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Sunday’s Rant and New Age Nutjobs

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1 Sunday’s Rant and New Age Nutjobs on Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:58 pm


Sunday’s Rant and New Age Nutjobs

January 24, 2016 Ines Radman

I haven’t been posting much lately, sorry about that. My partner is ill as you know and things are not getting any better. Every morning I wake up and go to him with a glimpse of hope he might be better, but it’s rare. He’s up and down like a rollercoaster ride and I am starting to accept the reality that it could be anytime now.
I found this first video on my youtube “recommended” list so decided to check it out, intuitively it lead me further on. Let’s just call this Sunday’s rant!
In this video: Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen. Just look at his eyes, he’s on psychedelics for sure, and this guy mentions Alfred Webre, Simon Parkes getting together and doing a mass meditation. He uses the term PPAI (Predatory Pathogenic Artificial Intelligence), what the fu….???? He claims their mass meditation made CERN stop, crash and burn. Sure, dude, where is the proof of that? He claims on that day, August 13th, or a day after that day, CERN employees hung over from partying left an Intern to take care of CERN and that is when they crashed the system. Really? They left an Intern to babysit alone?
Simon Parkes claims that the mass meditation was done on August 15th. So which date is it?

When I first listened to Simon Parkes last year, I wasn’t sure about him. I have learned over time to not judge or jump to conclusions until I have done enough research, though I have a good connection with higher self and my initial feeling was “watch out for this man, he’s not what you think he is”. It took another year to listen to more information and of course once I saw who he was hanging out with and doing interviews with, that only confirmed that my intuitive self was right.
When Alfred Webre came out last year to publicly announce he was battling with AI programming, I was actually happy because I had doubts about him, as you can find lots of information on this blog about him. To claim that a bunch of people got together and meditated to stop CERN from disconnecting us from Source is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard since I have been involved in the truth movement.
Simon Parkes uses the same introduction at every interview. He claims that he is credible because he was a Labour town Councillor and even though they knew he was part mantid, they voted for him. Really? Are you kidding me? I’m going to vote you into a councillor position because you’re qualified for the job and it doesn’t matter you’re part Alien?
Simon claims to be able to shapeshift because he has more reptilian DNA in him, yet he claims to be part Mantid. Has anyone ever asked this guy to shapeshift and prove this? I would love Simon do a shapeshifting video, and I would love Corey Good to do some of his empathic reading. According to Corey, he should be able to read your mind just looking at you? Well, why don’t you do that Corey, I would love to see how you do that!

In this link below you will read about the Blue Avians that Corey Goode seems to talk about as being real. I always believed that they were a Mind control or AI program and it is confirmed here by a few people. It’s interesting how Alfred Webre gets mentioned in just about everything, despite the fact I would never trust anyone who openly admits to being mind controlled with AI. How can you trust any individual that has been mind controlled by the secret agencies? Regardless that they will tell the public what they went through, their experiences and that they have worked on themselves, you can never trust what they have to say. You must take everything with a grain of salt and understand that once controlled, always controlled especially if they have been taken as a child. Their core memory functions were imprinted long before they were taught to love, trust and have compassion. They can never be normal humans and their behaviour after leaving these programs are ‘learned’. They can’t develop normal feelings, they will read about them, study them and then try and act them out.
I know this because I worked with bad people, people that murdered. Most of these people were victims themselves. They were victimized by their parents, usually a mother. Even after 5 years of therapy, they will have an understanding of why they did what they did, but they cannot develop real feelings of love and compassion if their abuse or mind programming started before they were 5 or 6 years old. We followed these released prisoners for another 5 years, they are not usually social, very few can hold a healthy relationship because they do not know intimacy, it was not learned through experience. Men that have been sexually abused by their mothers, NEVER have healthy relationships, they may have relationships, but they are like a time bomb, where a sound or word will trigger old memories.
If these men cannot feel heart love, trust and have compassion, what can we say about those that are/were being used in stellar technologically advanced mind control programs? You simply can’t trust them and though they may mean well, they may really and truly want to help humanity, they cannot be trusted.
Here is an outlandish, out of this world interview with Alexandra Meadors and Simon Parkes. I will comment underneath the video, but here is a short transcribed part that I want you to read or listen to starting at the 20:00 min. mark.
Alexandra: “Undoing a code lock to bring back the 10 strands of DNA. What is the first and immediate shift we will notice in this undoing of the lock?”
Simon: “If you look at someone and they avert their eyes or avoid looking into yours, it’s because they’ve activated the soul. That soul connects through the spinal cord and the chakras to the brain. Your eye is connected to your brain by your optic nerve. Now, when someone looks into your eyes, if you’re activated, it means that your soul connected with your organic matter, I mean brain and they will actually get a glimpse of another dimension. So if you’re a 4th or 5th dimension and and the human looking in the eye, they will be scared of what they will see.
They will get very uncomfortable and will look away from you. They are scared by what they don’t understand. If it isn’t happening that means you’re not yet activated.
So it’s the unlocking of the DNA codes. If you can imagine these strands, they have to be brought together and connected and there are protocol codes which are placed in to protect by Source to protect that individual because when the strands were separated from humans between 200 and 220,000 years ago and placed on an armature of each person, the universal law says you can’t destroy that because that’s sacred to that individual. So what reptilians did was remove it from that person, out of reach to place it out of phase into 4th dimension, but what it does, it always seeks to re-connect. So when the new age talks about Ascension, it’s about connection. This DNA is attempting to re-connect back into the body”.

Sorry folks, I really don’t know where to start with this answer. First of all, what and where are these codes and who activates? How do we activate?  You mean to tell me I can tell if someone is activated by looking into their eyes and if they avert their eyes that they are activated? Give me a break. This is the most ridiculous thing he has said so far, aside from actually stopping or crashing CERN. I would love to know how he gets this information, but I can tell you one thing, he sure is doing a good job of convincing people.
I have written about this many times,explaining that the process we go through is re-integration. Trust me, nothing is missing, all of our 12 strands of DNA are intact, but for now, or most recently only 2 or 3 were working. At the time of us transcending into higher vibratory dimensions, those DNA strands will activate themselves. Remember, at one time we WERE 12 strand DNA body suits, but over time, the strands were de-activated to control us. A sample post:
You know, it’s crap like this and people like this that really piss me off. Sure, you can say that I can’t prove he’s wrong and I can’t prove I am right, but all it takes is common sense.  We are not that complex, science has proven that we do have 12 DNA strands and that 10 of them are junk DNA, therefore, what is this code lock and looking into people’s eyes crap? You mean to tell me that anyone that diverts their eyes from me means I’m activated? What about dishonest people or liars and manipulators? They too don’t and can’t look you directly into the eyes. They don’t do it out of fear, they do because dishonest people simply can’t connect intimately with another human being.
He talks about the soul as if it’s a separate entity. We ARE Souls, we are innately intuitive and intelligent, all knowing and multidimensional beings, what do we need codes and without explaining what that means exactly? Is he just nuts or mind controlled by some AI? You tell me. I think Simon Parkes is another disinformation agent or under the influence of some mind control program. One day we never hear about Simon and the next day he is telling everyone he’s part Mantid. I guess time will tell won’t it?

Thanks to Ines at:


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