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July 27, 2012
3/13/96 #1 HATONN


I come to write each time there is opportunity. Sometimes that opportunity brings forth things which mankind does not wish for or want to hear.
As we reproduce volumes of dated journals there sometimes needs to be a repeat of topics, especially if they come from books which bear injunctioned material. This does not mean that our material is banned from our use but, rather, the information relative to a specific topic or entity.

As we have moved through more than 5 years since the first "Pleiades Connection" volume was presented and those books in that series have been banned from publication or public presentation, many of you will not have had opportunity to gain input from the various unrelated topics we addressed at that time in December of 1990.
There is going to be a presentation of the FACTS OF LIGHT as we are able to put them to paper from resources other than the first presentations from us on the subject. That be as it may, there is no need for that prior presentation for we handle the facts and truth in every presentation and another's foregoing information is unnecessary at best, confusing at the least.

There certainly ARE space craft and there ARE space bases AND THERE ARE SOME UNDESIRABLE VISITORS. But, readers, you have visitors to your home and, therefore, consider whether or not you have to ENDURE THEIR PRESENCE or their opinions simply because THEY choose to burden YOU with THEMSELVES.

I repeat here, again, that your enemies of truth and God of Light, are not from outer space and the brotherhood of higher universal Man. The enemy is among you, Earth-Bound, and those of higher intelligence are trying to escape just as would you if you could do so technologically. There has been a lot of tampering going on, readers, and a whole plethora of WRONG Information.

There is no quarrel from me about there being "aliens" among you. There is not even a quarrel from me that some of them are little, gray, bug-eyed, and/or "different". My argument is that I KNOW THAT THE ENEMY YOU TEND TO CONSIDER AS VALID IS NOT FROM HIGHER SPACE. The ones you must anticipate and fear, if you will, are those who inhabit and have now become part of your society and dwell in the underground environment of which you seem to have no REAL concept of existence. While everyone points to the stars for your Savior AND your Enemy, you err on both accounts. YOU are YOUR Savior, if there be one, and your enemy is within your environment.

I am not yet ready to cover this subject in total for I have some things you need to know first and one of them is that which is Light and how you must come to realize that GOD IS LIGHT and, therefore, YOU ARE LIGHT. You have to function "as if" you are the reality of your experience for any and everything must be faced on the impact it places on your being. All the information offered cannot make a difference until you can relate your own expression to that information.

What do I mean by this relationship? I mean that if you look into the sky and perceive its "color" you, if you speak English, will refer to the color as blue. However, on other places and even in other nations, that TERM may well be called differently. In other words, the very perception "blue" can be referred to as identical. If you don't know the truth and difference in perceptions and TERMS, you might well go to war over such silliness.
One of the most valuable letters I have ever received came in December of 1990 from Al Monette from Southern California, U.S.A. It was a long and most thoughtfully written letter and required considerable thought in responding. I think, since it was responded to in the Volume I of the series, I would like to offer excerpts of that letter and my response at the time.

From: PLEIADES CONNECTION, Return of the Phoenix, Vol. I.
[H: Excerpts from the "Introduction". Since I wrote it in the first place I may well take the liberty of inserting words or comments which make it easier to understand my meaning.]
This will be a bit tedious as an "Introduction" because I wish to share insight of a much higher understanding rather then simply dumping you into your relationship with your brothers from Pleiades. [H: Or anywhere.] To understand your connections with more advanced brothers you must understand that you are simply struggling with the learning processes of growth into the wholeness of realization of God/Creation Love and Balance.
It may appear that we enjoy scattering the tatters of pain upon you as a sleeping society--no, but you must awaken into that which IS. Then, and only then, can you move into the effecting of change and within the truth of actions and intent. Unfortunately, thus far, the journals of necessity have had to contain shocking uncloaking of the evil and pain upon your place. Now, we may also move more quickly into the spiritual aspects of balance through the individual attachment into that which is truth in spiritual development.

[H: Therefore, readers of then and today, we get letters---oh, do we get letters! Most are totally supportive and some are completely hate-filled. All are filled with questions and observations from opinions coming from all directions and from all types of self-perceptions. What we are responding to here is from one who simply questioned our approach to circumstances.]
In direct response to Al I would ask that he, and YOU, recognize that most of the journals come forth from my own projections acting as a Commander in only slightly advanced FORM than are you of Earth plane. Things of physical manifestation must be tended in the manner of presentation, through physical means. Spirit is ultimately ALL, but man must come again into recognition of that which is placed asunder and then he can grapple with regaining balance from the chaos. This means, dear ones, that the chaos must be confronted, isolated and brought again into order!

I ask that we write portions from the letter in italics, and I shall respond in ( ) in format type style for I do wish to respond as I move along. I further request that this be placed in the forefront of the next paper. I am pained that Al presents the publishing of this document in the form of a formal challenge but none-the-less it bears the thought of the multitudes and therefore shall be handled as such. I do suggest the you ones would not, however, write such challenges unto, say, "Bo" Gritz and/or Alvin Toffler. Perhaps the very fact that you DO handle the information differently indicates great impact on the consciousness. I sincerely hope so. Salu.
December 14, 1990:
The Phoenix Journals/Express offers us truthful but negative information which enlightens us as to what the "Dark Forces" are doing to control us; however, this form of information also has a tendency to instill in our minds, condition us or incline us to:

(a) Hate, anger, resentment, revenge and hostilities.
(Do you cast blame upon the Journals, dear friend? Are these emotions absent in your lives as is? Do these feelings only stem from learning truth of circumstances or is, perhaps, the problem already present in over-abundance?)
(b) Lose faith, hope and trust in our brothers.
(Do you have faith, hop and trust in your brothers? If so, why has your world become so ill that the truth hurts so much? Have your "brothers" not gained the deserving of loss of these higher qualities to great extent? Is it the journals and Expresses that have single-handedly presented this new phenomenon of mistrust unto your people? I think perhaps you give unto us a bit more than our share of credit for there have been some very daring authors and speakers bringing like truths unto you regarding your plight. Or, is it that this information is somehow unacceptable from the Hosts of Heaven and precursors of God's return to your placement? You ones of Earth cannot have it both ways--you must come into the LIGHT or remain ever in the darkness for that is simply the way of it.)
(c) To become fearful, combative, offensive or defensive.
(Do you speak for self or for all of your brethren? We have not received other material of such content other than to thank us for the new feelings of "we must do something about this situation". It is not the feelings which are erroneous and should be subjugate, it is the action taken in thoughtful RESPONSE instead of REACTION. Our mission is to awaken mankind for he has had the lessons of LOVE (totally misunderstood by all save a tiny few) and he has only gotten deeper into the mire. Therefore, it must be assumed that mankind has lost his way and he must see where he IS in order to regain a path, be it positive or negative in portent.)
(d) Reject, blame, judge and condemn our brothers.
(I would hope this is not true, but I am confident the statement is all too true! I would hope, rather, that you look within and see what rejection, blame, judgment and condemnation is appropriate for SELF and then, only then, can correction be brought about. It is never the brother at "blame"; it is YOUR PERCEPTION AND RESPONSE AND ALLOWANCE OF THAT BROTHER WHICH PRECIPITATES THE PROBLEM IN WHICH YOU NOW FIND SELVES.)
(e) See the gloomy side of life and have a negative frame of mind!
( I most surely do hope so! Do you indicate that there is no gloomy side of life nor negative perception except now that the journals have brought the causative factors into focus? Could it be that you of the lie want to continue to hide the gloom and negative aspects under the carpets to be out of sight? Will this legacy of refusal to focus on the CAUSE be sufficient to the generations to come, for that which you in your generation fail to correct?)
(f) Feel disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and depressed without destiny.
( Oh Beloved friend, NO, NO, NO! Be totally disappointed, frustrated, disgusted and depressed with what has come to be about you. Be in glorious praise of that which is your destiny! God and Truth are your destiny as you correct that which has precipitated the circumstance as you describe it. If you believe it cannot be done, you have limited God and Creation. Release the negative shackles and rejoice in the Truth and knowledge that with God all is possible and shall be set to right as soon as Man understands.)
(g) Feel divided, rather then united and integrated for Peace, Love with harmony and balance.
(You are already totally divided, disunited and unintegrated. You have no Peace, Truth, Love or Harmony; certainly you have no Balance! You must understand that which IS, lest you continue your path of the downward spiral while those who understand how to manipulate these tatters destroy the remainder of the course chosen by you ones as experience. IF YOU ALLOW IT, IT SHALL COME UPON YOU. Only Truth shall give you FREEDOM, for only through the knowledge of that which IS in Truth gives you instructions for that action which must be taken.)
(h) Lose sight that we are all part of the ONENESS as well as an extension of the INFINITE DIVINE source of Cosmic Consciousness, LIGHT and LOVE.
(If we have failed in this projection, then I ben in humble apology, for ultimately this is ALL there IS! For not one moment nor word of projection is it intended to indicate a separation of the above outlaid connection. This is WHY you must take control and come into understanding of truth so that you regain the power of this wondrous connection against which no darkness can penetrate, much less, prevail!)
(i) Be narrow-minded and biased, rather than open-minded, to see other points of view, different than ours, in order to find a solution to our problems, disputes, disagreements or differences.
(I know not to what you refer. It is time to be narrow-minded and biased TOWARD Truth and God. It is a LIE of LIES projected upon you ones that you must accept that which is heinously done unto you and your species by those who project "total open-mindedness" and "accept ALL things good or bad" in majority rule and/or allowing! You have all but destroyed your entire species and planet through this type of action and/or inaction. Is it not equally "right" to take a stand for God as it is to ALLOW all manner of EVIL to surround and destroy you? Have we ever suggested you not debate, bring public the points in question, disagree or have differences of opinions? Nay, please brothers, do not effort to dump blindness upon your higher brothers! Stand responsible--RESPONSIBLE--for your blunders and errors; do not denounce us for pointing out the truth which has so completely deluded and eluded your attention. Can you not be gracious unto these ones who bring forth this Truth in actual line of gun-fire and targeted destruction and death? Can you sit in your sanctimonious and pious blinders and cast stones at these ones who stand forth and give all they have of worldly goods and place their very lives on the execution blocks in order to serve God and your destiny? Please, I ask for more from each of you than that attitude. I am accused of repetition and boring repeating of. "You are given free-will CHOICE and it is up to you that which you will do with this Truth!" Does this actually portend intent as you have laid it forth?)
(j) Instead of the above negative emotions, let us learn to pray for, forgive, and love our brothers and sisters. Have we forgotten what Matthew 5:44 states? "But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you." Aren't the Dark Forces our biggest enemy?
(Do you also believe in eye for eye and tooth for tooth, death for death regardless of cause, etc.? Why do you ones so selectively present your Biblical passages unto us? Is not each grouping upon your place claiming truth of their own "Holy Books"? Could it be that ones deny GOD in favor of man's interpretation of that which is correct and usually mistranslated? I care not which, but let me also do a little quoting from that same good book! Let us look at JAMES 4: " ...You are like an unfaithful wife who loves her husband's enemies--the evil pleasures of this world--makes you an enemy of God? I say it again, that if your aim is to enjoy the evil pleasure of the unsaved world, you CANNOT also be a friend of God." And, how about I JONN 2: " ...Stop loving this evil world and all that it offers you, for when you love these things you show that you do not really love God..." As we have gone to remind you over and over and over again that you must love your brother and love your enemy--but you must disdain, abhor and despise evil actions. Did the Master Teacher not cast the money-mongers and changers from out the temple? Would you misunderstand LOVE AND ALLOWANCE for the keeping of that which is evil, deceitful and corrupt within??? Do you perhaps confuse the precious Creation for the actions thereof? "If thine wife gives you a dish of food with salt rather than sugar in the pie as that which it is, unpalatable?" Would you be expected to eat it? Suppose the error is of poison? Would you know and go ahead and eat it? If you would, oh brother, then you do not understand the lessons of God.)

The Dark Forces represent the following:
1. The Bolshevik/Zionists and supporters. 2. One-World Government Cartel/Elite and supporters. 3. Trilateral Commission and supporters. 4. The Council on Foreign Relations & supporters. 5. The Communist Party and supporters.
(So be it, as far as it goes. You have said, it appears, that which we have brought to your attention. Wherein lies the problem?)
To refresh our memories, let us define "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE", shall we? Unconditional Love is a total acceptance of all entities, whether they be positive or negative, without blame, without judgment, without condemnation and without expectations.

(Dear ones, it is one thing to "accept" the presence of these entities; it is quite another to continue to allow the actions of the entities to destroy others of God's Creations, enslave and prostitute the nations as well as the peoples and planet herself. To allow these actions indicates sanction of the actions and it is upon this MISconception of the masses that the would-be controllers through evil are able to accomplish their heinous deeds!)
All this negative information, even if truthful, which the readers receive in The Phoenix Journals or paper is compounding the situation and our problems on this planet. As we all know, negative emotions and thinking encourage the negative or dark forces of energy to continue whatever they're doing! Instead... educate the readers, with more emphasis on how we may all improve or generate more LOVE and raise our Spiritual Consciousness. By the way, we need this desperately at this time. We should all know that the negative or dark forces of energy can not operate and flourish in an environment filled with love! The more love we can generate on this placement, the quicker we can eliminate or rid ourselves of these negative and dark forces of energy, which try to manipulate, control and enslave mankind. You may want to call these forces the "False Jews", The 13th Tribe, the Khazars or the Zionists or even the Satanic Forces! But whatever name you use, they are all "Dark Forces of Negative Energy", are they not?
(We call them by their proper labels so that you the people do NOT misinterpret and label the precious among the rabble. As for the projection that LOVE will cure all, ah yes, it would do so, no doubt about it. I suggest, however, that there are thousands of books suggesting that we simply love one another and the bad monsters will "just go away". No, they will not for you must know who and what are the bad monsters to impact them in any manner whatsoever, Love or Hate included. As Man comes again into understanding of God and Creation he will automatically begin to turn again into Truth and Love; he will do this by recognizing the errors and lies thrust upon him so that he can understand that portion of his actions and beliefs that have led him astray in the first place! God is absolute and total Love. HE is not without conditions for He places MANY conditions on His relationship with His creations. We do not suggest that you do not "Love the evil MAN, but despise his evil"! Most ones involved in, say, the Zionist "movement", are totally unaware of truth in the situation. If we do not give unto you the explanation and point out the difference, how are you to come into truth in time to allow for a Godly destiny? This is why we are presented unto you, so that, at what you will classify as "judgment", you beloved ones of the planet shall have some idea as to the truth of your circumstance. 'Tis what is "within" which shall be coming into inspection by self and God. God now decrees that "the time of ignorance" is to be put behind you as a species; it is graduation time.)
If you dear folks in Tehachapi mean well, and I am sure you are out to do the Will of The Infinite, Divine and Creative Source, if you are dedicated to serve mankind and are out to promote Peace, Love, Truth and the Light, then kindly print this letter with your response, whatever it may be, in the Phoenix Journals, for all to read and discern for themselves with our "FREE WILL". If you are truly Light Emissaries filled with Truth and Love and you're not afraid of losing a few dollars from the sale of these books, then you will not reject or ignore this request. Should you decide to refuse this letter, then sadly you will be showing your true colors. This letter has been written with sincerity and Love for all concerned.
(So be it! There is gross misunderstanding, however, as to who is who and what is what. The ones who write and publish only do so as WE ask them to do in measure of our presentations. WE do not run the paper but ask only a realization of presentation of our work AS WE PRESENT IT.... We KNOW that your message is sent with great Love for all concerned, especially your fellow-Man, so please KNOW that we KNOW! Further, please understand that even though you did not fully understand why you felt compelled to send this document, God knows and appreciates your responding to His call that others might share the expression you would take time to pronounce. Please accept our humble dedication unto you, brother, for service which might appear to be responded to with egg on the face. Nay, it is giving a forum for expression which is not of such value if only stated, somehow, to others.)
May the abundant Blessings From God-Light be with you always, and may you all have a beautiful, holy and happy holiday season. In Divine Love and Affection, Albert Monette Joshua Tree, Ca.
P.S. I'm not saying that no one should read the journals or Expresses nor that we shouldn't be keeping an open-mind to Political Truths presented in these writings! I am only trying to emphasize the idea that we shouldn't forget what Jesus Esu, Emmanuel or Sananda stated in Matthew 5:14. We should have a firm and solid foundation and be Spiritually prepared to comprehend the meaning of "Unconditional Love" and not lose sight of this! [H: I most certainly AGREE, for YOU HAVE NO COMPREHENSION OF THE TRUE MEANING OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AS YOU USE THE TERM.] Unfortunately, the average person or reader and Church goer is not Spiritually prepared, so they quickly forget the Scriptural passage from above and they do not fully comprehend the full or true meaning of Love. SO BE IT!

(Ah, and so be it! Let us not be misunderstanding the intelligence and ability of human intent. We must not place limits on that which man can grasp and will grasp as truth is unfolded. He has simply lost his bearings, his way, and will rekindle Spiritual Oneness as he remembers. We are ALL BUT "ONE" and to lesson the ability or intent of "ONE" only lessens ourselves within the ALL. We must confront the errors in the Light of Truth, correct the errors through the Light of that Truth in Love, Forgiveness and Understanding. Then the reversal shall come and again we can join in the ONENESS in return into the wholeness of our source.)
This requires an understanding of placements in the Universe, the Cosmos and Source of journey through heritage, ancestry and awakening to the unfolding of the MYSTERIES! This is not "mysticism"! God and Creation are not mystical, they are wondrous mysteries in the process of unveilment! May we share this wondrous revelation and unveiling together! I am Hatonn

At the time of this exchange it was over five years ago. I hope you will note, if you have continued to be a reader, that WE HAVE NOT CHANGED ONE IOTA in presentations. In the PLEIADES CONNECTION series we did deal a LOT with our connections and locations. However, those books became banned from public distribution. That should only further convince you of the IMPORTANCE of the information within. We shall do a better job in this re-offering of some of the information so that we don't bobble again and cause another shut-down of information.
Whether or not you like it or believe it, we are REAL, we are HERE and the time for choices and factual recognition is now come. In the same context, the enemy of God has almost total control of your global societies. The enemy of God holds his track in the image of Satan in opposition to God. It is the time of making your choices about your own destiny. I can tell you how it is, NO MORE. Neither the Churches nor the Political Elite of your globe want you to have this information. So be it, you will do what you will do and therein is the whole of it.
Stop reading such as Crash At Aztec as the "mystery" it SEEMS TO BE. Of course there was a crash of REAL MANIFESTATION. There are massive underground facilities and that particular "crash" was a "take-out" of the ship and crew who were TRYING TO ESCAPE FROM YOUR GLOBE. THEY CAME RIGHT FROM THE VERY AREA WHERE THEY [both the craft and the entities] WERE "BUILT" AND CAUSED TO SERVE YOUR ELITE SOCIETY WHICH IS ALSO ENSLAVING ALL OF YOU.

Your disbelief of me in favor of all the UFOlogists who are, at the very least, totally ignorant, and will tell you so, of the FACTS of aliens and visitors of all kinds, makes not one iota of difference in the simple TRUTH OF THE MATTER. They will tell you of underground tampering--WOW, that is an understatement. Where else would you expect to find the Dark Forces at work? They don't inhabit the lighted corridors of goodness, readers; they hide in the dark passages of underground tunnels as does the mole or scorpion. You as a species or as individual souled Man have NOTHING to fear from visitors of the Lighted Brotherhood of God. YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO FEAR FROM THE DARK FORCES ALREADY WITH YOU!
May your realization not come too late to offer possibility of change for your civilization. The "changes" of Earth will come and they are now upon you.
Good morning and may God's light be given to shine upon you.
Source: CONTACT: THE PHOENIX PROJECT, March 19, 1996, Volume 12, Number 8.
Thank you, Rocky Montana, for transcribing this document into html.

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