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Chakra Energy Meditation For Beginners

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Chakra Energy Meditation For Beginners

March 8, 2016 Lee Ireland 0 Comments

Chakra meditation / activation is the key to spiritual development. By harnessing the power of the chakras through meditation allows you to program every aspect of your life in one simple practice! Everything about you and your life can be developed and programmed through chakra meditation. Everything you experience throughout your life will be dramatically improved when taking the time to maintain and develop your chakra energy. Your emotions, health and the ability to handle both physical and psychological tasks are enhanced. Life goals and ambitions become clearer and the overall experience of life itself becomes that much more enjoyable.
Within the human body, we have an extremely complex system of energetic channels, vessels and centers that make up the energetic system. Within this system we have 7 main energy centers that are located in the spine, these energy centers are called chakras.
Each chakra is unique and is responsible for its own set of functions. This ranges from maintaining the quality and level of energy being distributed between the organ, adrenal, skeletal and circulatory system, to maintaining the overall quality of our psychological properties.
For more information covering the understanding of the chakras, please click here
Now it’s important to remember that to be able to connect with our chakras, we need to know exactly where they are within the body. For this please refer to the picture below.
Nourish and maintain your chakras
Just like our physical system, the chakra system can become weak and not function properly if not maintained correctly. When this happens we experience negative effects that are both physical and psychological. These effects include energy stagnations, blockages and emotional turbulences. If not treated promptly they can lead to both physical and mental health issues, so in order to stay fit and healthy, the chakra system must be cared for properly.
An energy stagnation and a blockage is the term for a build up of energy in a point of where the energy flows naturally, stagnations are small blockages that if not treated can lead to a blockage, as the energy fills up more and more within the area of a stagnation it eventually becomes fully blocked causing the area of build up to become stuck within its own energy. If you think about how a water system works, the behavior of the energy system becomes clear when thinking about stagnations and blockages. A water that is clean and does not contain any foreign objects within it can work effectively, moving water from one point to another. If the pipe begins to obtain foreign objects such as dirt of leafs, the pipe begins to stagnate as the water cannot flow as easily and as natural as it once did, slowly but surely the foreign objects begin to grow in size, causing the pipe to become more and more blocked until the water can no longer move through that area and becomes filled with pressure and overflowing water.
Through a simple but yet effective method of chakra activation / meditation, you can begin to learn how to govern the energy through each area of the body allowing the energy to become unblocked. This is achieved by an extra amount of energetic pressure and the expanding nature of our vessels and channels that is achieved when performing a chakra meditation. The more energy we can cultivate through the practice, the more pressure that energy has within its circulation and giving vessels and channels tend to expand during practice, this allows the blocked areas to become more open and has more pressure pushing against it causing it to flush away.
On a physical side of health, why do you think working with chakras might be so important? Take the time to think about this carefully before reading on.
If we take a look back at where the chakras are located, we notice that the core of the chakra lays within the spinal system. The reason this makes our chakras so important for our physical health is the fact that the spine has the richest quality of bone marrow in it. Bone marrow is a producer of blood cells within the body and depending on the quality of the bone marrow will reflect on the quality of the blood cells and the overall health of the body. The blood cells created in the bone marrow go on to replenishing and nourishing the entire body and its organs and considering the core of each chakra is located within the spine, it is only practical to know that by keeping the chakras healthy you are in fact keeping your bone marrow, blood cells and organs healthy in the process.
Understand your goals
When working with the chakras it is of a great importance to understand exactly what you want to gain from your practice. Everyone who works with energy and the chakras has a different goal of which they want to achieve from their training, depending on what your goals are will reflect on the overall outcome of your practice. Whether you’re goals are to obtain optimal health, enlightenment or psychic development, you need to have that thought in the back of your mind at all times.  ” One will only achieve their desires if the desire is clear to them “ Think about it, if you are unsure as to why you are doing the practice, how will you know when you have obtained the results?
Thought vs feeling
Chakra meditation using mental imagery ( thought )
This form of chakra meditation requires the practitioner to use mental imagery ( thought ) to connect with the chakras. By doing this you allow your mind to become one with the chakras in a very easy way, We use mental imagery and thoughts as a part of an everyday task, we think and imagine everything we do and think of and because of this we are able to use the amazing ability of mental imagery very effectively, this results in us being able to connect with our chakras easily. However this technique has one major con to it, as we all know our minds are capable of great and powerful things, the mind can change our perception of reality, blind our judgment and also create false experiences. For this reason, using this technique may cause problems in training and development. How exactly will you know what is real and what is not if you rely purely on thoughts? If the mind can create false experiences, how can we reply on what our imagery is telling us. Are we connected to the chakras or are we simply in a fragment of our own imagination during the practice?
Chakra meditation using mental placing ( feeling )
The mental placing technique requires the practitioner to place awareness / feeling into each chakra during the practice. This method is the more difficult version of the two techniques because we as humans have the amazing ability to block out what our body is telling us, if we experience pain or discomfort the first natural thing we as humans do, is to try and find a way to block these sensations out so we no longer experience them, this causes us to become more disconnected with our body. But by using this method allows us to reconnect with our body in the most natural way, and by being able to place the awareness of feeling into the body not only allows us to reconnect but also allows us to detect where in our body is most healthy and unhealthy.
In my years of teaching meditation, I have found that on average the mental placing ( feeling ) method for chakra meditation is most effective, this is because practitioners are less likely to fall into the trap of the mind and result in meditating on something that they had created using their mental imagery. We use the sense of feeling every day in our lives and know that what we feel is most of the time real and not a figment of our imagination.
Through mental placing we are training our mind to feel and sense specific areas of the body that then leads to allow information we experience to become a part of our memory, this results in the understanding of knowing what the chakras feel like when they are activated. As a brief insight into how this works, I want you to place a finger on the back of the opposite hand and without thinking about it, try to take note of everything you experience during this and allow the mind to become glued and deepen into the sensations. This is how mental placing is achieved, by using nothing more than the senses, you are able to attach the mind to the sensations you experience in result causing your experiences to deepen and become heightened.
Quality over quantity
The quality of your practice will reflect and determine how effective that practice is. If during the meditation your mind becomes distracted through discomfort, thoughts or turbulent emotions the energy you are working with also becomes distracted, causing it to wander and flow away from the areas of where you are connected to. This may result in stagnations, blockages as emotional turbulence.
The energy flows where the mind goes
It is important to remember that during the practice, you must be comfortable, clear minded and have no thoughts during the process so that your mind can stay attached to where you are are working. Remember that no matter where your mind goes, the energy always follows and flows to where ever you place it.
Preparation is key to high quality practice
Wear loose clothing
Loose clothing allows both the mind and the energetic system to become naturally free-flowing, one of the biggest mistakes people make is wearing clothing that is too tight or fitted. This is because when clothes are tight, the mind becomes focused in that area, causing the energy to be directed there.
Have a clear mind
The energy flows where the mind goes… This principle is everything you need to know when thinking about how the mind affects the energy of the chakras. If you have a clear mind, working with the energy of the chakras is much more effective because there will be nothing to cause the energy to direct away from them.
Only meditate on an empty stomach
Meditating on an empty stomach ensures that the energy you work with is purely being used to replenish, nourish and heal your body. when using energy on a full stomach you may find that the energy you work with just gets used to aid the digestion of the food you had eaten. Also, when on an empty stomach your attention and concentration rises and as you are using high amounts of concentration to perform the meditation, it is only practical to know that when meditating, you will have better results on an empty stomach.
Meditate in an environment that is free from distractions
Distractions are a meditation practitioners worst enemy! Because we as humans tend to have very short attention spans, any form of distraction whether it’s a sound, feeling or strong smell can really tarnish our meditation practice as our mind will automatically drift towards whatever has its attention. understand that you may be meditating for a while, so it is important to think about whether the environment you’re working in is going to be distraction free for the remainder of the time you spend there.
Never meditate when tired!
Meditating when tired can be more harmful than not meditating at all, when tired the mind and body will become weaker and less able to handle advanced tasks. Considering you are attempting to work with energies than can be both healing and harmful, it is important to know that if tired you can easily loose grip on the energy you are working with and will result in stagnations, blockages and emotional turbulences.
Activate the senses
To successfully perform the chakra meditation, you must know exactly what it is you are looking for in terms of sensations. To begin with you may feel a slight warmth or tingle that in time and will develop to become more intense and will eventually become a sensation that can be described as a magnetized ball of energy swirling in and out of your body. It is important to embrace what ever sensations you experience as your mind will quickly become attached and allow your memory to take hold of them, resulting in the development of both your awareness and your sensations. The deeper the mind can go into the practice, the more effective it will become.
Rome wasn’t built in a day!
When working with energy and spiritual development it is important to remember that every practitioner, no matter how advanced they are, had started off as a beginner! The reason why practitioners become so advanced in what they do is purely because of patience. Patience is crucial to spiritual and energetic development and everyone will develop at their own pace. Try not to think about how fast you will get to your ultimate goal, but rather think and know that one day you will get there!
Chakra meditation step by step guide

  1. Sit comfortably and properly. 

Sit either on a chair or on the floor, ensure that your joints are loose and never locked and the spine is straight and never arched or bent.
  2. Close the eye, Relax and regulate breathing.
By closing the eyes you allow the mind to become detached from the sense of sight, this will result in more awareness being free to be placed into the chakras. To regulate breathing, you must inhale gently and smoothly in through the nose and exhale gently and smoothly out through the mouth. This breathing technique is used to also induce deep relaxation.
  3. Connect to the chakra using touch.
Place the palm of your hand onto the chakra, allow your senses of touch to guide your mind into that area. Allow your mind to detect the sensations the chakra is providing you, do you feel a slight warmth, tingle or more?
  4. Deepen the connection with the chakra.
To allow the mind to become more connected with the chakra you must now slowly remove your hand, try to do this without thinking about it. If your mind wanders, simply place the palm back onto the chakra and repeat the process of connection. Allow your mind to sink inwards until you can feel that your awareness has become attached to the core of the chakra. When this is achieved, simply allow your mind to sense everything that is happening. By doing this you will allow both your senses and memory to heighten.
   5. Slowly end the meditation.
When you have decided that you are happy with the results of the meditation, you will need to bring yourself out of the higher state of consciousness slowly and carefully. If you achieve your results and remove yourself from that state of consciousness too quickly, you will only render the practice pointless as you will not only teach your mind to remove itself from the practice at a fast rate but you will also allow the energy you’re working with the be directed away from the chakra, causing a stagnation, blockage or emotional turbulence.
To end the meditation correctly, you need to slowly bring your mind back out of the chakra area and return it to its original state of consciousness. To do this, bring your palm back on to the chakra area and allow your mind to be guided outwards to the point of touch,  only when you are free from the internal sensations of the chakra are you free to get up and leave the meditation.
Massage your chakras to enhance flow
After the meditation has been completed, it is just as important to massage them as it is to nourish them with healing energy. By massaging the chakras you will remove any minor stagnations caused by excess energy, allow the digestion process of the energy to speed up and will ensure that the chakra is spinning at a healthy rate.
To do this simply place your palm over the chakra area and gently massage in a circular motion, slowly adding more and more pressure to the massage until you are no longer massaging over the skin, but instead begin to move the skin in the motion of which you are moving. Gentle massaging allows you to cover the external chakra area, whilst massaging with added force allows you to massage the internal area and by using both techniques, resulting in both removing any external energy stagnations and speeding up the chakras digestion process.
Remember, practice makes perfect!
Good luck with your training and i wish you all the best with your spiritual development!
Love and Light


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