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The Reality of Things

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1 The Reality of Things on Wed Jan 20, 2016 3:09 pm


The Reality of Things

January 20, 2016 Ines Radman

You know, let’s look at things realistically. Let’s assume that Nibiru exists and that it is on it’s earth orbit trajectory. Let’s look at the scientific theory. There is none! Why? Because you can create a theory based on speculation alone. Nobody really knows because this has never happened in a recent time where it was recorded. Speculation is all that we have.
I have read many times about this theory that should Nibiru enter Earth’s orbital space that it will get pulled towards Earth. How do we know this and based on what experience in the past that we know of? Scientists are assuming that Nibiru is built with same materials as Earth? What about the two planets have different magnetic properties?
Bottom line on the physics of this possible event is that we simply don’t know what could happen and because we don’t know, why add that element of fear?
Now, let’s look at the disclosure issue. Let’s assume NASA and other space agencies are sure that Nibiru will enter planet’s orbital space and cause a catastrophe event or even cause a pole shift.
So what if they do disclose this to the public? What can we do? For starters, we don’t know what side or direction the poles would shift to, it’s all speculation again or “theory” as they call it. We don’t know.
What can we do? What safe place is there if the entire planet would be affected? Major Ed Dames has been fear mongering with his famous Kill Shot since 2013 and failed many times, so what did he do? He backed off, regrouped and came out with a new story. He is now talking about aliens and getting their assistance, so much for Remote Viewing.

He charges a lot of money for his lecture where he discloses or provides lists of ‘safe’ places to go to in the event of that Killshot. Is this guy for real? If you don’t know where exactly this so called ‘killshot’ will hit, how would you know where exactly is a safe place to be? Sure, such an event that he describes can scorch the earth really bad and create chaos, but again, one CME or EMP event cannot destroy the entire planet.
But let’s get back to the Nibiru and pole shift topic. If we were to know that this was inevitable and our governments/cabal were keeping this from us because we might panic, why would they do that? Do you actually believe they are holding back because we might panic? Hell no! If they know it’s inevitable, they are not telling us about it because they want to milk every last drop from us. You see, humanity would not panic. What does ‘panic’ actually mean? Are we going to run to the hills or demonstrate in anger because we were not told the truth? Hell no. We would be more worried about our families and how to protect them.

Are we going build bunkers? Not really, because again, we don’t know if a safe zone even exists. Will we all run to the hills and hide? Probably not, it takes money and arrangements ahead of time to do so, and not many people have that kind of money.
What would we do then? We would basically let everything go, stay home with our families, we would not go to work or school or whatever else takes time out of our lives and we would spend time researching and getting educated on how we could survive if at all possible.
Humanity is not going to just fold it’s arms and wait it out. If there exists any hope or change that we can live through it, we will give it our best. The Cabal doesn’t give a crap about us panicking because they too know we would not create chaos, we would simply devote our time to family and despite being told we many not survive, we will prepare as best as we can because humanity’s arrogance doesn’t allow it to just give up, it wants to live and so it will do whatever it can to protect itself.

I personally don’t believe that those bunkers built for the elite are a guarantee they would survive. I’m not a scientist or geologist but here is an example of why even bunkers may not survive. In Southern Europe and Baltics most homes are built from stone, bricks and cement because of the climate and wood is very expensive. We built our home on a pretty solid rock setting, poured a slab of cement 1 meter thick, added bricks/blocks with insulation, basically it was done by a very good architect, everything was done by codes.
With no earthquakes recorded in our region in the last 5 years, our home cracked in several locations throughout the structure. Yes I know it’s normal for a house to settle  but this island is solid volcanic rock, very little soil except what came up from the ocean floor.
If this can happen without any underground movements, then imagine what it can do to underground bunkers while the earth is shaking, twisting or impacted by foreign space objects and expanding during a pole shift?
Cement cracks and if this happens in a bunker and water is moving across the surface, it seems logical that water would seep into the cracks and perhaps even flood the bunkers. It may not happen to all bunkers but it can if they are in a high friction zone and volumes of water sloshing on the surface of it.
I also read somewhere that the Cabal would not survive in the underground bunkers but that came from channeled information and I don’t give much credence to that as you know, especially as we are now discovering that channeling may be part of a psych-op mind control program.
Everything we are experiencing the last few years is new to us, unprecedented, although the climate extremes have happened in the past, it was not recorded so scientists figured this out through testing soil, ice cores and rock samples.
We are in unchartered territory. We’ve never had to build bunkers to protect us from earth changes. We have never lived through a Nibiru like event or objects orbiting close to Earth. We’ve never experienced a pole shift so we have no idea what can happen and all the possibilities.
My advice is this: Try not to become obsessed with all the hype of planets, meteors, space junk and mother ships entering Earth’s atmosphere or orbital space. It’s enough to know that many possibilities exist. A CME or EMP is also possible but we don’t know yet if you think about it, there have been over 500 X-class flares over the past 10 years and not ONE has been earth directed. Is that luck or coincidence? Are we getting help?
Focus on preparing the best you can and based on what you can afford. Don’t waste your time or money moving or seeking a safe place because there is no such thing. Ed Dames is making a fortune on lectures and DVD sales selling his killshot that never happened and yet telling people where the safe zones are. His science of Remote Viewing is not 100% and keep in mind he once worked for US intelligence.
Remember, fear is the energy they feed upon, it’s keeping us stuck in this timeline loop and it prevents us from living in the moment. Fear is a future based non-existent event that is an illusion, a possibility that we create if we focus on what we fear.
We can’t know exactly what may happen, so many predictions of blood moons, 3 days of darkness, massive earthquakes and polar shifts, the returning of Christ, and none have materialized because a majority of the awakened collective didn’t give it energy and without that it can’t manifest.
Live your life in peace, respect this mother planet that sustains you and treat it like your real birth mother, prepare the best you can just in case something does happen.
I live on a small island 16km long and 2 km wide, 200 m above sea level. The Adriatic Sea is too small to create a tsunami but who knows what could happen in a pole shift and if it does happen, nothing I can do about it.
Remember, we don’t die, we simply leave our bodies at the time we chose before incarnating here which means we created the future before we came here. If we took for truth all the possible  events we would go crazy with WHAT IF  thoughts.
We create our own reality, as a collective we create the collective reality, as a cosmos, we create the cosmic reality. I’m not talking about creating only in this here and now we are currently experiencing, we made plans and contracts long before incarnating here, this is why some things that are happening now don’t make sense to us and we would not accept the fact that we created this, but know that everything you are doing is the way it should be.

You are a being of light/energy/vibration, you are a creator. They are afraid of us and are doing horrible things to humanity out of fear including scaring the crap out of us. Do not fall for that trap, simple state when you see or hear something you don’t like: This is not part of my reality, illness is not part of my reality, war is not part of my reality, etc.
I believe that if for whatever reason we are not able to free ourselves from this slavery and we may be getting close to an extinction event that we will have Divine Intervention. We, the planet are not the only ones going through a transition or evolving into higher dimensions so Earth must make it otherwise like a domino effect, nobody else moves forward either. This is a multi-verse event, so Source will not allow the destruction of our planetary mother, she is sailing and on course to her destination, no need to put your life jackets on, she’s steady.
There was a time when humanity believed that god only created us and that we were all alone in this universe. We now know that not to be true, but remember ‘as below, so above’. The entire existence of all that is, is moving up. We are witnessing a cosmic event, not just a planetary one. Everyone around us is waiting for us to make that jump, there is no reason or need for fear.
So lets look forward and visualize how we want our new Earth to be, focus on creating what we want. We all want the same things. We want freedom from slavery, prosperity, vitality, sovereignty, equality amongst many more depending on the individual.
In the meantime, it will get a bit rocky and stormy, keep your lifejacket close and stock up on things just in case you can’t get to food and water for a longer period of time. I always say it’s good to have at least 30 days worth of food.
We are very close, very close and this year will be the year of great turmoil and change. You old soul, you helped this happen, we are almost at the finish line.
May your life be filled with joy and gratittude.

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