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THE ORIGIN OF SOULS : There were Beings of pure energy

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THE ORIGIN OF SOULS : There were Beings of pure energy

February 5, 2016


The Origin of Souls

As told to Relative from the Originals on 02/02/2016
Millions of years ago…before the Big Bang
There were Beings of pure energy. They were called Solts (spelling is phonetic this is what it sounded like to him). They were orbs about the size of a softball. Their color was a bright yellow like the middle of a daisy with white soft banding around it. They all had this. They communicated with buzzes, whirs, hums, clicks and eeeee’s and other sounds. The animals were also in energy form and they looked like the Solt’s energy balls only a bit smaller and they communicated the same way only with different sound qualities. Everything communicated with one another. Males had lower sounds and female had higher sounds (frequency). The Solts and animals did not have bodies but could create one if they chose. It would look like a solid image vessel that the energy was in.
He saw them in their every day form which was in a vessel. If they were visiting planets, they would be in bodies. They could choose whatever hair, eye or skin color they wanted and so could the animals. When they would incarnate they would manifest into whatever form Creator made them…humans were human, feline were feline, canine were canine every time only the form changed. The teaching that animals have a collective soul is wrong. When they were in the bodies and they were cut in an accident, they would bleed red blood. The flow would be stopped and the blood would go back into the wound and would totally heal without a scar. This was done by thought/intent.
The whole group was looking for a home and went from planet to planet in search of one. When they traveled between planets, he was told in the Andromeda Star System, they were in energy/light orb form. They would incarnate and set up camp. The animals were more sensitive to any hostility and alerted the group to any danger. They wandered the universe for many years until they found a rocky world. The Solts and the animal spirits traveled together. A camp would be set up each time and they would make a fire. The fire did not need fuel and was started with a snap by intent, once again.
There was a hazard on this rocky planet. It was Reptilians that lived there. They were hungry and were set to eat the visitors. They tried to attack the Solts and animals who were in flesh form. When they realized the danger, they turned into their energy ball forms and escaped unharmed.
So, they left the hostile planet and wandered the universe for a home once again. They found another planet filled with life. They entered and found the Grays (their original names are not known but he recognized the being). The Grays saw them and greeted them. The Grays claimed to be a peaceful race, but they lied. The Solts and animals were tricked and they were captured and experimented on.
The Solts were peaceful and did not believe in violence. They could normally escape any hostility by changing form like they did with the Reptilians but the Grays had Tech the prevented them from returning to their light form. The Tech they used was a harness that was strapped on to them with an inhibitor in the middle that lowered their frequency so they couldn’t change back. They were stuck. The Solts realized they had no choice and they would have to fight to escape their torture. It was ongoing because they couldn’t die since they were energy.
Since they were in their flesh forms, they could feel pain. The captors were trying to figure out what their visitors were and how they worked since the Grays had never seen anything like them before.
The Solts waited for the right time. A male (who would later become Adam) broke the harness with energy. He used intent to raise the frequency high enough to break it. It injured him in the process but now he could heal since the Tech was off. When the Grays came in to do an experiment, he shot energy beams at them killing them. The Solt freed the others from their harnesses. They turned into their energy balls and left the prison.
As they reached the edge of the atmosphere, the Grays, who now knew of the escape, shot a cannon-like machine that made a force field around the planet blocking the escape. The Solts had enough of the Grays and a few broke away and shot energy at the cannon, destroying it. They all escaped but the Grays wanted them back. They had ships and went after the Solts and animals, who wanted this to end. So all Solts and animals combined their energies and sent a beam of energy at the planet. The planet self-destructed through multiple natural disasters (earthquakes that were tearing it apart) that snowballed into a huge explosion and created a black hole. The Solts got away and so did the Grays, who populated many planets. The Grays wouldn’t forget what happened.
The Solts and animals kept looking for a new home. They ran into Grays on habitable moons and planets and did battle each time. The Grays had communicated what the Solts had done to their planet from the first encounter. After a while, the Solts and animals stopped on a large asteroid which was like a free floating moon. They thought they were safe but noticed an energy change. They all started to argue. The energies were getting higher and it was getting much warmer. Then, at the decision of the Creator, a huge blast happened…the Big Bang.
Relative found this part funny. All the spirits, who were energy and could not be destroyed flew all over and were making an “eeeeeeee” sound as they were scattered. (He made a sound that reminded me of the droids on Star Wars when they were distressed).
The Origin of Souls, pt 2
The Big Bang and beyond…
So, the Big Bang happened. It blasted in all directions with a huge energy wave. It destroyed the floating rock the Solts and animals were staying on. They changed to energy and were tossed around making “eeeeeeee” sounds and it lasted for a while. Finally, they were able to regroup and were not harmed because they were energy. Then there was another wave that went over them. It was filled with rocks that became planets.
The planet now known as Earth had dimensional energy which drew them in. The spirits liked the feel of the energy but couldn’t do anything with it because the planet was too hot. It needed a long time to cool down which took millions of years to do. The spirits monitored it and visited often. When it was cooled enough to be a big rock, they all decided make life on the planet. They wanted this to be their home.
They started to drop energy (spirit energy), like raindrops, on to the surface. They shared their spirit with the planet and life started to form.
The Solts, animals and Earth were now bound together. Time went on and life evolved and plants started forming. Then the Solts and the animals had to create life for the planet through thought, like they had always done. They made the lizards first since they were the easiest. These grew into the dinosaurs but no one was really content with them. A comet hit the Earth and all life returned to spirit form to start again. The animal spirits were done first and created many different animals to live on the Earth, so they guarded the humans. These were early humans and they were cared for by the animals and the Solts, who had not made a vessel for themselves yet.
The Grays still wanting revenge on the Solts were still after them. They noticed the early human creation and wanted to control it. They wanted their payback for the planet the Solts had destroyed and they wanted to live on Earth. One of the Grays attempted to touch one of the early humans and a Solt, who was protecting, grabbed the Gray and broke his forearm with a twist. This infuriated the Grays again and they vowed to wipe out the whole planet. They started making disasters all over the planet. They wanted to use their own energy beam to blow up this planet and everything on it. Grays do not have feelings like humans so they don’t have guilt or sadness or love. To protect their planet, the Solts created an energy shield around the Earth. This shield reflected the energy beam back at the ships and destroyed the Gray’s Armada ships. Some of the Grays escaped once again but some perished.
About 100,000 years ago…
Life continued to evolve on the planet. After the dinosaurs and the comet, the Earth was rebuilt. It was destroyed in various ways and rebuilt by the Solts until they decided along with the Creator, it was time to incarnate. God was called the Creator by the beings then.
Adam was the first human vessel for a Solt. There was a blinding flash and Adam’s vessel was just there. The Creator had made it and combined the vessel, the Solt and His spark to bring him to life. Then Lilith was made to be Adam’s partner in the same way. She loved Adam at first but then something changed and she wanted to control him. Adam banished her from Earth because he didn’t want anyone controlling anyone else. He asked for Eve and she was created as his partner, his equal and his love. He had no intent to control her.
Then human history, as we know it now, started to begin.
End of lesson..

Thanks to:

  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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