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Sick Occult Elites Conjure Ceremonial Death Like!26 Tuesday, July 31st, 2012.

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Sick Occult Elites Conjure Ceremonial Death
Tuesday, July 31st, 2012. Filed under: Alternative Knowledge Consciousness Esoterica media and politics Orwellian World The Awakening

by Zen Gardner

Even the mainstream pundits were blown away. The public didn’t know WTF to make of it. The entire ceremony had to be explained away as a leftist statement of some sort.

Then they just shut up about it.

But not alternative media. We saw the occult Olympic ceremony for what it was. As is always the case.

Big ass bullshit. Nothing more than mindspell madness to perpetrate their debasing social insanity.

These jerkwads and their lower dimensional cavortings think they’re the cat’s meow, when they’re just an insipid fleck of crap on the windshield of eternity.

Nice uplifting Satanic image to give the world. Typical. They’re feeling in control. Resist confidently. They’re impotent usurpers.

The Big To-do? Nothing.

They can program and prognosticate all they want, they can try to conjure usurping occult powers all they want. We’re not impressed.

The Truth’s bigger than their weeny lies, and we know it. Anytime, anyplace, any circumstance.

They’re lying bastards. These are all made up subconscious scare tactics based on illusory bullshit. And we’re tired of it and how they manhandle the unwitting media hypnotized masses.

The BS excuses for all this ritual were all over the press. Peter Pan, leftie leanings and blah blah. As usual, the party line is spoken while your mind and heart tell you differently.

If nothing else, remember that one thing and you’ll understand the world around you.

They lie. Continually.

Trust your heart instead.

And never fear their smokescreens.

Love, Zen




Well that was nice language & positiveness. Nothing like feeding Light & Love into Gaia! :roll:


LOL Yep!

Zen tells it like it is. Like it or not.



Sorry I read it actually! Not a positive post for all to see.

That rant should have maybe been kept more private. And we wonder why we have all this negativity on this planet when we spread crap like that!?!

New Age Seer

New Age Seer
There is a reason why the world FEARS Secret Societies - because we aren't in on their secrets.

The fact is Knowledge is disseminated in many ways – for instance, even though a hard core gangster Rapper is known for shooting a person and going to prison for it, it should not distract from his message when it reflects the truth.

We may not agree with the art form or the color of the palette - but the art is an expression of truth.

To hide it or dismiss it because we disagree with the presentation is a form of control and ignorance – and when we are of the majority who thinks this way – we are indirectly accepting the conditions that the Rapper is singing against.

Remember that during the NAZI occupation of Germany, people were flying flags of the NAZI Party even before it was made official. They were all on board with the vision and the direction… It wasn’t until after the Nuremburg trials, where many top NAZI Party members were executed for Crimes against Humanity that they Germans felt unparallel disgrace at the actions they themselves supported – not out of Knowing but because they did not know what the Party was actually about.

Our petty judgments are what’s keeping us from uniting under a common banner of Truth and Justice.
The truth is, Truth is Subjective and Justice is dictated by the Majority. It is social justice when a Gay Couple who’ve worked their entire lives to create a home and wealth for themselves lose that wealth when one dies and the family moves in to claim that wealth because their Union was not recognized by the State.

It would be sad to learn that we agreed with the State on there ruling to support the Families who’ve rejected the family member who was gay, but accepted the fruits of his labours just because it suited us. This is Theft – yet, we define it as Justice.

So, this is ancient History. But it isn’t. It is a reflection of where we were and where we could be potentially heading if we demand that what should be secret be kept secret because it reflects something that we ourselves are intolerant of… Truth is Truth and should never be subjected to interpretation.
Rather, we should learn how to recognize what is Truth and no matter the expression learn to embrace the true definition and adjust our lives to it.

Every art form has an audience to whom it communicates with, to whom it engenders knowledge… We may not agree on this particular art form – but we should never demand that it be silenced. Rather, we should use our own discernment to ignore it in our own lives and allow others to embrace it – as far as we can embrace each other as Divine Reflections and that we live in Unity and Fairness.

Let us then discard of notions such as Peace and Justice – because they are too subjective and reflect only the will of the Majority and not the Whole.


Wonderful first post New Age Seer!

Could not have said it better myself. :)


New Age Seer

New Age Seer
I've been a long time listener of Alex Jones's Prison Planet and Info Wars. He talks only about these subjects and finds people who will support what he is talking about, along with reading/covering NEWS articles released by recognized sources about what has been dubbed the Globalist Movement...

Alex Jones himself is a fiery Texan who is passionate about preserving the American Constitution and Freedom... The Globalists want to remove the freedom of Speech, and the ownership of Fire Arms - equally, from the evidence of 2008, to rob people of their possessions and property - no Bankers were arrested or indicted for the Multi Billion Dollar theft...

It seems these days that if you steal a loaf of bread and if caught, you can face 5 to 10 years in prison... Yet, steal $100 Billions of dollars over a weekend and it’s the cost of doing commerce...

Alex Jones gets fired up pretty much regularly on his daily broadcasts - and it might turn people off... His message is colorful and abrasive - BUT, everything he's been saying for the last 18 years is coming to light. This guy is batting .900 plus, because he brings onto his show people who are on the penthouse floor of these secret agendas.

So, we’ll turn him off not because of his message, but because of his delivery… George Soros is coming the nearest to being able to shut Alex Jones down, after 18 years and Alex fears for the first time, George may be successful of his attempt…

And sadly, if and when Mr. Soros is successful it shutting down independent media and the messages from people like Alex Jones goes to darkness, we ‘The People’ will no longer be able to trust the information that is being told to us – because we’ve learned to question the source and their motivation…

Free Speech will be lost – and in our lifetime – and likely within years and not decades…

But the point is, I recently discovered a Youtube Channel called, ‘Truther Girls.’ I’ve only watched two broadcasts and from what I’ve listened to, based on my 8 years of being a fan of Alex Jones and researching independently his sources for myself and finding evidence to support pretty much everything he says – I feel and deeply believe that the host that I watched is extremely well informed and is very collected and calm in her delivery. She’s really a treat to watch because she just sticks to the facts and founds them of evidence and takes no side as to whether or not what she has come across is fabrication or factual. She’s simply presenting the evidence as she comes by it and connects it with a body of evidence that she has at her disposal.

Some people like Alex Jones, others may much more prefer Truther Girl… HOWEVER, they are both saying the exact same thing and revealing the exact same evidence…

Just because we don’t like the message or the presenter doesn’t mean that what they are presenting isn’t truth – in the end, we ourselves have to do the work to find our own truths and if we can back up our own evidence to what is being presented then – no matter the palette – the Truth is Truth.

What we do have to realize is that – if we are connected into the Truth – then the Revolution has started – the first shots have been fired and we are already collecting our casualties…
If we want to waste time arguing who will be the first to fire back – then they will continue to pick us off one at a time – until we realize it’s too late to regroup and recover.

These ‘Globalists’ have arguably a well over 300 year head start on us – and the Eugenists have without argument over 110 years on us. So, the distance between us as is is already great. We therefore need all the heroes we can get.


Absolutely spot on NAS! We do need all of the heroes that we can get. We need those that have that innate ability to cut through the shite and get to the crux of the issue. Whether that be a hard core or light and fluffy approach.

I think for some it is just a matter of control. They stomp their feet and pitch a fit when they do not get what they want when they want it. It seems that no amount of "enlightenment" can remove some of these ingrain behaviors.

That is one of the many reasons for the all of this negativity we have to wade through in this world. Not because of the truth, no matter what package it comes wrapped in.


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