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Dinar Chatter 3/6/2016

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1 Dinar Chatter 3/6/2016 on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:10 pm



Featured Post

"Wait for it…" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - Sunday - 3.6.16

---------------- "Wait for it…" Anonymous Intel SITREP Sunday - 3.6.16 12:00:00 ​----------------​ What, no RV this morning? ...

"Wait for it…" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - Sunday - 3.6.16

3/06/2016 02:32:00 PM  Emailed, Intel  


"Wait for it…"
Anonymous Intel SITREP
Sunday - 3.6.16


What, no RV this morning? Who's to blame? Why can't these NPTB get things together? Is this thing even real? All fair questions the morning after a disappointment Saturday night.

That said, redemption locations were staffed, guarded with machine guns and secured via combined military forces like never before starting @ 4pm EST yesterday, all in anticipation of the global hydration spigot turning on after sundown, and or sunrise in Beijing.

Overseeing Chinese and Republic authorities were even present at some of the 24 hour sites, which was a first. So what really happened? Where's the freaking beef man? The answer is nobody knows. And I mean nobody. All information contacts are dumbfounded there was no performance last night.

Will the NPTB ramp things up again tonight? Possibly. It would make sense to start the RV first thing in the morning Beijing time around 8PM EST, but then again, it made sense last night when the markets were all closed and Abadi was scheduled to make his IQD International Speech to the world at 11pm EST, after morning prayer and before the Dubai Exchange opened. Or will they wait another weekend, and ramp up next Saturday March 12?

What we know is that all colors of the Chinese Family wanted the RV done in July 2015, and here we are in March 2016 with our ready bags and Sunday best sitting idly in the closet.

So we wait for it… and while we do, I would like to offer one simple question:

If not for a global revaluation, what will solve the world's unsolvable monetary problems?

Seriously, if there's no RV how does humanity move forward financially?

The FED and European Central Bank tried quantitative easing, but that didn't work. Central bank cash injections were carried out via TARP as well, and also failed miserably. Budget reductions are always a hot topic on the campaign circuit, but just ask the US Congress how effective that strategy is--so bad in fact they had to freeze the deficit at 18T. The BIS/World Bank/IMF served up austerity packages to most of Europe… how did that work out? Greece can't even afford to grow their own olives now.

So what is the solution to this unsolvable global financial collapse problem if not a completely new system that resets all currencies to a common physical asset standard? This is where we are today folks, the precise moment when one fiscal consciousness surrenders to another, and the world goes from red to black again on the books. And all these stops and starts, over 250 are now concluding, as there is nothing left but performance for the master planners.

Sure we've waited, and waited, and waited, and waited some more. We know what car, house, and office building we want to buy first. We know what community worthy cause we want to fund first. But yet here we are, still waiting like a dog waiting for its owner to come home.

Deep down, we know at some point Heaven and Earth will reconcile so humanity can move forward in abundance, but "when" is the only question? Not "how, and certainly not "if" after the last few years of public transition events.

Are we the pregnant mom filled with possibility? Absolutely. Is our RV baby past it's due date? Yup, by a few months. Will will keep waiting until we hear the RV cry and we get to cut the umbilical away from debt enslavement? Of course we will, 'cause that's what we do… we wait. As we are the patient All-Pro quarterback, who stays calm in the pocket while the world collapses around us, so at the very last second we can launch a brilliant Hail Mary down field to win the game for generations of our family.

We are all the tragic heroes of our own amazingly incredible story.

And as all good tragic heroes must do, we suffer so that others can thrive. Or to quote the Godfather, "This is the life we have chosen!" So I guess waiting is just the price we chose to pay to receive this RV blessing... for everyone else. I can handle that. Bet you can too. Waits another day, another week, another month… so be it. After all, there isn't another option but to wait as there is no other option but for the world to RV. Thank heavens we're at least in a perfect position to hear the crowd roar when our epic Hail Mary is caught for touchdown in the end zone.

You know of of course our friends and family will tell stories of our heroics for decades to come. And believe me, that's an honor worth waiting for.

Besides, Fischer says by 6pm EST tonight… lets pray he's right.

Aloha Ke Akua (God is Love)

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2 Re: Dinar Chatter 3/6/2016 on Sun Mar 06, 2016 7:11 pm



Featured Post

"Wait for it…" - Anonymous Intel SITREP - Sunday - 3.6.16

---------------- "Wait for it…" Anonymous Intel SITREP Sunday - 3.6.16 12:00:00 ​----------------​ What, no RV this morning? ...

"The Spiritual Dimension of the Reval" - Anonymous Guest Post

3/06/2016 02:28:00 PM  Emailed, News, Thoughts  

Emailed to Dinar Chronicles:

I haven’t posted here before. Perhaps you’d permit me to say a few words about the spiritual dimension of the Reval.

I’m the editor-in-chief of the Golden Age of Gaia, a blog committed to building Nova Earth, a world that works for everyone. (1)

I’m also CEO of the Michaelangelo Fund, a foundation that will use Reval money primarily to end gender inequality and gender ptersecution on the planet. But we’ll have other projects as well, such as ending leprosy, funding artists and musicians, promoting universal medicare, helping farmers, etc,

To look at the spiritual dimension of the Reval, we have to start first with the Source of all funds, wealth, prosperity - God. In its ultimate dimension, God, whom Jesus called the Father, is still and silent, everything/nothing, a transcendental Void from which everything originated and to which it returns one day.

We have no dealings with God as the Father. No one does, has, or ever will have. The ancients called the aspect of God with whom we have dealings “God the Mother.”

The Mother has a thousand names - the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Wisdom, Royal Glory, Dharma, Procreatrix, etc. (2) Under whatever name we worship her, she’s the Creator, Preserver and Transformer of this world. She’s all sound and movement. She’s the form of all gods and God-in-form. She and the Father are One and the same - Mother/Father God. (3)

She, like the galactic and terrestrial ascended masters guiding this financial revolution, speaks to us through telepathically-conveyed or channeled messages.

And what she has said, in my understanding, is that she wants us to take up the invitation to play a leading role in the reconstruction of our world that’s taking place as we speak.

The spiritual dimension of the Reval is that we get to show the world that we know that God owns everything and we're merely her stewards.

The spiritual dimension is that it allows us to set a new pattern on Earth in which we financial wayshowers get to demonstrate, with our money, that we are in fact our brother’s - and our sister’s - keeper.

The spiritual dimension is that we have an opportunity to build a new economy based on love, compassion, and cooperation.

You can see that the Powers that Be are losing ground, which is what makes the Reval possible. Some military forces still threaten nuclear war even though the galactics around the planet will not allow the explosion of a nuclear bomb on the planet or in space. (4)

The movement of ships to the South China Sea, all the threats and buster we see these days are all meaningless. Just to take the one recent event of the carrier fleet being dispatched, the Chinese, Russians and Iranians have for years had carrier-busting missiles (Sunburst and Sizzler missiles) which have made the navies of the world obsolete.

The Chinese have demonstrated they have the ability to take over our aircraft, including then-VP Dick Cheney’s homebound plane. And they inserted trojans in all the motherboards purchased from China by the US military. (5) So much for outsourcing military hardware. (What were they thinking?)

So why are we pretending that military action is possible? If the Chinese don’t rebuff it, the galactics will.

Meanwhile, you can feel the rising energies that are supporting a global consciousness shift. Great movements are happening in the world, some of them as tragic as we can imagine, like Syria or the wars in Africa.

But the overall movement is toward peace and freedom.

What does the Divine Mother want from us?

She invites us to use a large portion of our blessing to help build a new world that’s harmonious and loving. Specifically what you do with your disposable income is left up to you. But you may wish first of all, to see to your own locale, neighborhood, or city and assist in relieving homelesssness, poverty, hunger, etc., there.

You may wish to see that children in your city have a school lunch program, the elderly in your community have the means to pay for their care, that the disabed are taken care of.

You may wish to donate to or work with organizations already doing this work. Or you may wish to start new organizations.

In addressing gender inequality and gender persecution on the planet, the Michaelangelo Fund will be funding existing women’s organizations, rather than reinventing the wheel.

Some charitable organizations are Illuminati-controlled. Or they may be Illuminati-controlled at their highest levels and not at their grassroots. They include such organizations as the Presidents Fund, whose kingpins hurried to Haiti after the earthquake and sequestered all the money designed to rebuild Haiti, according to Matthew Ward. (5) So caution is still needed.

Whatever you do, however you use your money, perhaps be clear that you’re part of an effort that has been in the works for hundreds of years.

The St. Germain World Trust, with their “prosperity packages,” the historic bonds, humanitarian project funding, the Reval itself, and all the other programs designed to get funds out there are meant to allow us a chance to build charitable infrastructure, show leadership, and create our new world ourselves. And they've been in the planning stages since the Middle Ages.

NESARA is around the corner. This interlude is designed to allow some stewards of the Divine Mother’s wealth (us) a time to flex our muscles, do some pushups in the area of financial wayshowing, and establish patterns of beneficence for the main show that NESARA is.

Leadership needs to emerge on Earth. The galactics and our own ascended masters are not going to impose new patterns and paradigms on us. It’s our job to create them.

So, after taking care of yourself and your own, do turn your sights to funding others to get on their feet too and begin the work of crafting a new world.

The curtain is about to rise on the greatest show on Earth, in the most miraculous of times, leading to an unimaginably-majestic future.

And you are playing a leading role.


(1) Also First Contact database at . “A world that works for everyone” is a vision that originates with Werner Erhard.

(2) See “The Nature of the Divine Mother/Holy Father/Trinity” at . Specifically see “On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spirit” at

(3) The Father is not a male and the Mother is not a female. The distinction being made by these terms is between the stillness and silence of God as the Father and the movement and sound of God as the Mother.

(4) “We have … taken away your dangerous toys (turned off all nuclear weapons) to give you more time to remember your SELF.” ("Message from the Arcturians - Point of Perception, Part 2," by Suzanne Lie, Dec. 24, 2012, at

“Although we have not been allowed to stop all wars, we have put a stop to nuclear devices being used to start a Third World War. We have stopped the total destruction of Earth on a number of occasions since the end of your last World War, and have succeeded in ensuring you are all here today to witness the end of the last cabal.” (SaLuSa of Sirius, Jan. 25, 2013, at .)

The various claims by countries like North Korea that they’ve exploded nuclear bombs in recent years are apparently spurious.

(5) See “The Myth of Invincibility Exposed” at

Americans have done the same to Israel, according to Ben Fulford:

“Recently the Israelis have been actively using or trying to use nuclear weapons in Syria, Yemen, the Ukraine and elsewhere. However, for years the Pentagon has been putting ‘back doors’ into weapons they have sold to Israel and Saudi Arabia meaning they can and are being be neutralized when needed.” (Benjamin Fulford, "The Cabal is being Systematically Dismantled so 'Just Watch as it Unfolds,' Pentagon Says," July 20, 2015, by email.)

(6) Suzy Ward: With so much money donated for the reconstruction of Haiti after the earthquake a year ago, why is that country still a disaster zone?

Matthew Ward: Because those funds were stolen by the Illuminati after their technology caused the quake - that stealth is why former US presidents Clinton and Bush rushed to Haiti so quickly after the quake. (Matthew's Message, Jan. 15, 2011, at at Matthew Ward is a discarnate master who left the Earth plane in 1980. He was a reincarnation of St. Matthew.)

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3 Re: Dinar Chatter 3/6/2016 on Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:17 pm


What?  You mean it didn't happen yet again?  Is that at all in any way even surprising anymore?  Maybe just maybe this event might happen before our Sun burns up the last of it's energy and goes supernova?

4 Re: Dinar Chatter 3/6/2016 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:10 am

Red Panda

whitewolf007 wrote:What?  You mean it didn't happen yet again?  Is that at all in any way even surprising anymore?
It's in the same category as NESARA, Disclosure, the New Republic, free energy, healing chambers etc.  False prophets with a batting average so far of 0%.  Corruption and financial slavery are still the dominant paradigm.

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