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Wes Annac ~ Can We Be Sensible About Channeling?

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Can We Be Sensible About Channeling?

January 21, 2016 / Culture of Awareness

By Wes Annac, Culture of Awareness
Channeling: “The practice of professedly entering a meditative or trancelike state in order to convey messages from a spiritual guide.” (Source)

This will be difficult to write, and my intention isn’t to condemn my friends in the conscious community who love channeled messages.
Yet for this piece, I need to be real and express what I’m feeling.
The latest post from Greg Giles, former channel for the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’, exemplifies one of the reasons I stopped channeling.
In his post, he claims that channeled messages are part of a government psy-ops program that lures well-meaning people to their mental and spiritual demise with what are apparently artificial telepathic communications sent by the government to control our minds; not messages from beings who want to help us evolve.
I was a channeler when I first started in this community, and I channeled Pleiadians, Ascended Masters, Hathors; the Galactic Federation; I could go on and on.
I stopped channeling because I became more interested in writing, which gives me an opportunity to express my own thoughts and feelings about the planet’s evolution. When I channel now, I channel my own higher consciousness (also known as the higher self), because I can share it with people who aren’t as open to messages from angels or extraterrestrials.

Channeling was the only way I could connect with a higher consciousness in the beginning, and it was an effective form of meditation. Throughout the two or so years I was actively involved with it, I was led to reconnect with a simpler and, for me, more preferable form of spirituality.
I reached a point where I no longer needed to channel, and I wanted to use writing to connect with everyone in this community as opposed to just a few people. My idea was (and still is) to contribute to the unity of this community and writing seems like a great way to do it.
The reason Greg’s post makes me glad I went in a different direction is that some people are getting ridiculous about channeled messages. Don’t get me wrong; there are lightworkers (which is a loaded word these days) who take the messages seriously, discern what they read and aren’t quick to make fantastic claims or jump on a bandwagon.
They enjoy messages from certain sources, and that’s fine with me. I used to religiously read the same sources, and as long as it helps them on their journey, I have no desire to say that they or the messages they read are wrong.
What bother me are the people who only got into channeling because it was so new and ‘out there’, because, if you haven’t realized, it’s not so new or ‘out there’ anymore.
It’s gone mainstream, and while some people still renounce it as disempowering, ‘new agey’ or whatever other label they prefer, it’s become popular enough that it no longer allows us to stand out.
It no longer makes us appear unique, and a lot of its former supporters are bored with it. They warmed up to it because it was so new and different, but now that the high has worn off, they have to find other ways to be unique and a little outrageous.
It can be likened to the hippie generation drinking and doing drugs just to rebel. What if psychedelic drugs went mainstream back then? Those hippies who couldn’t get enough of them would probably rebel against “the man pacifying us with drugs” because the drugs would’ve no longer been cool.
I theorize that the same thing is happening with channeled messages. I’ve read “Why I’m No Longer a Lightworker” and other posts from people who once advocated channeling but now vehemently renounce it, and most of those posts have quite a negative and conspiratorial undertone.
These anti-channeling posts from former supporters make me think that a) people want something new to rebel against because government conspiracies are no longer enough; thus, they associate channeled messages with government psy-ops (which gives them something new to rebel against) and b) channeling has become mainstream and boring so it no longer satisfies the “I’m a spiritual person and I’m different, look at me!” mentality.
The outrageousness isn’t limited to the anti-channeling side, and the pro side can be just as wild.
I didn’t mind when we had channelings from angels, archangels, even extraterrestrials, but it got kind of ridiculous when people started channeling Michael Jackson or a twelfth-dimensional dragon collective whose identity, along with the information it gives, can never really be confirmed.
I was never much for proof when it came to channeling because I went on faith and the messages seemed to confirm things for me that the channeler couldn’t have possibly known, but we should be a little levelheaded for crying out loud. It’s fine to have our heads in the clouds, but maybe we should keep our feet on the ground too.
We can at least use a little intelligence and discernment, and while it feels better to believe David Bowie or an enlightened dragon is speaking to us, we won’t get far if we take everything we read at face value. Not to mention that the outrageousness will get worse if we don’t keep ourselves in check, and this will make us targets of more negativity and criticism.
Greg Giles was the target of a lot of negativity back when he regularly posted his ‘Galactic Federation of Light’ messages. I remember, because I was a part of the same circles and forums as him. I saw all of the vitriol aimed at him daily, and as the hate toward him increased, his messages began to take on a darker tone.
They became less about love and evolution and more about conspiracy and the ‘dark cabal’, and now, he’s saying what all those hateful people always told him: that his messages were products of a psy-ops operation all along.
Like others, his messages became harder to tolerate until he stopped altogether.
I don’t know if it was because he couldn’t take the negativity or he began to lose hope in what he was doing, but around the time he stopped, I started to take a look at my own channeling and what I was getting out of it.
I’m grateful that I did, because if not, I could’ve become part of the madness. By ‘madness’ I don’t refer to the conspiracy Greg outlines in his article; I refer to the madness of making channeling more outrageous and therefore interesting or relevant.

Greg and so many others have done this madness a justice by pioneering this new negative perspective on channeling, which inadvertently makes it interesting again. Before, the big conspiracy was that the cabal wanted to keep us from channeling evolved beings (or even knowing they exist) because they didn’t want us to know our true divine identity.
Now, the big conspiracy is that channeled messages come directly from the shadow government and anyone who channels is unknowingly subjecting themselves to mind control and a life of misery.
Greg literally alleges that shadow government types are torturing him for channeling their apparently artificial frequency, which he thought was the ‘Galactic Federation of Light’. So you see, the conspiracy rolls on and channeling, along with the antics of the shadow government, continue to be interesting.
Spiritual people who were getting bored of channeling finally have something to talk about again, and to their delight, they can rebel against something new and appear more enlightened than those who still read channelings.
They used to love the messages, but now, it’s all an evil conspiracy and we must raise awareness of it by hatefully bashing them and the sources they’re claimed to come from.
According to them, all those spiritually evolved angels and ETs are actually cabal agents who want to enslave the spiritual community and we subject ourselves to mind control by reading their messages.
Instead of understanding that the purpose of channeling is to connect us with our own higher consciousness and our authentic spirituality, we’d rather believe it’s the work of the cabal because it’s more entertaining.
With this mindset, we can continue to believe we’re diligently unraveling the dark’s conspiracies while walking a true path into the light, which is what most of us thought when we first started reading channelings. The spiritual ego is kept alive and well because we continue to believe we’re more intelligent or enlightened than others.
Instead of all of this nonsense, can we be levelheaded about channeling, spirituality, conspiracy and everything in between?

In using the word ‘conspiracy’ so much, I don’t mean to downplay the real conspiracies that are happening worldwide. Credit:
I should note that in using the word ‘conspiracy’ so much, I don’t mean to downplay the real conspiracies that are happening worldwide. I simply intend to give my opinion that channeling isn’t one of them, and in fact, we distract ourselves from actual conspiracies when we make up new ones for our own enjoyment.
Everyone is so convinced that they have the ultimate truth when it comes to this subject, whether they’re for or against it, and like many other things, this’ll divide the conscious community forever if we let it.
As a former channeler who’s heard everyone’s opinion and read every side of the story but has no interest in bashing or praising the messages, I have to say that it’s exhausting.
My message for this piece (or maybe I can call it a plea) is to be sensible; nothing more, nothing less. Sure, you can read the messages or even try to channel a higher being if that helps you, but can we avoid all of the outrageous claims about it from the ‘for’ and ‘against’ side?
Can we just recognize that channeling helps some people, but not all, on their journey back to God and leave it at that? Do we have to go haywire with conspiracy theories about it just because it’s no longer new and cool?
In the same vein, do we have to try to make it newer, cooler and more ‘out there’ by claiming to channel people like Kurt Cobain or saying outrageous things in the messages (or using unnecessarily complex spiritual language that hardly anyone can understand?)

Most importantly, why do we let this issue divide us? Can we just get along with each other whether or not we all believe in channeling? It’s a savior for some and an unapproachable ‘new age’ concept for others, but there’s no real reason to let it divide us beyond petty egoism.
I sincerely hope this call for sensibility is received by everyone who’s been ridiculous about channeled messages or other aspects of the consciousness movement, and hopefully, we’ll eventually approach spirituality in a levelheaded way while respecting everyone’s unique thoughts, feelings and opinions.
Anything less and the spiritual community will continue to be an untamed madhouse of people who think what they want regardless of what’s true or sensible and make up stories that entertain their bored, isolated minds.

Thanks to Wes at:


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