American People for gold illegally confiscated in the 1930's and labor and resources exchanged for no payment but hot air and paper ever since. 

Second, murder of the American People allows them to collect on life insurance policies that they have gratuitously established on each and every one of us, naming themselves and their corporations as the beneficiaries. 

Third, murder of the American People leaves an opportunity for them and their buddies to claim the "abandoned property" just as they did in Germany after the War. 

They call this "plowing the field"---- emptying the land of its people and decrepit buildings and infrastructure so that it can be rebuilt under new ownership: theirs. 

However, they have to have a plausible reason for attacking the American People, because after all they are under public contract to protect us and are continuing to siphon off large payments from our public treasuries for the service.  They therefore have to find some sneaky, backdoor means to excuse their actions --- and their continuing crimes against us. 

It is time to recognize these criminals for who and what they are and to bring a stop to them and their predations upon the entire world.  The most expedient way to do this is for everyone worldwide to cease operating as any form of corporation---simply dissolve them all, nationalize their assets in the case of "government" corporations, demand that the Pope acting as CEO liquidate those corporations that have acted as criminal syndicates----including the major banks. Apply the Icelandic Answer. 

Everyone please note that although these vermin have been misrepresenting the American People to the rest of the world for the past 150 years and mischaracterizing us at home, they are NOT the American People owed the land jurisdiction of the United States and never have been.  The mis-administration and usurpation of our government that has been accomplished via semantic deceit and other forms of fraud, but that, too, has been discovered and is at an end. 

If those responsible for this egregious behavior have any hope of surviving themselves, they must make amends to the rest of the planet and the people they have harmed.  

In the case of the Federal United States the turning of the worm leaves one thing very clear: any attacks against the unarmed and peaceful American People to whom they owe "good faith service" will be instantly recognized as crimes of war and aggression by commercial mercenaries disguised as units of government.  

Any failure to correct the political status of Americans to reflect their actual political status as "free sovereign and independent people of the United States" --- that is, the Continental United States--- like any attempt to mischaracterize their Creditors and the Heirs of their Creditors will also be recognized for what it is and rebutted. 

Any failure of the British Monarch and the "President of the United States" to repay all the debt of the Federal United States that is lawfully owed to the innocent American People of the Continental United States will be obvious self-interest and default upon debt in the full view of all other nations. 

When all those other peoples and nations have been afforded a full view of what has gone on here and stop to consider how they, too, have been abused, lied about, defrauded, and enslaved by these Babylonian Snake Oil Salesmen in tweeds, they will conclude as we have that we have all suffered from a single malady which has its world headquarters in the Inner City of London. And then we can all take appropriate action---like enforcement of the $279 trillion dollar International Commercial Obligation Lien which the Americans have placed against the American Bar Association, the International Bar Association and the misnamed Department of Justice which matures tomorrow. 

The people of the Earth must unite against the evils perpetuated by the inhabitants of "the World"---a fake, illusory Satanic construct incorporated legal fictions--- that is, lies--- which serves only to mask the identities and obscure the filthy and violent intentions of profoundly evil men masquerading as philanthropists and pillars of the global community instead. 

To all men and women everywhere the alarm goes forth and the claim in equity is clearly stated.  This is our Earth.  It belongs to us, not to any corporation.  This, the American Government, as opposed to the "US Government" is a lawful and peaceful government "of the people, by the people and for the people"---- not a government "of the corporation, by the corporation and for the corporation".  

If we, the people of the Continental United States are forced to take up arms against those operating the Federal United States, it will be a clarion call for your joint understanding and assistance in removing this source of criminality from our mutual midst.  Let the Federal United States and the Governments of Britain and the City-State of Westminster and the administration of the Vatican stand revealed as crime syndicates that have created and which are responsible for much of the poverty, misery, injustice, and conflict that have infested our planet for generations----and not as they would portray themselves as enlightened philanthropists. 

Petty crooks operating on a giant stage is much closer to the truth of it. 

As each person reads this and knows that we can choose global peace or global war and that it is not negotiable that innocent victims should again bear the brunt of this criminality, don't be afraid just because you are suddenlyaware that you are "just one person" in the midst of a universe.  Become aware instead that you are the universe.  



Judge Anna Maria Riezinger
Alaska State Superior Court

[size=13]See this article and over 100 others on Anna's website

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Posted on January 16, 2016 by arnierosner
From: Anna von Reitz [ltr]<[][ltr][/ltr][/email]>[/ltr]
Date: Fri, Jan 15, 2016 at 2:07 AM
Subject: The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States

The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States
The Northwest Ordinance of the United States is part of our Organic Law and provides a progressive means for Territories to become States, however, there has been no Continental Congress since 1860 competent to actually enroll the States created by Statehood Compacts.
The “Congress” operating in DC since then has been operating in other capacities in the international jurisdiction of the sea as a corporation and as the “representatives” of a foreign constitutional democracy of 57 “states” including the seven Insular States of Guam, Puerto Rico, etc. plus 50 inchoate Federal States.
There hasn’t been a “Land Congress” since 1860. We haven’t sent anyone to Philadelphia (not DC) in a Fiduciary Deputy capacity to act in behalf of the Land Jurisdiction in 150 years. Let that fact sink in.
Remember— The Constitution we are owed has no 19th Amendment. Our Senators report to our actual State Legislature on the Land and can be recalled. Our Congressmen are accountable directly to the people. But we haven’t operated our actual State Legislatures on the Land and we haven’t called a Continental Congress in many, many decades.
This is technically all right because we are the recognized sovereigns of the land jurisdiction and if we don’t want to do our job, there’s nobody to force us to do it. On the other hand, the work has piled up and the mayhem has increased. At some point we have to remember who we are and do our part, call our Congress to Philadelphia, and clear the backlog.
The Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia which is and has always been the Capitol of the Land Jurisdiction. The United States Congress meets in Washington, DC, which is and has always been the Capitol of the Sea Jurisdiction.
We are talking not only apples and oranges “different” but apples and potatoes different.
Failure on the part of Americans to realize this has caused no end of trouble and misadministration and frustration.
As a result of this ongoing circumstance, most of the States west of the Mississippi have remained in limbo as States-in-Waiting—- technically considered Federal Territories and largely under Federal management though contractually guaranteed all the rights and statuses of actual States-on-the-land to the extent that the Federal United States can guarantee that result.
This, too, is part of the craziness and the direct result of Federal Self-Interest and Power Mongering combined with our failure to realize what has gone on and take appropriate action. This is why we have to organize the separate land jurisdiction government owed to the people at the county and state levels and organize an actual and proper Continental Congress to formally enroll the western states and to formally relinquish their land and resources to them and out of any federal control.
So the problem isn’t the Northwest Ordinance which has functioned well as far as it could function. The problem is on our end as a Body Politic for failing to do our duty and convene a Continental Congress to accept the “new” States into the Union of States and end their quasi-territorial status.
Of course this is just another example of how the Federal United States owed us a duty to bring forward the issue and request action — and didn’t— because they have enjoyed the power of management over large areas of land and resources that otherwise belong to the States and the People. Still, it is only a trustee capacity that the Federales have enjoyed there— as caretakers and proprietors until such time as the actual States on the Land convene a Continental Congress and take care of long overdue business.
Although I am fully in support of our taking these actions, I also have to say that we are not ready to convene a Continental Congress and the dangers of doing so in a condition of confusion are or should be self-evident. Millions of people are just waking up and they have been well and fully deceived—most of them for their entire lives.
It takes time and effort to retrain one’s assumptions and alter one’s mindset from one of dog-like obedience and trust in “our government” to waking up and realizing that we are literally “self-governing” and need to do the job.
If our Housemaid stole our credit cards and we mistook her for Santa Claus the situation could not be more bizarre than it is, or any more disconcerting for the newly awakened. Up is down, black is white. Instead of being the Debtors, we are the Creditors. Instead of the Subjects, we are the Sovereigns. Instead of electing members of the United States Congress we need to be electing members of the Continental Congress.
But before we do, we need to fully remember who and what we are and how this government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” is supposed to work.

Thanks to:


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