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1 IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:22 pm


[size=33]Earth’s Axis Has Changed*[/size]

Earth’s Axis Has Changed*

We already know from previous reports from Southern Australia that they are seeing the sun to the south of them in December which is their Summer.
Inverse to our situation in the northern hemisphere where we should never see the sun north of the tropic of Cancer (mid Mexico) which is the farthest north point the sun should appear on the longest day, summer solstice June 21st
In the southern hemisphere, the sun should never be any father south than the Tropic of Capricorn (Uruguay) on December 21st. So our friends in South Africa and Australia should never see the sun to the south of their homes at any time.
Nor should those of us in the U.S., Europe, Russia, etc be seeing the sun to the north at any time. This is proof of an axis shift. NOT the shift of the Earth’s crust.
Anyone who tells you it is a crust shift is wrong (regardless of who it is). The very fact of the identical inverse positions of the sun between the northern and southern hemispheres proves this.
During the most recent solstices, the sun was approximately 850 miles too far north in June and 850 miles too far south in December.
If it was a crust shift, then the sun would be 850 miles too far NORTH in the Southern Hemisphere on Dec 21st. Rather than 850 miles too far SOUTH which is inverse as it should be when it is the axis which has shifted. NOT the crust.
Anyone who tells you the axis is pointing at Polaris is clearly not standing directly at the North Pole using a laser measuring device. Just because it “appears” to be lined up with the axis does NOT mean it is.
Just ignore people or websites which make grandiose claims. The difference between the stars in Central America and 1200 miles north is so miniscule, it is barely discernible when the stars are millions of light years away. You cannot judge distance like this with the bare eye or an amateur telescope.

I have a post on this site and star charts showing this. Plus, I have also been in both locations to personally validate this. But just because I or anyone else has a telescope does not mean we have the laser devices to provide any precision measurements.
Only major observatories have these capabilities but since they are funded by government grants, you cannot depend on any veracity from their statements.
The scientific community whom are all paid or work for an institution under government grants, controls or contracts are forbidden to disclose information on a large variety of issues… which include axis shifts and tsunamis.
Did you know that lightning data is classified? I tried to obtain some lightning info from a variety of sources and was told by each it was classified.
That is just one small example of how tightly the government controls every miniscule detail. Even if you live outside the U.S., it still controls your government thru loans, trades, treaties and many other pressures.
So any scientist you see on a documentary or other media is only providing the official government approved version if they wish to continue in their profession.
Even I do not make claims about the southern hemisphere solar measurements until I obtain that info from someone who actually lives there. This is why I do not post the December measurements.
We cannot be precise about measurements or conditions in the southern hemisphere when we are not there. I do not make grandiose claims about the measurements or conditions unless I obtain them from someone who is in that location.
So by the same reasoning, do not take the word of someone about the axis pointing at Polaris unless that person is standing on the axis while measuring it with certified laser instruments designed for that purpose.
The next time someone tells you something, take a moment to consider that persons education, scientific expertise, IQ, veracity, technical training, job experience and access to precision scientific devices to support the accuracy of their statements. Or is this some redneck claiming to know all the answers while finishing his third beer.
Do not let people intimidate you or make claims they cannot support. I have always promised the info on this site would be accurate and non confrontational, so I will not approve comments regarding erroneous claims like this.
In 2014, I had my friends in Canada, Alaska, Nova Scotia and Detroit who each saw the sun north of their homes in June. Even the Inuit tribe noticed the sun being incorrect.
This should give you an idea as to how severe the axis shift had become in 2014. Then it reversed itself in 2015. I will be interested to see if it wobbles back in June 2016 or continues to improve

2 Re: IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:24 pm


OMG! I was also going to post something on this because the moon is now low in the western sky and the crescent was on the bottom from my view here in the Midwest the last 2 nights. I don't remember ever seeing that.


3 Re: IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:34 pm


You are so perceptive purps.....and do you remember what this will cause?

4 Re: IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:37 pm


earthquakes seismic unrest volcanos

Cayce's predictions on the rupture of the Great Lakes region causing great floods


5 Re: IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:49 pm


BINGO....we have a landing...its just a matter of time.....

6 Re: IS THE EARTHS AXIS SHIFTING on Mon Feb 15, 2016 3:37 am


I heard part of an interview not long ago (sometime last fall) where some scientist/astronomer was refuting the concept of the earths axis shifting or tilting, as in the poles supposedly swoping positions. I remember him saying very casually, 'matter of fact-ly', that the earth was just WABLING.
 Like everyone should know this is just the normal Wable...  
    Admittedly I didn't pay much attention or even listen to all of the interview, but I do remember it struck me as being a big deal, as it was the first time I had heard anyone mainstream officially and publicly say the earth was wabling.  I had heard the theory before from a number of questionable sources and had pretty much come to that conclusion myself just from my own observations (though very un-scientific or profesional), but I can say that I've not heard much of anything about that since from anywhere.  Just thought I'd mention it, for what it's worth. :)

'Tis better to be thought a fool,than to speak and remove all doubt.
     Love,Laughter & Prosperity...  :Santa 3: 

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