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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » CABAL AGENDA & WORLD DOMINATION » Email I received from BIX WIER today July 27th

Email I received from BIX WIER today July 27th

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I made my calls yesterday to DIRTY HARRY's 3 different offices...if you saw the REALITY CHECK video then you know he called for the audit many times in the past...however......something is NOT right. I got the following email from BIX WIER who I know is a HUGE Ron Paul supporter....he claims DIRTY HARRY is a good guy in all of this and that the TRUTH will be revealed soon and there will be an audit when the TIME is right.....I don't see it but I know BIX is a straight up guy who has inside knowledge so this is going to get interesting if some of the POLITICAL HACKS we think are BAD GUYS actually turn out to be "GOOD GUYS"...READ THE EMAIL IT GOT TODAY....HOLY SH%&$^IT.......

From BIX.........
"I've had quite a few people send me emails doubting that Harry Reid is working with the Good Guys to assist in the take down of the Banksters. Nothing new for the long time followers of the Road to Roota. In the "conspiracy world" often times Black is White and White is Black. Mark my words: the Senate WILL pass the Audit the Fed Bill - WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT.

One day the truth will also come out supporting my analysis of Greenspan, Feinstein, Volcker, Frank, Palin and many of the others that on the surface seem to be Bad Guys but are actually working, covertly, to return us to our Constitutional form of government.

Greenspan being a Good Guy continues to be my most controversial call. Not because of what we all agree on - HE DESTROYED OUR MONETARY SYSTEM...but rather on WHY he did it. Here's one of my favorite articles on the Road to Roota website.

Greenspan's Golden Testimony

Once you understand the truth about what has gone on behind the scenes you will see that we are moments away from shedding the corrupt and evil controllers that have been our silent masters for so long. It looks very murky on the surface but time and time again we move closer to the fulfillment of the original hypothesis of the Road to Roota Theory...that there is a group of "Good Guys" working behind the scenes to destroy the "Powers That Be" and the Global Un-Backed Fiat Monetary System in order to return us to Constitutional form of government with a sound Gold and Silver monetary system. This process will ultimately destroy all forms of electronic and paper money totally leveling the playing field. The people of the United States will then have to make a choice. Do we run fearfully into the arms of our past Controllers or do we stand up and and say NO MORE...embrace our Constitution...embrace our Liberty...and move forward into the future.

For those new to the Road to Roota Theory here's one of my most popular interviews on Youtube with Sean of This interview was recorded in Feb 2011 and still holds true to this day.

Bix Weir: After The Crash

For those of you thinking that the world can't get much crazier I'd like to state for the record... August rock you to your core!

May the Road you choose be the Right Road."

Bix Weir


Not everything is as it appears!! :roll:


I agree with you LIR :D

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