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No More Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

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1 No More Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils on Thu Aug 02, 2012 5:08 am


No More Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils

2012 - The Year of the Third Party

2012 is The Year of the Third Party. Looking just at Barack Obama, history tells us he can't win: low approval, high unemployment, high gas prices, all major acts under attack. Looking just at Mitt Romney we know he can't possibly win, the awkward 1% candidate in the year of Occupy. But the main stream media insists that one of these highly damaged candidates
is going to win the election. Seriously, how dumb do they think the public is? The Democrats seem fine to strip us our constitutional rights and the Republicans want to strip us of unions and birth control. Why should voters vote for either one of these political parties?

Or does the media think the system is that rigged? Certainly the election laws are all titled in favor of the two main parties, illegally I believe. Certainly, the electronic voting machines are easy to hack and should be illegal and we should return to paper ballots. Certainly, there has been some funny business on how votes have been counted this year.

But we live in a democracy where the majority of the citizens don't belong to either major political party. So why are the Libertarian, Americans Elect, Reform, Constitution, Justice and Green Parties dismissed out of hand?

Third Parties are rapidly gaining ballot access. Now, if only voters would stop voting for evil by voting for the lesser of two evils and actually vote their interest and their conscience, the Libertarian, Green, Constitution, Americans Elect, and Justice Party will really spoil the party for the Democrats and Republicans by winning.

Especially since Mitt Romney and Barack Obama plan to spend billions bashing each other thinking the 2012 election is a zero - sum game between the two of them. Also, since the third parties are not included in the polls, Barack and Mitt could be in for a rude awakening. Since the internet, not the main stream media is where most people get their information, third party candidates can get their message to voters if the voters are actually interested.

In 2012, if the voters embrace the power they have to vote the bums out of office and this year not just voting for the other party, but instead trying a new party. If voters educate themselves on the internet, instead of being mushrooms sitting in the dark, being feed excrement by the corporate owned media, then in January, we could have a president we truly believe in and one who works for our interests, not in the interests of the 1%.


Thanks S4L! I like it!


LOL shakes! Great cartoon. :)


5 Re: No More Voting For The Lesser Of Two Evils on Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:44 am


Unfortunately we still have the proverbial 'Electoral College' thing to deal with. I'm not saying that we as Voters (We the People), don't have a chance to make the necessary changes, but just a simple 'Casting a Ballot' in itself, is Not going to do it.
We've seen how the GOP has manipulated the Primaries. We know (or at least IMHO) we should know there really isn't any difference between Rep's & Dem's, other than the names and who gets to control who gets how much money... My point is, in order for any change to be implemented, 'We the People' have to be more engaged in the process, become responsible ourselves, and hold those elected accountable immediately. If we see that the process of the elections has unfairly been manipulated, Don't Stand for It !!!
I'm not one to call for violence, but remember, that's how we started this country and may be what's necessary to get it back. I truly hope not, but I'm ready if need be.


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