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Posted on February 13, 2016 by David Robinson
Judge Anna Updates 172a3-judge2banna  Judge Anna von Reitz
Multiple face to face meetings took place in Rome in 2008, multiple correspondences and actions undertaken with members of our group, all about the mistreatment of Americans (because at the time we didn’t yet realize that virtually everyone in the Western World and Japan had been similarly mistreated) and the abuse of the public trusts and the banking and securities fraud being carried out.
RE: The relationship between the name “Ratzinger”; Pope Benedict’s family and Mine:
The name “Riezinger” is made up.  It is a nom de guerre from the First World War — similar to an actual German family name from Westphalia, “Reisinger” referring to the low range of mountains called the “Reisingebirge”.  It wasn’t safe or popular to be a “von” anything during or after the First World War and many Germans were attacked, some were lynched, and others had their property confiscated in this country at that time—- a more brutal and obvious version of public prejudice compared to the internment and loss of property suffered by the Japanese in World War II.  
 Von Reitzenstein is an old Tyrolean Name from that part of Germany that is now Northern Italy— an area that has switched hands back and forth, and which is an odd mixture of both Italian and German culture—- Italian food, mostly German language for many years.  You can still see the ruins of the family castle guarding the major mountain pass into and out of the Tyrol.  It is a haunted place.  The “stein” name in other parts of Germany often denotes intermarriage with Jewish financiers, but not in the Tyrol where it has been known as a German Family Name for over a thousand years.  My more immediate family came from the small town of Issagau on the far eastern edge of Germany about an hour northeast of Dresden and presents one of the oddest and most inexplicable mysteries—- we are part of the “von Speck” family, which means “Bacon” and the Coat of Arms of Shakespeare is also one of the Coat of Arms of von Speck—- giving rise to the rumor that Francis Bacon was Shakespeare, and that both were related to me.  Nobody really knows and it would take both reliable bone samples and/or other DNA to ever prove it.   The name means “Joyful Rider” or “Traveler” and “stein” means “stone”.  
A joyful rider or traveler stumbling over a stone?  Being stoned?  Clattering over stone pavements?  Who knows?  The real meaning of the name is lost to history, but it always conjures up mixed metaphors for me, so I kept the “Joyous Rider” part of it — “Reitz” and left the stone part behind when I chose a pen name many years ago: “von Reitz”.  
The name “Ratzinger” is basically an upper class German name, indicating that Pope Benedict XVI’s ancestors were legislators in whatever legislative body and whatever principality was operating in their part of Germany. I am not familiar with his family tree. For all I know, he may be distantly related to me and his family name may have gone through similar changes over time, but that seems unlikely. 
You can be sure however that both families were Catholic for many generations and that my family served as Knights and higher Magistrates of the Church Temporal, participated closely in the First, Second, and Third Holy Roman Empires, fought in the Crusades, served as part of the original Postal Service, established an indelible and inherited duty to the service of the Holy Sepulcher, and that my education was first-rate if highly unconventional with respect to Church affairs; sometime during the Reformation-Anti-Reformation Lutheran ancestors began to enter in the mix from the other side of the family—- who on the Mother’s side were all Prussians and Hanoverians who converted to the Lutheran faith. 
By the time I came along the family was ambiguous with respect to religion—-  maintained their “perpetual duties” to the upkeep of monuments and postal routes, did their best to maintain good administration of the Global Estate Trust in their areas of expertise, argued a good deal with their counterparts.  Since our tradition involves the secular side of the Church’s mission it really never mattered terribly much if we remained Catholic, Lutheran or Batavian Baptist.  We did our best to guide the Church in those areas and kept the faith in our way without a great deal of friction. That lasted throughout the Cold War until about fifteen years ago when things took a decided turn for the worse.  
We discovered the Great Fraud and proved it beyond reasonable doubt. We took the matter to Judicial Vicars who ignored us.  We took it to members of the Curia, who didn’t ignore us, but nothing effectual was done until investigations into the functions of the Vatican Bank ground their s-l-o-w way through protocol and procedure. The “mills of God” are indeed slow, let’s hope they are also fine in this matter.  Meanwhile, we took it to Legislators— Members of Congress and other world legislative bodies, without result.  
The attitude seemed to be, “Oh, the Americans are so clueless!  Who cares about them and what happens to them?  They are stupid and they deserve what they get.  They are just like sheep.  Livestock.  Cattle.” 
But, being Americans, we were hardly prepared to accept that, and being Christians we were not likely to accept such callous uncaring about the end results of the misadministration of a Trust which, in the final analysis, is a Sacred Trust—- literally—– or no trust at all.  So we persevered and have continued to bring our claims forward to those who are most responsible for the mismanagement of the corporations and the personage and barratry being practiced against the American people: the Roman Curia. 
The Roman Curia has created every kind of corporation there is.  By Maxim of Law, they are responsible for what they create.  
All Law in the Western World has been founded upon the Mosaic Law and the Ecclesiastical Law of the Roman Catholic Church.  
When there is trouble of this kind with entire nations being defrauded and treaties and commercial contracts being dishonored and all sorts of people running around claiming to have vast storehouses full of gold and offering to give you a share so that you can participate in a “New World Economy” —– you can remember this fact — there are strings attached to these offers, and for Americans, those strings are very bad.  
You are being offered Esau’s choice—- a bowl of porridge for your birthrights, a pittance of gold in exchange for the whole storehouse, by the same thieves who stole it from you in the first place.   
“Just Say No.”  And keep saying no and bringing forward your claim to all your land, all your homes, the return of all your patents, the return of the copyrights to your names, the return of the gold that was confiscated and given to the World Bank as Secondary Creditors of a phony bankruptcy, the return of the interest owed on all that.  
I do not believe in gold or graven images or idolatry of any kind; I believe in the Earth and in the Mysterious Order and Maker of the Universe— and I believe in the conquering Truth of Jesus, who won the Battle.  You cannot fight evil by creating more evil.  All that does is create more of what we don’t need and don’t want.  
Why don’t you get a copy of our published affidavit off of Amazon?  All that information is there.  I can’t spare the time to give private tutorials—  “You Know Something Is Wrong When…..An American Affidavit of Probable Cause”— look in the Appendix Section.
Anyone can act under the Last Man Standing Rule as a subrogated party to the State of America side of The Constitution at any time, plus, you can act as a Beneficiary of the National Trust, both of which I have done and will do whenever I need to; I am just pointing out to you the way to do it as a Body Politic, which is the way Court Systems as a whole must be organized.
Our Body Politic is a free association of “free sovereign and independent people of the United States”.  Our counties, states, and courts are ALL unincorporated and have to be unincorporated to function under the Law of the Land.  Our judges are NEVER members of the Bar Associations and CANNOT be members of the Bar, as there are presently Amendments to the actual Constitution forbidding that.
To understand all this you have to first understand political status.  There are two basic kinds of people inhabiting the same land space— the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States” and the “inhabitants” as described by the Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783.
Your political status decides which form of law you function under.  The people function under the Common Law which is Law of the Land.  See Amendment VII of The Constitution.  The “inhabitants” function under international Maritime Law.
Because of fraud, treason, and deceit practiced by criminals against American interests our political status has been falsified and most people are “deemed” to be “inhabitants” and subjects of the British Crown merely “residing” on the land mass of the states, operating as franchises of the British Crown with all that that implies.
We’ve been defrauded through Breach of Trust and fiduciary responsibility by the British Monarch and via her agents and bill collectors, the American Bar Association and Internal Revenue Service and the use of the foreign maritime court system to dispossess us, have contrived to usurp upon the land jurisdiction of the United States.
This is all rather too long and complicated to go into in an email, but suffice it to say that there was a great deal of semantic deceit and confusion created by semantic deceit deliberately created, which resulted in there being many different “kinds” of “states” with all but one being controlled by the District of Columbia Municipal Corporation and the United States of America, Inc. as incorporated franchises, just like Dairy Queen or Burger King franchises.  As incorporated entities they function under the international law of the sea and have no more authority or position than any other corporation and cannot even address one of the people except by fraudulently pretending that you are an employee ( administrative law) or foreign debtor (maritime/admiralty law).
So we’ve blown the top off their “legal name” fraud and reopened our own American Common Law Court System to serve the actual people whose correct political status is that of one of the “free sovereign and independent people of the United States”.  Obviously, you have to claim that status before we can serve you.
The “Alaska State” is the name recognized by the federal corporation and The State of Alaska Statehood Compact as being the land jurisdiction “state” and therefore the land jurisdiction state court practicing the Common Law is known as the Alaska State Superior Court in their system of nomenclature and known as the Alaska State Common Law Court in ours.
“I am a Judge of the actual Alaska State, one of the Several States of the Continental United States. I occupy the actual public office and operate the actual Alaska State Superior Court.”
I have a one-on-one relationship with the Pope that totally bypasses the Roman Curia, much less the Vatican—because I agreed with him that American assets should be returned to Americans and not retained by criminal banking cartels such as the one she [Karen Hudes?] works for.
“Judge Anna” hits it outta the park when we look closely at so many anomalous issues surrounding the years prior to 1925.  Her points have more than slight resonance with our surreal and unConstitutional reality.
Our nation was bankrupted ( the bankruptcy was engineered into existence by the Rothschild war making apparatus ) in and around the so-called Great Depression, no matter what so-called lawyers (Pied Piper Becraft) and/or Constitutional scholars (Jon Roland,) claim. A technical bankruptcy or default, whatever one may wish to call it, BUT “IT” DID happen!

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