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Out Of Mind » SOLAR & PLANETARY ALERTS & INFO » EARTH CHANGES » Malaysia Floods: Streets almost 1 meter under water: Forecasters say there is more rain to come and conditions could deteriorate

Malaysia Floods: Streets almost 1 meter under water: Forecasters say there is more rain to come and conditions could deteriorate

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Malaysia Floods: Streets almost 1 meter under water: Forecasters say there is more rain to come and conditions could deteriorate

It started in December, it's now March and it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon!
Heavy rainfall in Malaysia has caused the third wave of flooding in the state of Sarawak on the island of Borneo.
A torrential downpour that began early on Saturday 27 February caused severe flooding and some landslides in the district of Serian.
Other areas affected included Padawan, Penrissen and Bau-Lundu.
The state’s capital city, Kuching, was also badly affected, with some streets under 70 cm of water at the peak of the floods reports
Local media say that much as 300 mm of rain fell in Kuching in 24 hours between 27 and 28 February, 2016.
The city’s drainage system is designed for a maximum of 180 mm of rain and was unable to cope.  Local media said that at one point 631 people had evacuated their homes and were staying in two flood evacuation centres.
Malaysia disaster management authorities say that the number of displaced people has since dropped to 60.
No deaths or injuries have been reported.
Forecasters say there is more rain to come and conditions could deteriorate even further by the weekend.


Tens of thousands of people in Fiji living in evacuation centres after Cyclone Winston and another 50,000 staying with relatives

One million displaced 50 dead and thousands of homes destroyed: Flooding brings Indonesia to it's knees and the worst is yet to come!

El-Ninõ is bringing Colombia to it's knees: Hundreds of thousands of dead cattle more than half a million hectares of crops destroyed as drought takes hold

Tropical cyclone: Yalo (14P) forms in the South Pacific just days after cyclone Winston destroyed Figi

Tornado season comes early to the US as 6 deaths many more injured, 65,000 without power and millions of dollars damage hits the country

Plus 41C expected as the mercury is soaring in Sydney and NSW yet another heatwave bears down on Aus

El-Nino blamed for 40 C (104 F) heatwave in parts of Malaysia

Killer cyclone Winston leaves more than a 100 dead: Most powerful tempest ever documented in the Southern Hemisphere, winds reached 184 miles per hour.

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