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Out Of Mind » RV/GCR CAST OF CHARACTERS & CHARLETONS » Jerzy Babkowski aka ZAP & Susan » ZAP(I Don't Do RV) /JERZY/LANDA~ RV/GCR Research - How different countries have maneuvered to the new financial system

ZAP(I Don't Do RV) /JERZY/LANDA~ RV/GCR Research - How different countries have maneuvered to the new financial system

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RV/GCR Research - How different countries have maneuvered to the new financial system


Notes by Puzzles

Extract from the Landa CC 1-20-2016:

Below is my transcription of a portion of the Landa CC that I felt was worth documenting and sharing. Too many of us are struggling with how slow the foreign currency rollout is happening, based on our waiting for years with too many unknowns to sort through. It is a mind game with a heavy weight to bear for those of us really involved. What we are experiencing pertains to the greatest changes in history occurring right before our very eyes, with a major war on every aspect of life as we know it, suppressed from public view.

May the info below uplift you as to the reality of what is going on, on a much grander scale than a simple currency conversion or change-over to a global asset-backed system. Below depicts "some" truthful evidence giving us the proper signs of reality. =)

Much of this information is buried in news articles and can be found for those who pay attention and/or look for it. Note the info below is just a small portion of news that has been compiled for purposes of illustrating an idea of the pieces of this massive, dynamic, and complex puzzle coming together, as needed, for the RV/GCR.

Note: In Jerzy's Intelligence Update Report, the final words he stated: "The outlook is absolutely brilliant".


Below are global pieces to the overall puzzle of which Doug compiled to be little indicators that you see which will ultimately lead to the RV and to the GCR, resetting of the Global currencies.

Doug points out a couple of these events, stating this is nothing new and nothing that we have to be quiet about since this is public information anyone can find. Doug started with what's happened with China and worked down the list with China, Russia, Syria, Iran, and Iraq, to give an idea of some of those pieces of the puzzle that happened and have to come together… and why we reserve advocating any of the rumors of the intel providers and why we look more towards what is happening, globally, to set the stage.

Note the countries listed below are ones slated to be included in the first basket of GCR currencies.

China Occurrences:

  •  IMF code reforms were passed by the US Congress where the yuan became part of the IMF basket of world currencies
  •  They have created & implemented the CIPS, that's the China International Payment System technology, which will ultimately replace the SWIFT system
  •  They've gotten 210 nations signed up for a gold-backed monetary system
  •  They established the UN swap codes of every continent in dozens of countries
  •  Created and implemented the AIIB, that's the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, which ultimately will replace the World Bank
  •  They have secured long-term oil and gas redundancy with nations of Iran, Russian, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam
  •  They have secured long-term gold and mineral redundancy with nations of Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Afghanistan
  •  The PROC officially suspended or throwing out all western bankers in China
  •  Quietly replaced the Corporate USCN
  •  Quietly negotiated a 2 state 1967 borders between Israel and Pakistan
  •  Quietly established a Kurdish nation of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq
  •  Re-established pre-WWI Armenian sovereignty and territory
  •  Quietly re-hydrating the world via AIIB loans in Beijing

Russia Occurrences:

  •     Exerted global military leadership and technologic superiority by entering the middle-east conflicts in Syria
  •     Nailed ISIS operations in less than 1/4 of a year
  •     They closed a 3 year, 500 billion dollar mega oil deal with China, which secures national operational expenses for 50 years
  •     They absorbed sacred religious territories of Crimeria back into the Russian Federation
  •     They fought off western sanctions against the ruble and the sanctions against their economy and the corporations
  •     They neutralized and isolated the Ukrainian military, and economy, even taking down/bankrupting Kiev
  •     They neutralized and isolated the Turkish military
  •     They've isolated the ISF military with the help of Iran, and US Republic, & China
  •     They isolated US Navy from and about the Black & South China Seas
  •     They minimized illegal drug trafficking with, and in cooperation from, the US Republic, China, Pakistan, and Iranian Forces
  •     They threw out all of the Rothschilds bankers from Russia
  •     Single-handedly re-routed (?) radical Islams in the middle east

Iran Occurrences:

  •     Achieved truce with all 5 nations nuclear powers
  •     They've gotten western sanctions lifted
  •     They have international investments pouring into the country for infrastructure projects
  •     They've got the Iranian Rial revaluing, re-instated at the international trademarks, which should come out at $3.36
  •     Oil is allowed to be sold and shipped globally, including to the U.S.

Iraq Occurrences:

  •     Completed the international economic reforms for the IMF
  •     They're receiving international corporate investment partnerships, globally
  •     Installation of the tariffs for Iraq, of which by inviting global partners will pretty much fund their country
  •     U.S. military is out of their country
  •     Partnered with the Chinese, UN and BRICS nations economically (BRICS = Brazil, Russia, India, China, & South Africa) via the New Development Bank (aka the BRICS New Development Bank)
  •     Partnered with Iran and the US Republic military to fight off selling oil worldwide
  •     Gotten through HCL (hydrocarbon laws) with Northern Iraq and the Kurdish faction

Skipping Syria right now because it may be somewhat political

Vietnam Occurrences: 

(Occurrences have been within the last 18 months, where many have occurred only within the last couple months)

  •     De-pegged from the US Dollar and went to the international globe for the Vietnamese Dong
  •     Revalued their country against their own in-country revaluation based on above-ground holdings
  •     Signed long-term oil, gas, and gold & mineral contracts with China, securing national economic stability for over 100 years
  •     Signed multibillion dollar oil & gas infrastructure agreements with Russian companies
  •     Restored dignity within the Asian regioning / regional asian communities as the world-wide financial and manufacturing hub

Zimbabwe Occurrences:

  •     De-pegged from western currencies and converted to the Chinese yuan (Zimbabwe has been using the US dollar for the past 20 years)
  •     Revalued their currency back to an acceptable pre-1980 international gold standard
  •     They've issued gold-backed currency via coins
  •     They've leveraged in-ground rare earth minerals and precious metals reserves to rebuild infrastructure and re-store financial stability
  • Note that Zimbabwe has more in-ground tier one assets than all of Africa combined
  •  Established long-term military relationship with China and Russia for all of the African Union
  •     Opened the first Chinese Yuan swap hub in Africa
  •     Signed multi-billions of infrastructure development with Chinese and Russian Leaders

For those who would like to listen to the entire conference call, you can do so as follows:

via Link:

[url= Landa Update 1-20-2016 %2829%29.mp3][/url]

or via phone:

Replay Number: 641-715-3589

Access Code: 484959#

Then enter #
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