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The Illusion of End Times by Ines Radman

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1 The Illusion of End Times by Ines Radman on Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:19 pm


The Illusion of End Times

February 28, 2016 Ines Radman

It’s been a while since I wrote something and having a day off today from the translation work, I started thinking about a few things. It comes you know. I don’t choose what to think, the thoughts just come, I write them down, read them and then type them out.
We’re hearing about wars and rumors of wars. We’re hearing about the Cabal going nuts and in their final desperate throws of madness. We’re hearing all kinds of stories of this reality should end, but you know, it’s been the same stories over and over again for years. What has changed now?
Don’t be afraid of anything. Fear is holding you back from where you should be going and that is joy and happiness. For those of us who know this, life is getting interesting and exciting because we can see that our days in this matrix are numbered. Don’t be afraid, fear is the poison they poison you with, knowing you will freeze in it and not move forwards.
Oh to be aware of my true nature. To be aware of my true existence and understand it. Some write about how our memories were wiped or erased and I have said before in response to that, that it’s not true. Nobody erased our memories, we simply chose to leave those memories locked up because we knew if we remembered who we are, nobody in their right  mind would want to stay here. Think about this for a moment. If I knew who I was, where I came from and why I was here…I can assure you, by the time I was 28 years old I would have left this shithole. Now, think about this for a moment. If I had that choice of leaving, it would mess up the entire plan. For starters, at 28 I had 2 small children. Two children would lose their mother not knowing or understanding why. I would leave behind family and friends and it would break the chain of events. We all made agreements with our soul groups and soul family to have this experience, if one of us bails out, the entire story collapses.
If we came here with our memories, we would not last 10 years, it would be too difficult to deal with knowing we can just get the hell out of here and go back to being light bodies.
So, to say that our memories were erased would be totally incorrect, we agreed to come here under the condition we didn’t remember, it was part of our learning experience to try and remember who we are. Our memories are not stored in our brains, this reality is being recorded to the brain, but it’s dumped into the Akashic, so our memories do exist, we simply don’t have access to them through higher self.
There was no cruel punishment of erasing our memories because no loving god would do something like that. According to Chris Thomas, it was during Atlantis when the separation happened. Our bodies were damaged and were no longer able to hold our higher self and soul in one body, it became something separate from us as our bodies simply lost the frequencies and could not hold all in one.
The body suits we now use are primitive compared to the original ones, those that control this Matrix ensured that we remained at this level so that we could never remember who we are, where we are from and what our purpose here is here, never mind find out how powerful we are as creators.
People keep asking when disclosure will happen. Are you kidding me? Think about this. How would most people react if they were told that we have ancestors from different parts of the Universe or Solar System? How would they react to knowing there are Aliens on this planet? How will religious people respond finding out their leaders knew this along and never shared it? What were they hiding? What does the meaning of god or even the bible mean if Earth is not only inhabited and that god is not just earthbound?
How would people react finding out their governments hid this from us, they will find out eventually and that it’s not just years, but centuries of deceit and lies?
Do you honestly think any non-terran would be able to land a ship and not create such chaos no thanks to Hollywood? So, we’re not close to disclosure, we are not yet ready for disclosure and it would not be trusted coming from a government leader because we don’t trust them anymore. The only way we would have a chance is for a race similar to us braodcast on TV their arrival and let people know they have come in peace and are here to help us with no strings attached, even that might be risky, but they can place themselves in different parts of the world and people can choose to visit them and meet them. In time, we would get used to them and start forming trust.
We are not ready for disclosure, we’re not ready for Peace and peace must come first. No race will dare come here amidst the chaos and not knowing how humans would react. Why would they risk this? We kill our own race for gods sake, why would we not kill aliens we know nothing about?
Most of humanity lives in fear of something: fear of not having enough for survival, fear of getting cancer, fear of being sued, fear of our government, fear of wars, fear of dying. These are the big ones, then we have: fear of dogs, fear of aging, fear of losing a job, fear of not winning the lottery, fear of care breaking down, fear of getting fired, fear of rejection, fear of getting pregnant, fear of losing a child, do you get my drift?
Do we sound like a race that has its shit together? Do you think it’s possible for a race to introduce themselves to a planet that is broken up into hundreds of countries, languages, cultures, religions and races? We have to be unified before anyone would feel safe or hope to accomplish anything with us. Half of Americans would be waving patriotic flags, while the other half would be taking out their weapons and start shooting and looting.
Who in their right mind would want to come here knowing that we don’t even love one another, how could we accept them when we can’t even accept our own kind?
What must happen in order for disclosure to happen? Do we have another 5 or 10 years to unify and bring peace or will be self-destruct before then? Are there forces at play of which we have no control over? Is this Matrix we are trapped in set for self-destruction and we all get to go back to where we came from? We can’t even leave, or die is because most people believe in god so once they leave their bodies they will be looking for a door to heaven or hell. They won’t know how to get home.
Is there an event coming that will end this 3D reality and we can go back to our original home or bodies? Will Source interfere because we messed up so bad that we simply can’t correct our reality and it will implode soon?
Many questions, we’re all asking these questions while the Love and Light movement is selling you waves of energy or rising frequencies. Neither exists folks. This is one topic/issue that can be scientifically proven, so unless someone can present me with evidence that these energies are intended for us, I stand by my views. We may be trapped in these physical bodies but energies have nothing to do with who we are because we ARE light and energy.
This matrix is but an illusion we created to have this experience , what will light and energy change? Our bodies are not designed for higher frequencies but we’re not our bodies. We are light beings having a human experience and if these energies are hitting the planet then every fucking single human being would be affected by it and not just a handful of Love and Light folks.
These “Lighters” claim that those of us working on ourselves may feel these energies, but then what about those that are asleep? According to this theory, the rest of humanity should be in excruciating pain. These so called ‘Ascension’ symptoms are either discomforts from the environment they live in, their mental state or are being attacked through technology. If these so called energies have been hitting the planet, why are not people complaining about symptoms except the “Lighters”?
Its the same crap year in and year out, full moons, blood moons, lunar eclipses, Wave X, energies, another deception to keep people waiting and hoping for something.
Don’t you get it? You are not a human, you are a light being having this experience, you don’t need light or energy for any transformation. Before we came here we planned our exit. Whether we remember it or not, we will leave our bodies at the time we planned on doing so. We’re not living in fate or destiny, that would be cruel, every detail of this reality was planned and organized among soul groups and soul families.
The planetary mother will get us out of this Matrix, she is in her correction and eventually will reach her destination and in a blink of an eye we will shed this primitive body suit and go back to being the original essence of light/sound/frequency.
This is an illusion, an illusion we created in order to have this experience. Yes, we got hijacked, things didn’t go as planned, a quarantine was placed around Earth because of our own safety and those in different universes…we are too dangerous.
If you have weird symptoms and discomforts, I suggest going to your doctor first and checking out any physical issues you might have. It might not be a bad idea to test for toxins and Cortisol levels as most of the symptoms listed are related to these issues. If you look at the list of ‘ascension’symptoms, they are typical of different health related issues such as high blood pressure, vertigo, otitis, arrhythmia, panic attacks, diabetes. I mean give me a break.
Unless anyone can present me with some scientific and measurable evidence that the planet is being hit with some energies, or can measure a body’s frequencies, I’m all for truth. The Schuman resonance affects Gaia not us.
Let’s face it. We fucked up, we can’t repair the damages. Hell, we can’t even make Peace, there has not been Peace on this planet for millions of years and if we can’t get Peace, we can’t do anything else so our fate is in the soul Gaia. Only she knows when and where.
Ground yourself and talk to mother earth, she will tell you everything you need to know, she’s provided humanity with everything it needs for millions of years and she will continue to care for us, we must trust her.
Everything else is an illusion. It’s difficult to accept this because we don’t remember who we are, our past lives and experiences. We want to believe that this is our only life and that once we are done, we go back and start over again. Everything we see and feel is an illusion, but we got so carried away in this play, we forgot that we have other experiences running at the same time, this is why we dream, it’s our other experiences we are having.
Stay well, may love and joy fill your day.

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