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Out Of Mind » MEDIA CENTER » MUZIC ZONE » David Bowie drummer Dale Griffin dies aged 67 just a week after legendary singer

David Bowie drummer Dale Griffin dies aged 67 just a week after legendary singer

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David Bowie drummer Dale Griffin dies aged 67 just a week after legendary singer

MOTT THE HOOPLE drummer David Griffin, who worked with the late David Bowie during the height of his career in the 70s, has died, aged 67.

By Adam Miller
PUBLISHED:  20:16, Mon, Jan 18, 2016   | UPDATED: 20:33, Mon, Jan 18, 2016  
Mot The Hoople drummer Dale Griffin passes away at 67
The rocker was best known as the founding member of the group who scored hit singles with the likes of All The Young Dudes and Roll Away The Stone.

All The Young Dudes was written and produced by Bowie, who lost his secret 18-month battle with cancer a week ago in New York. 

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Griffin passed away in his sleep seven days later on Sunday night, according to Peter Purnell from record label Angel Air records.

Purnell called Griffin: “One of the nicest, friendly and talented men I have ever known.”

The drummer passed away in his sleep
David Bowie: 1947 - 2016
Tue, January 12, 2016

David Bowie died today after an 18 month battle with cancer

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Jimmy King

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David Bowie's last photo taken by his longtime photographer Jimmy King


One of the nicest, friendly and talented men I have ever known
Peter Purnell

He added: "All he ever wanted was for his beloved Mott The Hoople to reform and it was his determination that achieved that very feat in 2009 but sadly by then he was too ill to perform at the five sold-out dates - though he did join the band for encores."
Griffin played in several bands before finding fame with singer Stan Tippens, keyboard player Verden Allen, guitarist Mick Ralphs and bassist Pete Overend Watts in the late 1960s in the collective Silence. 
They quickly signed their first record deal and collaborated with Guy Stevens who later changed the band’s name to Mott the Hoople after the Willard Manus 1967 novel.

Mott The Hoople recorded eight albums together and collaborated with David Bowie
Bowie played an instrumental part in the band’s success, not only penning one of their biggest hits, but by convincing the group to stay together in 1972 and put them in contact with his own manager Tony De Fries.

The trail-blazing singer also offered them some of his biggest hits including Suffragette City but they begged for Drive-In Saturday. 

Bowie refused to give the single up, but wrote them the monster smash All The Young Dudes instead (its narrative forms part of the story of Bowie's alter-ego Ziggy Stardust).

Dale Griffin with guitarist Mick Ralphs
The track climbed to number three in the Official UK Singles chart and hit the top 40 in America. 

Mott The Hoople recorded eight albums during their five years together and were asked to reform in 2009 - but Griffin was too ill to take part. 

Just as their reunion tour was due to commence, Griffin was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Instead, his parts were played by The Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers, although he was reunited with the band on stage for several encores during their five-night stint at the Hammersmith Apollo.

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