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Out Of Mind » DINARIAN SCAMTASTIC NEWS » RV/GCR, GURU CHATTER & NESARA INFO » "RV is Done, Ready, in Place" - St. Germain Intel via S3G Beamer

"RV is Done, Ready, in Place" - St. Germain Intel via S3G Beamer

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"RV is Done, Ready, in Place" - St. Germain Intel via S3G Beamer

2/09/2016 03:09:00 AM

 Intel, S3Gladiators  

Posted from S3Gladiators


February 9, 2016 at 4:21am

copy and paste

at 15.00 mark St Germain comes in. "RV is done". "Everything is Ready and in Place"... :)


Whats the hold up then Yman?


NanneeRose wrote:Whats the hold up then Yman?

Waiting for Obama`s Announcement of his resignation. Then, the Chinese "Elders" will release a full amount of Gold to back up the USN(new assets backed currency) which could be exchanged wit the first basket assets currencies like Iraq Dinar, Dong, Rupiah,etcs.


Obama won't resign, why should he?

America is already looking to his replacement and a resignation at this stage is inviable and pointless my opinion

"आप सिर्फ यह है आप नहीं था क्या मतलब है यह देखने के लिए किया था"


bs4ever wrote:Obama won't resign, why should he?

America is already looking to his replacement and a resignation at this stage is inviable and pointless my opinion

Obama has already resigned,but Not yet made an official announcement.


ok cool


NanneeRose wrote:ok cool
THIS IS ANOTHER UPLIFTING "Update" by  Awake-in-3D

February 11, 2016 at 9:55am

Happy Thursday! As we all witness the Soft Crash continue (and apparently accelerating) around the globe, I am continuing to compartmentalize the differences and trajectories of the two components in front of us as the GCR unfolds. These two components are, of course, the Public and Private sides of this massive landscape.

While watching the Cecil B. Demille-like epic playing out on the world's financial stage, I am reminded that this is all squarely aimed, in purpose and fortitude, at preparing the Public for the revelation of the new financial system and the eventual dismantling and departure from the Fiat Currency Regime and all that entails. Bottom line, as far as mass plausibility-solution constructs go, the public must fear the current financial system and climate to a greater extent than the intrinsic, human-nature based fear that would certainly arise from implementing a global financial reset without a clear justification and mandate. We have been witnessing this plausibility construct spreading and taking hold around the world over these past weeks and months. But this is the Public side of the GCR/GFR plan.

The Private side of the GCR, specifically currency exchanges, is what we are all here for. While the Public plausibility construct executes to its ultimate conclusion, where are we regarding the execution of the exchange side of things? All the data points and puzzle pieces I have, and continue to uncover (including new info over these past few days) indicate that the Private initiation and administration of the currency exchange plan is not directly dependent or intrinsically waiting for the overall, master Public side of this grand event to conclude. We certainly can conclude with some degree of confidence at this time that the the funds for our exchanges are here. Many reports of late, from independent sources far and wide reveal that the TRNs (currency symbol USN) are now within the U.S. banking infrastructure and actively calculating asset-based currency pair rates on various bank terminal screens. The last trigger enabling valid, spendable transactions to occur is for Authorization Codes being released that allow the exchange transactions to commence. That is really all we are waiting for at this point from where I stand.

Could these Authorization Codes be somewhat dependent on some public events? Maybe, but trying to validate who, what, or where is next to impossible. Are we awaiting the completion of the Chinese New Year celebrations? Are we awaiting a certain ratio between the current U.S. Dollar Index and the spot price of gold? Are we awaiting some final agreement to be signed between the mysterious Authors of the Plan and the current world government corporatocracies? All of these scenarios can be debated endlessly, but the fact remains that we just don't know and there is no reasonable way to confirm or deny any of these. One thing for sure, the banks are waiting just like we are.

There are many talented, intelligent and tireless researchers and intel gatherers out there in the backchannels of GCR-land. And I am honored to know many of them. Some are financial news hounds, some are political & legal sovereignty focused while others bring to bear laser sharp relevance in the areas of Disclosure (secret government/military industrial complex) data. There is a nexus point of convergence emerging such that I have never seen in the twelve years I have been engaged in the unfolding shift of the ages - beginning with the GCR/GFR as the first domino. It all starts with the money!

So where are we in regards to a timeline for private exchanges to finally begin? Certainly, as you all know, I do not do dates and rates - even when I have such information. However, the nexus of data and info as of today is centered on a fulcrum of the 15th of February - meaning that certain things are happening before this date, and certain things will happen after this date. This date has been put out there in Dinar Land this week but lesser known information has highlighted the middle of this month since several weeks ago now - and continues to support activity beginning next week as of today. Does this mean that we will wake up Tuesday next and "head to the banks" as they say? Probably not IMO (but I would love to go!). There is a hierarchy in the Private exchange process. We all know this. What we are looking for is the Transaction Authorization Codes to access the USN funds, then the Group Hierarchies can commence within their designated schedules and logistical timelines. How long between group executions is unknown. Perhaps they will all go within a few short days of each other - no one at our level knows of course. However, the plan remains... The private side must execute and most likely complete before the Public side of the GCR/GFR kicks into high gear via announcements and all that goes along with that.

We are living in very exciting times indeed! And, I am reminded of an ancient Chinese proverb that seems very apropo for us all; "May you live in interesting times!" :)



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