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Out Of Mind » THE INSANITY OF REALITY » GOVERNMENT & THE NEW WORLD ORDER » Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation?

Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation?

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1 Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation? on Mon Mar 07, 2016 10:08 am



Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation?

Source: Did Mitt Romney Just Awaken The Zombie Nation? | Video Rebel’s Blog
With permission of
by horse237
March 7, 2016
Both Zero Hedge and Judge Jeanine Pirro think Mitt Romney made a colossal error with his recent condemnation of Donald Trump. Romney still does not get how much righteous anger is out there. Mitt took apart businesses that had been reliable employers, stripped their assets, sold them off and looted their pension funds. He wonders why he did not win the presidency in 2012 and presumes to lecture us on 2016!
Judge Jeanine’s video is below in case you have not seen it. Zero Hedge introduced her tirade with this headline: “There’s An Insurrection Coming… The American People Are Sick & Tired Of Crony Capitalism.” Amen to that.
I do not often comment on the current culture of the Zeitgeist. But when I first heard of the then forthcoming movie World War Z,  I wrote this opening line: The Banker Occupied Governments of this world are preparing you and your friends and family to play the role of the Zombies in the Brad Pitt film World War Z which will be released in June 2013.
In 1994 Dolores O’Riordan and the Cranberries released the song Zombie which had a different cultural interpretation. Zombie was about the war in Ireland which began in 1916 and continued to 1994 in the North when her song debuted. By the 1990s MI-6 had taken over the violent faction IRA and were responsible for most of the bombings in the later years.
The song Zombie was written in an Irish context but it was actually even more applicable to America. A nation where we do not look at the pain we inflict on others. We follow orders and pull the trigger. Americans killed tens of millions of people since World War I when the press and the politicians and the bankers began lying us into one war after another.
Ireland is now a Zombie Nation. They decided to accept the debts of an English bank as theirs. Today they are suffering from Austerity cuts and are losing young people to emigration. Iceland is not far away from Iceland but they rose up and arrested their bankers.
The movie World War Z was really about the plan of the Uber Rich to create armies of mercenaries to kill the poor by the billions after the Dollar Dies. The US military began holding Zombie drills. Soldiers, Marines and National Guardsmen practiced using machine guns to mow down the poor who were called Zombies. They also held urban warfare drills. For example, the National Guard practiced setting up safe zones to separate off wealthy Jewish suburbs from the blacks in inner cities like St Louis and Hartford. Of course the working class whites who could not afford to live in wealthy neighborhoods were by design to be sacrificed to the rioters. I never saw the movie but I am told World War Z heaped praise upon Israel for building the Apartheid wall which greatly facilitated the mass murder of Palestinians.
The movie cost $190 million to make. A sequel is scheduled for 2017. We might have a live Zombie Vs Banker war before then so that movie could be made redundant.
There are others who agree with me that America has been a Zombie like nation willing to believe they were on the right side in all those wars. I tell people that one of the reasons President Kennedy was murdered  was so we would enter the Vietnam war and lose. There were great profits to be made from the illegal drug trade. But first we had to demoralize the younger generation and get them hooked on drugs. Recently, I wrote about the Secret Black Ops fund that launders the CIA’s drug money. I noted that they made enough money to buy a trillion dollars in US Treasury bonds that had been dumped by foreign central banks over the past year.
The people who think they own the US government have also encouraged the sale of prescription drugs that  addict the sheeple making them numb to the pain they feel so  they are easy to control.
Zero Hedge recently had an article which explained why the voters were angry enough to support Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The article was just one chart that showed declining incomes for everyone not in the upper classes. The people of the world know we are headed to a financial cliff and the Bankers want us to walk off the edge and fall to our deaths below. And they wonder why we don’t trust them and refuse to believe their lies.
I have seen comments from those who say that we are under 24 hour a day surveillance and resistance is futile. There are probably people around the world paid to repeat that lie. I found a reference from a Democracy Now interview that discussed a US government plan to make 8 million Americans disappear into camps. I explained why that would not work. Suppose the FBI and all other agencies got together and went out to round up 40,000 Americans a night until they rounded up 8 million people. So what happens on the second and third nights when an armed populace with 315 million guns are waiting for federal agents? What happens to local law enforcement when the Nationwide Food Riots begin and the police have to go home to protect their families? What happens if a couple of old guys with explosives knock down the towers taking electricity into Washington? Or what do the Uber Rich do when 500,000 heavily armed men go out hunting for those on their Naughty lists?
All of the controls set up by the National Security state will be reduced to a bluff the Day After the Dollar Does. After the Dollar Dies, there will be no federal government. As I said, they might even be in the dark hiding from rioters in Washington DC.
What Mitt Romney did was to tell people to pay no attention to common sense and just be obedient sheep and follow Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio off the cliff. In all fairness Mitt Romney was not that important to the awakening of the American electorate. It was all those manufacturing plants and jobs sent overseas that stirred up the abger.
In conclusion I want to repeat what I first wrote in 2012:
The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.
Accept that fact and move on to the solution.
That is their plan for you.
What is your plan for them?
Mitt Romney woke the people from their slumbers. They now clearly see the cliff. They know the future the Bankers have planned for them. It is our job to explain how simple it is to reform the economy and move on. Just arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fund Debt Cancellation. It will work. We just need the military to listen to us when they set up martial law. There  are only two ways martial law will work.
One was told to them in World War Z. Kill a few billion people. At what price? Even massacres generate some resistance. But what happens if a few billion people all start resisting at once.
The Second  Way is to arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation.
The following article is the one I wrote about the movie before it was released.

Signs The Bankers Are Prepping You For World War Z

The following article is about that plan to make 8 million Americans disappear.
Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared
Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg
This is that video from Judge Jeanine Pirro in case you have not seen it.

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I was thinking the Zombies are the poor people with Alzheimers, except they do not eat, that is the big difference and how they die, they forget to eat, they don't know what their hunger pains are.  Its not being forgetful of where the keys are but forgetful of what the keys are for.  I hope the Zombies just stay in the movies.

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