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1 NUMEROLOGY OF THE SHIFT FROM 2012-2016 on Sat Feb 13, 2016 1:23 am



February 12, 2016 | Lisa Rising Berry

I have been wanting to write this article for over a month.  I knew 2016 was a 9 year which represents the upper section of the infinity symbol 8.  I knew it was telling me that we were in the year of upper consciousness, but there was more.  So, I waited…..then I started seeing 7’s everywhere.  The first thing I felt was that the 7 was a path leading to a bridge or a platform.  But to where?  Then it hit me!  I remembered how we moved above the plane to a new location last year.  I drew the 7 over the 8, with the upper part of the seven going through the middle of the 8, and it all just unfolded.  I did the numerology for the years from 2012 to present, and it now makes sense.  All of the articles I have been writing fell into place.  I have to say that this is my clairvoyant interpretation of what I have experienced since 2012. Others may not agree, which is fine.  I know there is nothing new under the sun, but this work is my original writing.
December 21, 2012
It all started with the year of the Great Galactic Alignment that occurred at the end of the 13th Bak’tun in the Maya long count calendar. This ended the 4th 26,000 Galactic year cycle that we have experienced on this planet.  We are now starting the 5th 26,000 year cycle.  The year of 2012 adds up to a 5.  2012 carried the energy of the number 5, which represents change.  Not only are we starting the 5th galactic cycle, but we were in a 5 energy year.  The 13th Bak’tun is connected to the 13th Gate of the Gods that opened up recently.  This is big change.
We were located at the lowest point we could possibly be in 2012.  We were at the very bottom of the infinity of 8.  This is why our unseen ancestors and galactic friends did not think we would make the journey out of such deep darkness.  It seemed impossible.  We were closer to falling down beyond and below infinity 8 than we were to the location that we wanted to be in.  This possible fall would have taken us into the lower realms for a hellish experience that most cannot imagine.  That would have been the end of us and our journey.  However, between the years of 2008 (notice the 8 of infinity) through 2011, a lot of work took place and the Earth and humanity earned the chance to make the journey upward.  It was not known if we would make it, but we were given a chance.  Here is where our real journey began, from the depths of deep darkness and despair we started to work our way up to zero-point which is our entrance into the Golden Age Of Aquarius.
Ego vs Spirit
2013 was a 6 year, and  you can see by the shape of the number that we were in the lower aspects of consciousness.  On a personal level it is all about the lower mind and the ego.  But on a Universal level; which is what this article is about, it goes much deeper.  Once we started to move through the lower realms of our existence, there were some unseen bumps and surprises waiting for us.  This is where I may lose some people due to the esoteric and “out there” events that followed.   Traps were placed in our way, just in case we actually got the chance to move up and out from the bottom of the iron age.
A group of friends of mine both in physical bodies and non-physical bodies discovered a hornets nest that needed to be cleaned out.  All of us who were involved with this group of unseen astral entities had almost identical experiences.  Many souls were beginning to assist in the clearing of the astral realm before we could continue our upward journey.  It was collapsing from the weight of the darkness and it needed to remain stable for us to continue our path. Essentially our bridge out was falling apart.   I have not talked about this event nor of the events before.  The stories would be a very long journey, and I am not sure it would serve a purpose anymore, so I will summarize.  The entity that was discovered hiding, waiting, was Azazel.  You can do your research on this evil entity, but he was the last leader of the unseen Archons in the astral.  No one knew he was there, but he knew where we were on our way up.  He represented the lowest of the lows and was supporting and promoting the unbalance of humanity’s egos.  A well known spiritual friend of mine and I were talking in 2013 about what we were dealing with in our “work”.  I told her about Azazel and she said…”oh yes, did you read my article on him and my experiences?”  I replied NO!!!  Our stories matched.  What I experienced with my group was what she also went through.  
The nasty energy of the 6 ego year that was sponsored by Azazel was dealt with by many souls on a collective level and was destroyed.  The energy was tossed into the Central Sun for purification and nothing good was left.  It was all burned up.  This event allowed humans to begin balancing their own personal egos, which is no easy task.  If you look at the name Azazel, you have the A and the Z.  The beginning and the end.   We have another energy that begins with the same letters…Azoth.  You could say that the energy of Azazel; which is all big ego, was preventing the energy of Azoth returning.  As long as humanity remained locked in the chains of the ego, there was no hope for the extremely high frequency of Azoth to return to do its natural job – which is to burn and purify those who are ready.
2013 wrapped up nicely and we continued our journey upward.
2014 was the year of lucky number 7.  If you draw a 7 over the number 8, with the vertical line of the seven going through the center of the 8, you can see what I am about to explain.  My best friend and co-host Andrea Covington Mullaney made a great graphic from my poor drawing skills that shows everything I am discussing in this article.

 In 2014, we made it to the vertical platform that we would depart from.  The center of infinity is the 13th gate that is connected to the 13th Bak’tun.  It is the Golden Gate of the Gods.  Once we made it to the platform, all we needed to do was move the energetic infinity symbol from the closed sideways position to the open vertical position.  We needed to turn the 13th key to open the 13th gate.  Notice that 13…1+3=4.  This was accomplished in the year that ended with a 4.  Coincidence?  No! We made it just in time.  I feel we had a time limit, and 2014 was the last year this gate would open.  This is why it feel like we are flying so fast.  We had been held down for so long, and we had to make up for “lost” time.  Here is a link to the 2 part article I wrote about infinity and the 13th gate.
When you add in the analyzes of Chinese Astrology it gets even more interesting.  2014 was the year of the Wood Horse.  The energy of the horse is about reaching onward and upwards, which is what we did.  The horse is a fire animal, which is amazing.  2014 is when I began to see and experience the increase of Aether/Chi/Prana on this planet.  This increase was setting the stage for the return of the Azoth energy.  We blazed a trail while riding our wooden horse of fire to arrive at the platform that will take us to our new location.  You need wood to start a fire, which we received plenty of, as 2015 was also a wood year.
This was the most exciting year for our entire reality.  It was the year of infinity with the energy of the number 8.   Not just our Universe…. I am talking about everything that is in our Source/God dominion.  It wasn’t just our planet that was moving to a new location.  It was God/Source that was moving.  We and our planet were the last piece of the puzzle that needed to be on board, and we were ready and waiting.  Since the 13th gate was open in 2014 we were able to successfully move through the the zero point of infinity and come out the other side of the plane.  We moved above the plane.  Here is another diagram that Andrea made for another article where I discussed this move in more detail.  
Wood sheep was the theme for 2015.  The sheep represents feminine energy.  Andrea and I had amazing experiences with this energy that we wrote about and did an entire radio show on.  
What is important to note is that 2014 was the year of the horse which is male and it was a wood year.  2015 is the sheep which is female, and also wood.  We have a complete balance of wood from both male and female energies.  This is what is needed to light the Azoth fire, and this is what happened in 2015.  It was the year that Azoth, the fires of purification returned to the planet. I have written so many articles on the subject of Azoth that I don’t want to post all of them here.  The wood was ready to be ignited, and it was in proper balance, having both male and female energy present.
2016 energy of the 9…purification by fire
We made our journey up from the depths of darkness to the top of the platform, then went through the center of infinity and came out above the plane.  This brings us to the energy of the number 9.  Which is the upper half of the infinity symbol 8.  This represents higher consciousness.  We have moved to the upper realm of infinity.  It is the year of the fire monkey!  The wood from the 2 previous years is in place, and it has been ignited by the Eternal Azoth flames.  The intensity of this fire will continue to increase throughout the year.  This is the year of the purification.  It can be your best friend or worst enemy.  The monkey energy is about taking quantum leaps.  We just took the biggest leap in our Source/God’s entire Dominion history.  This monkey energy will do whatever it takes to purify your mind, body and soul.  Even if it has to play the trickster for you to change.  It is all done for your personal ascension.  The planet is on fire with Azoth, she will evolve with or without humanity.  It’s up to each individual to keep up with Gaia’s energy, or you cannot stay in a human body.  The vibrations of you and Gaia will be too far apart.  
Year of the fire monkey
The year of the fire monkey began on February 8….(notice the 8)…it is all about the infinity symbol.  It also began with a new moon in Aquarius.  This is absolutely the most amazing news I can share, and it has been missed by so many people.  The monkey is the closest representation we have to a human body in Chinese Astrology.  It is male energy, and this year it is also fire.  Aquarius is symbolized by a woman pouring water from a pitcher on the Earth.  We have male fire and female water which = fire/water.  Azoth is fire/water.  We have the alchemical marriage of the masculine and feminine energies, the yin and the yang, fire and water.  Both cleansing and working together side by side to purify not only the bodies of humanity but the entire Earth.  Male and Female energies have both supplied the necessary wood energy and now they are working as the Rebis, which is male and female energy joined in one body.   They are together purifying the planet with the Holy Fire of Azoth.  The planet has completed the Great Work and is moving on to higher consciousness.  Following “as above, so below”, this has occurred in all of humanity.  Most do not act like it, but this will change over time.  They don’t have a choice since the planet is carrying this energy.  You either live up to what you have within you or you leave.  
2016 is going to be one heck of a ride.  The planet will be purified along with humanity.  It may not be an easy time for all, but it will not be as bad as prophesied.  No one will have the same experience of this energy.  There will not be any more big waves like we had last year.  There was one big wave that was called Wave X and that wave will continue to amplifying its frequency and intensity.  
It will be a steady ride as we move further into the Golden Age Of Aquarius.  Onward and Upward To Infinity And Beyond.  Hey, we just did that….LOL
Cheers everyone,
Lisa Rising Berry
This article is copyrighted.  I would love you to share, but please credit the author Lisa Rising Berry and provide a link to this blog.

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